Shukra Ketu Yog Nivaran Pooja

Shukra Ketu Yog Nivaran Pooja

Shukra Ketu Yog Nivaran Pooja This Puja will be done through our Vidhavan Pandits. This puja can be done online (video call) or offline (at your place).

Symptom Venus and Ketu conjunction:-

Unlike Rahu, who is never satisfied with love and lust, here Venus feels dissatisfied due to a lack of feeling or desire for a union or relationship.
These people force themselves to get into relationships but eventually come out alone.
Directionless Ketu leads Venus in many directions in love and relationships before Venus eventually realizes that there is no easy way to reach one’s soul.

No matter how hard the spouse works or how much he or she loves their boyfriend or girlfriend, they always think that they are the ones who are giving up in the relationship, as Venus goes blind with Ketu; It can’t see things clearly until it’s too late.

There are all kinds of combinations: loose conjunctions, exact conjunctions, close conjunctions and virtual conjunctions.

What exactly does the conjunction in the astrological birth chart do? They give meaning to your life and set a purpose. They either take things or give things to you. The combination has positive and negative effects. The positive influences are known as Yoga and the negative influences are known as Doshas.

Necessary worship should be done to remove the doshas of negative influence.

Do this puja from astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali at a very nominal cost to Shukra Ketu Yog Nivaran Pooja as soon as possible.

The person who is doing the puja, already the pandit takes Sankalp in his name and as we all know, every puja or auspicious work is always done by lord Ganesh puja. So Shukra Ketu dosh nivaran Puja also starts with the consecration of Lord Ganesh Puja, we need to please him first.

Abhishek will worship the 9 Navagrahas after the will of the pandit, and after that, he will appease the 12 deities (mothers), one of whom will be your Kuldevi.

After all, the main Havan of Puja begins, in which the pundits start chanting mantras for you, and you keep on saying swaha with our pandit ji. This havan includes a mantra related to worship, and they chant it with swaha.

After each puja, the customer will get a free yantra to keep at home for the puja.

Astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali ji explains and guides the proper Shukra Ketu dosh nivaran Puja remedies. If you want to do Shukra Ketu dosh nivaran Puja, then astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali is the best choice in India.

For any assistance or confusion regarding Puja, contact us by clicking below. You can also WhatsApp us on this number. Our team is always there to assist you.

Hello, if you want to book this pooja by your name. Please contact us at +918955658362

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