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Shukra Rashi Parivartan 27 April 2022 English blog | शुक्र का राशि परिवर्तन 27 अप्रैल | कुम्भ से मीन में प्रवेश


Shukra Rashi Parivartan 27 April 2022 English blog

Aries – is the lord of the second and seventh house in your zodiac and Venus is sitting in it, then no such planet gives good results in it, which is the lord planet, but Venus is an exception, despite being the lord planet, it has great results and that He also sat up high. At this time your dream of travelling abroad will be fulfilled. You will be seen completing the journey of natural places at this time. Money in luxury At this time your competitive married life will be full of happiness. If you are looking for a life partner for yourself, then you can find an NRI who can find it abroad. You will find a suitable life partner for you. This time will fulfil all your wishes from you. Married life will be seen getting full enjoyment. If you want to propose to someone in a love relationship then this time is very suitable for you. Whereas those who are doing the work of perfumery like perfume work, perfume work, flower work or imitation jewellery fashion designing, if you are working any related to fashion. The restaurant is doing any work related to the hotel business. If you have taken any work of travel agency. If you are doing travel business, then surely you will be able to get better and better results of Venus at this time. You will get great results. At this time your work will go on fast. You will be seen honouring the women of the house, increasing the honour and fame in the family. He will be seen buying gifts for the women of the house. Will please the Lakshmi of the house. You will feel very strong and will also be financially in this. Even if it remains stable, then Aries people will get to see the wonderful results of Venus. Now if you want to improve the results of Venus, then install Shree Yantra in the worship room of your house. Wrap a lotus garland on it and visit it daily. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 27 April 2022 English blog


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Taurus – In your zodiac, Venus is your zodiac lord and is also the lord of the seventh house and Venus is sitting in it. Every person, every sorry, every planet gives good results and since Venus is on the exalted side, it will give you even better results. Ascendant being exalted and sitting in the benefic house will lead to a progressive increase in situations of very good profit. Contingency money will increase the situation of profit and will get secret money. Discussions of your attractive personality will be all around in personality. You will take any task in hand. Only by completing it will you breathe. If your dream is to do modelling or you are an artist associated in the field of art. Even if you are dancing and playing an instrument. Do modelling, fashion designing, whatever. If you are doing creative work and you want to make it your career, then definitely you will get to see better results from Venus. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Wishes will be fulfilled. The blessings of elders will be with you. You will get support and support. But since Venus exalted will also become lazy, then you court the lazy tendency. There may be breathing problems. Especially in the period problem of ladies, you may have problems related to iron, warts, piles, skin related diseases, boils, pimples. Be a little careful. What you should do. See, to make Venus better, to make your results better, you must fast on Friday and eat food without salt on Friday. That is, do not take salt.


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Gemini – Venus is the lord of the twelfth and fifth houses. And Venus is getting exalted in your karmic house. This time is going to be great for the hotel industry, restaurant, food supply, and tiffin service people. Your work will come to a very stable level. If you work in the big fashion industry. So definitely your chances of promotion will be made. There will be four moons in your fame. This time is going to be very good for travel for artists. In a job, you will get a chance to travel. If you represent your company by visiting a beautiful and delightful place, then you will be able to roam there and your work will also be done. Who will be the double purpose, you will be seen as becoming dear to the authorities. You will be assigned responsibilities and you will fulfil them well. In this, in a very competitive situation in your love, very competitive and with family as well as relatives, your tuning will be seen even better. This time will give excellent results to the students of the Panchmesh art class. If the result is any, then the result will go in your favour. If the exam is going to happen then the exam will also be very good for you. You want to go out and do a job in a multinational company or a foreign company. If you want to go into some innovative creative field, then this time will give you great support. So overall this time will be very wonderful for you and if your children are doing something special in the field of art then their fame will increase. They will be able to make you feel proud. Now how to improve the result of Venus, then definitely you should worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday, recite Srisukta but keep in mind. Put a red seat and there should be complete Mahalaxmi Yantra and Shree Yantra in front. This will get the blessings of Mahalakshmi. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 27 April 2022 English blog


