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Shukra Rashi Parivartan 15 February 2023 English blog | कुम्भ से मीन में प्रवेश

Shukra Rashi Parivartan 15 February 2023 English blog

Aries – For your zodiac sign, Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house and is getting exalted after going to the twelfth house. Venus, the lord of your wealth and business, is getting exalted and the results of Venus are very good in that anyway. That’s why people of Aries will get to see progress in their daily gains. That means the graph of profit and profit will go on increasing. At the same time, this time will also create wonderful conditions for the business class. Respect will increase in the family. At this time your participation in social programs will increase. An outline of auspicious programs will also be kept at home. If you are marriageable or your younger siblings are marriageable. If your child is eligible for marriage, you will receive news related to it. Along with business, feelings of sweetness will arise in married life. If you are in a love relationship, then at this time your love will get the consent of the family. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious. Any lost item will be recovered by you. It will be a time of respect for the artists. Will do his research by going abroad and will gain fame there. Traveling to delightful places will be seen happening with the family, so this time will create wonderful conditions for the people of Aries. There will be expenses but along with the expenses you will be able to earn that much and when we make profit then we can balance our expenses. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 15 February 2023 English blog

Taurus – For your zodiac sign, Venus is your zodiac lord and is the lord of disease and Venus is sitting in your benefic house with Jupiter, anyway there will be a very good combination and since the lord of the zodiac is sitting in the 11th from itself, then it will be very good. Will show you the results. You will get to see the condition of progressive profit. There will be an increase in social respect. There will also be a little laziness at this time. The tendency to work in the mind will be less. But if you work hard and do not let your laziness dominate you, then you will definitely get unforgettable profitable results. In this, your bonding will be worth seeing even in your relationships. You will get relief from breathing problems. However, the ladies who are going through breathing problems or period problems are going through PCOD problems. They have to take special care and do not make any haste. Don’t be careless either.

Gemini – Venus is the lord of the twelfth and fifth house for your sign and is being exalted in the house of action. Now this is the time, he can get very good benefits from abroad. You just have to develop your skill that how you can use it and take advantage from abroad. There will be tie-ups with foreign companies in this. Expenses will increase in this, but along with that the income will also increase. Sources of income will also be seen increasing. In career, if you are doing any fashion designing or interior decoration or doing some work related to love, perfume, hotel, management, restaurant food. If you want to do some work that is related to Venus, then definitely you will touch new heights. This time will be full of respect and fame for the artists, as well as this time will be very good for the students of art class. You will definitely get success in achieving your goal. If the deeds are of sucrose, then the employed people will also get the support of the officers. Colleagues will be attracted towards you. You will be attracted to the opposite sex and will work to understand it as teamwork, which will double your success.

Cancer – Venus is the lord of the eleventh and fourth house for your zodiac sign. And luck is sitting in the place. Now this is the time, it will do it in your luxury only. Luck will support you. You will get sudden money. Whether it is lottery, share market, gambling, whatever it is, you will get very good profit in it. Can shop for a new house, can switch houses. Can create a new property. Can bring luxurious items in the house. Can get the house renovated. Can buy a new car. That is, at this time your dreams will get wings and you will be seen to be able to fulfill all your dreams. The list of unfinished tasks will get smaller. The work will be seen to be completed immediately. But at this time you have to do your work by being lazy. Only then you will get success. Good times will go out of hand. That’s why you have to put a little more effort and effort at your work place. The youths who are looking for jobs, their search will end. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 15 February 2023 English blog

Leo – In your zodiac, Sun is the lord of the tenth and third i.e. Karma and might, and Venus is sitting in your eighth house. If Venus is exalted in the eighth house, then you will make many travels, but you will definitely get success in work-oriented journeys. In connection with business, you may have to go out of an important meeting in connection with the job, but you will be able to complete the work you take in hand. This will also happen. You will get to see an increase in might, support and co-operation of siblings and very good support from father at this time. The officers will also be happy with you. That’s why you can get a huge opportunity from the officers at this time.

Virgo – Venus is the lord of the ninth and second house for your zodiac sign and is sitting in the seventh house. They are getting exalted and here Venus is also forming a great man named Malavya Yoga for the people of Virgo. Magnificent yoga is being made. At this time all the problems in married life will end. Business If you want to open a restaurant hotel of your own, you want to open a travel business. If you are associated with the film industry, if you are an artist, then definitely your business will work. There is no doubt about it. Luck will support you and on the basis of luck, you will also invest in some risky works and those investments will prove to be positive for you. You will see the benefit of the daily routine of Marra in its full form. Respect will increase in the family. Auspicious events will be seen happening in the family and at this time you will definitely find a good life partner for yourself. Just don’t try to find small flaws in each other’s small things. Listen to each other’s words, understand and take each other along. This is the formula of married life and with this the speed of married life also moves without any hindrance.

