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Singh Rashifal April 2021 | सिंह राशि अप्रैल राशिफल – Leo horoscope | April Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Singh Rashifal April 2021 | सिंह राशि अप्रैल राशिफल

Singh Rashifal April 2021 – Hello welcome. Happy New Year to all of you. Indian New Year is coming in the month of April and this new year should be good for you, I wish you progress in your life with new possibilities. Today I have brought before you the monthly horoscope of the Leo sign for the month of April. First of all, in the month of April, our Indian New Year also starts with the Chaitra Navratras, which begin on Navratri Chaitra Navratra. Gudi Padwa festival is celebrated on this day. Hanuman Jayanti also comes on this day, from April 13 to April 21, Chaitra Navratra will be held in which we will honor the Nav Shakti and will invoke the Navdurga. April 21 is the festival of Ram Navami. The festival of Gangaur, which is of special importance to the Suhagins, is celebrated with great pomp in our state between April 12 and 15. On this day, Suhagin worships Suhag to Gangaur Mata and wishes him for his long life. On the 27th of April, the festival of Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated with great pomp. Regarding the position of planetary transits, we move forward because the monthly horoscope depends on the position of the planets and this time we will get to see some special positions of the planets. First of all, we will talk about the planet Jupiter, which is still sitting with Saturn in Capricorn. In your horoscope, Saturn is sitting in your house in 6th house and till now, the combination of Guru and Saturn will be sitting in your 6th house on April 6, you will be seated in the Aquarius zodiac i.e. in your seventh house. Dullness will end. Very good and positive sign we will get to see Guru planet. On the 10th of April, the planet Venus, which is currently sitting in Pisces in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury, and on the 10th of April itself, they will enter Aries from Pisces. Aries will be enthroned by their friend Zodiac Venus. On the 14th of April, the Sun planet, which is sitting in Pisces, will go high on April 14 and will be sitting in Aries. Mercury is going to enter Aries from Pisces on the 16th of April, behind the Sun and Venus, and the combination of these three which was found till now will be seen again in Aries. Mars, which is making yoga with Rahu in your karma house, sitting in Taurus, and now this yoga will end, and Mars will enter your benefic house i.e. Gemini on April 14 from your Karma bhava i.e. Taurus zodiac. Ketu planets will be sitting in your Scorpio zodiac sign in such a bright whole month, then it is the position of the planets that we will get to see this month, then it will increase and what is the position of these planets, what will be the effect of this in your horoscope.  – Singh Rashifal April 2021

Family status

Surya, the lord of personality, who was sitting in your 8th house till now, although the Sun in 8th house was giving you auspicious results by correcting your daily routine because the Sun is a cruel planet and the Sun’s fast affects that place. 8th house is not considered good. Therefore, this time was very good for you and after 14 April when the sun will be in your high, the high of Lagnesh will bring all kind of prosperity in your life. You will make your progress. Your work will increase and in every way this time is very good for you and your relationship which is beneficial and will remain visible to you. Prasad and dedication of love will be seen at this time, your respect and respect will be seen increasing in relatives. With the increase in your social honor and dignity, you may get some bad news from your side, the time before 16 April will not be there for you, because the owner of his house, Mercury, who is going to see his house in the eighth house, but the mood. If sitting will not give you good results, then a little care will go. Keep your mind neutral and keep calm so that you can deal with the problems of your life and manage your relationships. The time after April 16 will be very good for you. A lot of quarrels will take place between the relatives of your family members, they will all appear to be over, but some ancestral property disputes may arise with them, so a little care By keeping your relationships together, you will solve this dispute wisely. Only then you will be able to move forward in your life. Your relationship with mother will look very good. Mars, the lord of the mother’s house, who is looking at her house at the beginning of the month, will sit in your benefic house on April 14 and will create beneficial situations. In the work done in the name of mother, you will have very good chances of profit. You are also likely to get financial support from your mother this month. You will also get a lot of benefit from children if your children will be able to create conditions of good benefit through their technology in their work of equal to you, if the children are small. Through her Curricular Activities, she will make you feel proud through her studies through her sports, by making you feel proud, you will move forward to achieve your goal and you will get support from them after retirement. There is also a possibility of meeting. If there is a crisis at your workplace, then you can take help from your maternal uncle to get out of that crisis. You will get to see ups and downs with your spouse. It is not a matter of much tension, but sitting in the seventh house of the Guru will keep the seventh house a little right time between you. This can lead to misunderstandings and you may have to face a lot of quarrels with each other and nothing will come out of it. Love with each other will only work for you. The world will not stand for you, so keep tuning with each other and it will be better for you. You will get a little less time from your positive side too and you will have to complete your tasks alone. Without the help of in-laws, you are likely to get full support of your father in handling the relationship, his full support will be seen with you, then the family conditions will be for the Leo sign with mixed results. – Singh Rashifal April 2021