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Cancer – For you, Venus is the lord of the eleventh and fourth house, then sitting in the place of profit and fortune of the owner of the place will bring very good results. You will see amazing results. Increase in happiness You will mobilize the means of your comfort. Means can add to your luxury. By using those tools, your dreams will come true. No Shared Shopping Your dream of buying a new house will appear to be coming true. You will get good profit in business. The branding will become yours. On a brand label, you will deliver to your company. Innovative ideas and creative work will take your attention more. There will be an increase in social prestige and the outline of Manglik programs can also be kept in the house. Thanks. You will see great results given this time. Your circle level will increase and some people will join you in the circle level who will be VIPs. Will support you in future. You will fulfil social responsibilities and your role in social responsibility will be commendable. Now if you are going to build a new house, then you should press silver and honey into the foundation of the house. Give red bangles to the wife and give 16 items of makeup to a married woman.


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Leo – In your zodiac, Sun is the lord of the tenth and third house and is sitting in the eighth house. Although the Sun is being exalted, it will increase your laziness a bit. Time to work is not the time. You have to wake up to this tendency a little bit. Since your Karmesh Venus, then definitely you should make a little more effort. Will do mighty. If you go famous, your attraction will increase. But the tendency not to work can also cause a loss in the workplace. And if you make good use of this time, then surely you will see miraculous results. You must not have seen such results in your life. You will get good results but have to be diligent. Travel may cost. Travelling will be more. You may have to stay away from home. But you can also get a lot of secret money at this time. Which you didn’t even imagine. On Friday, go to the temple of Radha Krishna and offer clothes to Radha ji. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 27 April 2022 English blog


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Virgo – is the lord of the second and ninth houses and is sitting in the seventh house. Venus is becoming exalted in the seventh house. You will get to see very wonderful results of Venus. Your everyday profit will increase. Respect will increase in the family. In this, you will get the blessings of elders. You will see ancestral property being received at this time. His decision will also go in your favour. Luck will favour you and all your work will be completed smoothly. If you do any work in the name of your life partner, then Venus will give wonderful results. That work of yours will create profitable conditions. But since Venus is sitting in the seventh, then the seventh brings the car. Obstacles in marriage will be removed, but married life will give mixed results. So if you want to fix married life, then go to Radha Krishna’s temple on Friday and offer Tulsi Manjhariya to them and install a poster picture idol of Radha Krishna in your bedroom. In the North-East direction, this will end the turmoil in your married life.


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Libra – For your zodiac, Venus is also your zodiac lord and is also the lord of the eighth house. Being exalted in the Libra sign, sitting in the seventh house is going to give you great results. Personality will be very good. People will be drawn to you because of your attractive personality. Enemies will also try to make friends. Your circle will increase. The circle of people will increase. You will have a lot of programs for socializing with people. You will be seen becoming the life of the Mehfil. Your talent will be appreciated all around. But since Sun and Venus are lords and exalted in your zodiac, then you will have to give up your laziness. You will do a little indulgence tomorrow, but you should change the tendency to postpone work when you sleep. Otherwise, at this time you will be left in the means of entertainment in the things of enjoyment and due to your work being late, you will get to see situations of big loss and the person can enjoy his luxury only when he has money in him. Is. So if you want to get Lakshmi, then do not be careless in your work at all. Your benefit from your daily routine will also increase. At the same time, the number of people jealous of you, the number of envious people will also increase. So you have to be careful with such people, you will not even be able to recognize them. They can be your friends, their relatives too. There could be neighbours too. There could be someone else, so beware of such people. You can get profit in work like share market, lotteries. You can feel free to invest in such activities. What measures should you take now so that the results of Venus can be better? So after finding any married woman, if she is barefoot, then definitely donate her slippers. It will be better if it is bright. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 27 April 2022 English blog


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Scorpio – Venus is the lord of the twelfth and seventh house and Venus is sitting in the fifth house. All obstacles in marriage will be removed and definitely will happen. There is a possibility of a love marriage. You can get great results. There is a complete yoga of love marriage because the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is happening in the fifth house and seventh house, then there are strong yogas for love marriage, then those who get married in love relationship and marriage. Start planning it immediately. If you want someone in your heart and want to propose to him, then this time is very good for him too. You will be seen doing very well in business and your image will be very impressive. If you have been looking for your life partner for a long time, but still, are not able to find it, then you will find your perfect life partner. The delay in marriage will end. Problems will be over. Summer will be a time of fame for the artists. Will be seen adding to your fame. For those who are associated with the field of art, this time is a factor of fame. You must serve the cow and the mother.