Libra – For you, Venus is the lord of your zodiac sign and eighth lord and is seen sitting in the seventh house. Venus is sitting in the system due to exaltation, so in this you have to be careful about diseases caused by Venus. Like problem, problem of piles, problem of internal parts, problem of internal itching, problem of periods i.e. PCOD problem. Be very careful about all these problems. Hair loss doesn’t have to be unhygienic at all. At this time you will also invite your enemies. If I interfere in your work in one way or the other, I will not even give you such a chance. The journey would be good. It will be pleasant and auspicious and whatever routine work you do systematically, then definitely those works will give you great results. And since Venus is also your zodiac sign owner, then a strange attraction will come in your personality at this time. People will be drawn towards you. The artist who is struggling. Even to think, I will not get any film or else I did not get any work. He now has every chance of getting work. Everyone will be seen impressed by you. All you have to do is show your power. You will get respect and fame in the society. Video can go viral. You can also get love from him on social media so just think what you have to do so that you can change your destiny at this time and get better results of Venus.

Scorpio – Venus is the lord of the seventh and twelfth house for your zodiac sign and is sitting in the fifth house. Venus being exalted in the fifth house. First of all it is very good for art class students. If you have any talent or art related to the creation of art literature, then you will definitely gain fame through that art at this time. Business will also do very well for you and at this time you will be seen making very good plans in business and planning it well. You will get full support of your spouse at this time and with their cooperation all the obstacles in your work will be removed. You can get good proposals from abroad. You can have tie-up from abroad. Foreign currency can come into your account. You used to work related to import export handicraft or any such clothes. You have done the work of import export. You will get very good success in those tasks. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 15 February 2023 English blog

Sagittarius – For your zodiac sign, Venus is the lord of the sixth and eleventh house and is sitting in a place of happiness. Sitting in a happy place will give wonderful results. You will get freedom from all health related problems. At this time you will get success in cosmetic work. There are complete sums of accidental profit. Social respect will increase. The circle level will increase and someone will enter your life who will change the course of your life. Will make your life happy. Any program can be organized in the family, in which there will be the arrival of relatives and there will be an atmosphere of gaiety, laughter and happiness in the house.

Capricorn – For your zodiac sign, Venus is the lord of the fifth and tenth house, i.e. the house of action and the fifth house. That is, in your Kundli, Venus is a Yogkaraka and is sitting in the house of might, so this time will create excellent conditions for art students. You will get good news from the children. Children will make you feel proud. This time will be of great performance for the artists as well. At the same time, those who are looking for some sources of earning from their art, they will definitely be available to you. There are chances of getting a good job and at this time your status at the work place will be worth watching. Full support of siblings will be with you. There will be a short distance journey which will be pleasant and auspicious for you. There will be many opportunities to meet Vistara and plans can be made to go somewhere with the spouse. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 15 February 2023 English blog

Aquarius – For your zodiac sign, Venus, the lord of the fourth and ninth house is sitting in the second house and Venus is also a yoga factor for your zodiac sign. Sitting in your second house i.e. house of wealth, being a yoga factor, will increase your wealth continuously. All the problems in work will end. Work will start getting done at a faster pace. At this time, you will get to see very good situations of money gain in your life. Luck will support you completely. Competitive in pleasures, competitive in luxury and at this time you will get full support of mother. You will get many opportunities to participate in programs in parties. Interaction with new people will increase and happiness and facilities will increase in family life.

Pisces – Venus is the lord of the third and eighth house for you and is sitting in your zodiac sign only. This time will create wonderful situations for Pisces people. Gradually you will find. You will be able to do your tasks in a managed manner. There will be a lot of balance. With this you will be able to double your success. Increase in might, support and cooperation of brothers and sisters. End of curiosities. You will get the support of the elders of the house, if any dispute related to the property is going on, then its decision will go in your favor. There will be journeys but the journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Your personality will become an example for the people. Love will be reflected in your speech. Sweetness will increase after listening to people’s words, people will be attracted towards you after listening to your words. You will feel freshness in health at this time. If bad health is going on, then it will start getting better now. Shukra Rashi Parivartan 15 February 2023 English blog

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