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Know why Ravana has been called a devotee of Lord Shiva and how Ravana pleased Lord Shiva – Shiva devotee Ravana

Shiva devotee Ravana

Know why Ravana has been called a devotee of Lord Shiva and how Ravana pleased Lord Shiva – Shiva devotee Ravana

Shiva devotee Ravana Guru Maa Nidhi Ji Shrimali has told that you must have heard about many devotees of Shiva. Sometimes people call Ravana his biggest devotee, and sometimes Nandi is counted in the category of his supreme devotees. Don’t know how many such devotees were there who did not get tired of reciting the glory of Shiva and their devotion was prevalent in the universe beyond. Among the supreme devotees of Lord Shiva, Ravana has been given the status of the biggest devotee. It is also believed that Lord Shiva himself has described Ravana as one of his biggest devotees. Mahadev is known to get angry, but he is also very happy. Devotees anoint Lord Bholenath with holy water and bel patra to please him. Ravana is said to be the supreme devotee of Shiva because he had done such penance to get Shiva which no one had ever done. Shiva devotee Ravana

Why is Ravana called a devotee of Lord Shiva?

According to Guru Maa Nidhi Ji Shrimali, the master of infinite qualities, Ravana was incomparable in strength, knowledge and devotion. The world always remembers Ravana for his evils, but the depth of Ravana’s devotion and knowledge was so much that it was impossible to fathom. Mahashiv himself is the witness of this because Ravana was his supreme devotee. Hardly anyone in the world has been able to match the extent to which Ravana worshiped Lord Shankar, the way he pleased and made him his own with his incomparable penance. Shiva devotee Ravana

Facts about Ravana pleasing Lord Shiva with his devotion

Lifting Mount Kailash by Ravana and creating Shiva Tandav Strot in a moment

It is a matter of that time, when Ravana had snatched the golden Lanka from his half-brother Kuber and had established his golden city. At this time a thought came to Ravana’s mind that he himself is living in the golden city, while his deity Mahashiv lives on Mount Kailash amidst so many inconveniences. As soon as this idea came, Ravana reached Mount Kailash sitting in his Pushpak Viman. Shiva devotee Ravana

Ravana first encountered Nandi on Mount Kailash. Nandi asked Ravana the purpose of coming. Ravana told that he has come to take Lord Shiva with him to Lanka. Nandi said that Kailash is very dear to God and he will never go with Ravana. Ravana said that he would forcefully pick up the Lord along with Kailash and take him to Lanka. Nandi and Ravana fought on this matter and naturally Nandi was defeated. On the other side, Mahashiv, who has foreknowledge of every moment of the universe, was smiling seeing this war. After all, his two most beloved followers were fighting to assert their authority over him by drowning in love. After defeating Nandi, Ravana uprooted Kailash from the earth with his muscle power and raised it from one side. At the same time, Mahashiv lifted one of his toes and placed it on the ground of Kailash. With just the touch of the thumb, Kailash sank back into the earth and Ravana’s hands were also buried along with it. Ravana understood that Mahashiva was displeased with him. He immediately composed the Shiva Tandav Stotra in a jiffy to please Shiva and started reciting it loudly. Lord Shiva was very pleased with Ravana’s devotion and blessed him and sent him back to Lanka. Shiva devotee Ravana

Establishing the Shivling form of Lord Shiva in Lanka

According to Guru Maa Nidhi Ji Shrimali, once in ancient times, Ravana did severe penance to Shiv Shankar and started offering his head by cutting it off in a havan. It is mentioned in religious texts that Ravana was blessed with 10 heads. When Ravana started offering his tenth head in the Havan, Lord Shiva appeared in front of him and holding his hand put back all his heads and asked him to ask for a boon. On which Ravana said, I want to establish your Shivling form in Lanka. Shiv ji gave two signs to Ravana in the form of his Shivling and said that do not keep them on the ground, otherwise they will be established there. With this, Ravana started going towards Lanka, then on the way during Gaukarna area, at one place he had a small doubt, then he asked a shepherd named Baiju to hold both the Shivling and instructed not to keep it on the ground under any circumstances. Lord Shiva had increased the weight of both of them with his illusion, due to which the shepherd put down the Shivling and left from there. Because of which both the Shivlings were established there. It is believed that the Shivling in front of the casket in which both the Shivlings of Ravana were kept became famous by the name of Chandrabhal and the one at the back was known as Baijnath. It is said that after this Ravana understood the trick of Lord Shiva and became very angry. In a fit of anger, he pressed a Shivling with his thumb, which made a mark like a cow’s ear (Gau-karna). At present, this Shivling is established in Baijnath Dham situated on the banks of Binwa river at a distance of 54 km from Kangra and 56 km from Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Shiva devotee Ravana

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