Economic Condition

Mercury, the lord of benefic house and Mars, the lord of the place of happiness, sit in the house of benefic and sit in your karma house and see your place, then there will be no shortage of your happiness, you will not need to seek financial help. You will get all the luxury and move forward in your life. You can also buy a new vehicle that also thrives on you. Whatever your dream of making a good week of your housework properly, the dream in your mind can be respectable, but you can get some ups and downs at the work place. There may be some difficulties, especially at work. doing work. From Fashion Designing Decoration Flower to Imitation Jewelry, related to clothing-related shoes to any kind of work related to any kind of fashion jewelry. You have the possibility of some fluctuations as you will not get the benefits that you would get if you get the benefits, then you will have to go a little careful. Time is going to be very good after 10 April. At this time, your luck will support this, the month after which the squad has managed to sustain you for just a few days, after that you will get to see a very good situation. Luck will support you Your stuck work will go on quickly. New work will be designed and you will get very good benefits at this time, so with a little patience, do not start work before April 10 by doing your tasks on your routine with a little patience, it will be right for you. You should avoid it before April 10. After that, you can invest in the stock market as well. – Kark Rashifal April 2021

Education, Career, And Business

First of all, the students will talk about the class and you will give more detail to your students, due to the appropriate time for students to move through the studies. You will try to take too much knowledge, in this you will get full support of your teachers. Parents will also be seen getting full support. You will achieve the best result by achieving your goal. Whatever problem you do, which you do not get the result you want, you can get that result now this month, but if you work hard for any kind of hard work, then you will definitely get the appropriate fruit. If your hard work will pay off, do not leave any effort in the slightest effort and those who do technical studies related to the technical wing. For students of commerce, science students, this time will be going on very well, but at this time you will be able to get the best results if you work hard. At the same time, if I talk about career, then Mars, the lord of career sense, who in the house of fortune will give you Prasad, the lord of fortune. Venus, the lord of the career sense, who may stray the career a bit, but your luck will support you fully, but sitting in the house of Bhagyesh will make your fortune more strong, sitting in the house will make a fortune. But you will have to work hard, there will definitely be some difficulty. The next 10 days should be a little careful. If you do not make any big changes in your daily routine, then you will not face any kind of problem. You may face borrowing at this time, but you will repay this loan after 10 April and you will clear your position more financially. Your name will be your leveling work will increase, but this time you will also have to be careful of secret enemies. But this time plus. The time after April has brought a very good and pleasant sign for you, which will not be so good this year for the merchant class, fluctuations in the business will fall Greece, you will get the results at this time, but if you want to increase your business. If you are, then you will definitely have to work hard in your life. Do not work in partnership at all. If you start a new job, then you should do individual work rather than work in partnership. At this time, you will not tolerate anyone’s goal in your actions. There will be time to move ahead keeping a little care for the business class and keeping your investment in mind. If you get mixed results, then be careful a little bit. – Singh Rashifal April 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

If I talk about life partner and love affairs, then Saptamesh Shani is sitting in the tenth house, who is losing his place. At this time you will have to move very carefully. If you are in love relationship, then test your partner completely and only then be serious with him, otherwise you can get a big cheat from your partner. Your relationship may breakup or it may break and due to your heart break it will take you a long time to recover so it is better that you do your relationship with maturity. There is not much emotional work in any relationship and this time you have to think about your partner a hundred times before going ahead, especially then you will move forward. Before that you will not create serious relationship. Apart from love relationship, this time will also remain a little fluctuating in married life. Do not believe this at all with your spouse at this time. If something has happened between the two of you, then hurry, if you drag it for a long time, then the matter can become very deep and due to this, the estrangement can increase. Give each other time to move forward with each other and understand each other’s feelings, but creating a misunderstanding does not make any sense. There is no importance in our life apart from life-partner. First of all, we will understand our feelings, our sorrows will work in happiness. So it makes sense to keep tuning and running. Do not let small things so much that you spoil your precious moments of your life, you will have to walk this mother in your married life with a little care. – Singh Rashifal April 2021


Shani who is the master of the disease has become self-conscious and has a health-related problem till now, related to big diseases like cancer, related to AIDS, if you have such incurable disease, then you are likely to get good health benefits. You Will get recovery, but if you have any chance of health care surgery, you may have to face some problem related to your bones, so do not be negligent in your health at all. You will not have to face any kind of health-related problem. Take care of a little catering. Connect yourself with Yoga Meditation Pranayama. Exercise or whatever you do, do the work of routine by taking some time for yourself. These workouts are also very important for your healthy life, so if you will move forward keeping a little care for your health, then you will not have to face any health-related problems. So this was the monthly horoscope of the month of Leo for the people of Leo. – Singh Rashifal April 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

Some sweet feelings in married life are low and even if I look at the commercial site, there will be some problems in your life. Worshiping Baglamukhi during Navratri Worship the mother of Baglamukhi. You are the goddess who destroys your enemies and conquers every region, so you must worship them and worship Katyayani Maa during Navratri and you should definitely meditate on them. Make sure to read Durga Saptashati so that your married life is sweet and if there is any kind of estrangement in your relationship, then some measures must be taken. Stay healthy, keep busy, and always smile. Hail lord Krishna . – Singh Rashifal April 2021


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