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Sagittarius – For you, the eleventh is the lord of the sixth house. Venus and happiness are sitting in the place. Venus is sitting exalted in a happy place, making a union with the guru to give good results. The conjunction of Ascendant and your benefit is a very good combination. Increase in happiness, increase in management works, economic prosperity, increase in social honour, your dream of the home will be fulfilled in this. Increase in situations of everyday benefit. To be a little aware of your health, you have to take special care of your hygiene because herpes scabies itching can be such a problem. So be a little careful. The rest of the time will give you great results. All your dreams will be seen being fulfilled at this time, so you will feel very much. If the housework is stuck. The plot has been taken. If the house is not built, then the house will be built. What should you do now? Throw rice, silver and milk in running water and distribute milk pudding among seven married women. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 27 April 2022 English blog


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Capricorn – For your zodiac sign, the Sun is the lord of the tenth and fifth house and the Sun is sitting in the mighty house. Venus sitting in the exalted position of yoga karaka planet and yoga karaka planet in your horoscope will give excellent results. Time for art class students is great for artists. Popular Cosmetics, Fashion Designing, Interior Decoration, Decorative, Pieces, Restaurant Hotel, Business Clothing, Fashion Clothing. If you are into perfumery and your zodiac sign is Capricorn, then surely this month will be wonderful for you. Your distance from your father will end and the time is very appropriate for him to make preparations to tie the knot. Will get the support of family members and Manglik programs will be outlined in the house. What should you do now? Wear a Sriyantra pendant around your neck on a Friday. Wearing a silver bracelet would be great. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 27 April 2022 English blog


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Aquarius – is the lord of the ninth and fourth house in your zodiac and Venus is sitting in the money house. That is, Venus is the yogic planet for you too. He is the owner of a triangle and a centre. So the Yogakaraka planet went and sat in the house of wealth. Another good family sitting in second place is splendid and high. Increase in respect, increase in social respect, increase in happiness, any work will be completed smoothly. If any work related to the land gets stuck then it will end. Your wishes will be fulfilled. There is a program to go for a walk with family members. A picnic program can be made. There may be a journey, but the journey will be pleasant and happy. You will also participate in religious rituals. You will be seen getting attracted to the opposite sex. Venus high. Be a little careful. Avoid extra-marital affairs. Lottery stock market, gambling betting, whatever if you should not do some such work. If you are engaged in such activities then you will get a good profit in the lottery stock market. Can engage in risky activities. You will get to see only the situations of profit and to improve and improve you should recite Lakshmi Namavali. Establish Ashtalakshmi Chowki in your worship room and recite Lakshmi Namavali.


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Pisces – is the lord of the third and eighth house for your zodiac and is sitting in your zodiac. Sitting on the High So now that hesitation will end. If you want to participate in any modelling or any such big contest, then this time is very suitable for you. Your personality will be liked by all and everyone will be impressed by you. Strange respect will be seen in your personality in this. People will be drawn to you. There will be an increase in social honour, fame and fame. Discussions of marriage will be seen happening and if you are eligible for marriage then you will get your perfect life partner. You will get the support of mighty brothers and sisters. Elder siblings will get help from sisters and younger siblings will get love. The circle of friends will also increase. Along with this, the number of enemies will also increase. So be a little careful with your enemies. If anyone does long term investment, then you will benefit from it. You should avoid short term investments and at this time you do not have to lead into bad habits. Don’t be confused. Also, avoid friends who try to confuse you. Now to make you splendid Venus and let there be no laziness in you because Venus will make you lazy. So what should you do about this? One, on Friday, you have to wrap a garland of crystals on the Shree Yantra and recite the Shree Sukta Purush Sukta. Perform Abhishek on Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi jointly. Fill rice in the Dakshinavarti conch and anoint them. And worship Lord Shiva and Gauri jointly. Take a bath with Panchamrit. The financial situation will appear to be more advanced and your dreams, your wishes, and your wishes will be fulfilled. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 27 April 2022 English blog

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