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Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English Blog Vrishabh Rashi शनि का राशि परिवर्तन 2023 Taurus

Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023

Good afternoon. Welcome Welcome year 2023 is about to come and the biggest zodiac change of the year is going to happen in the first month of the year itself. Yes, on January 17, Shani Dev will enter his original triangle sign from Capricorn while changing the sign. And after that they will remain seated in the same sign i.e. Aquarius in their original trikona for about two and a half years. Shani Dev is the giver of Karmafal and gives results to a person according to his deeds. If you have done a lot of good deeds, then you will get very good results of Shani. But if you have not done good deeds, then you will also have to face the punishment. In Kaliyuga, if a person is afraid of any planet, then it is Shani Dev. Lord Shani is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius. Low zodiac shows the effects of low. At the same time, it shows the effects of very high in Libra. Saturn’s third, seventh and 10th vision is not considered good. And if the planet Saturn becomes retrograde, then that person gets to see more dire consequences in life. The impact of Shani’s dhaiya and Shani’s Sade Sati is also very high on a person’s life. So if Shani Dev is the most influential planet in Kalyug then it will not be an exaggeration. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English Blog

What results will the people of Taurus get to see from this transit of Saturn. First of all, let us tell you that the horoscope we are giving you is based on lunar calculations. And according to your zodiac sign it is also effective. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Now coming to the results of Shani according to your zodiac sign i.e. Taurus. Now Shani is the lord of the house of fortune for your zodiac sign. And till now they were sitting in their destiny and on January 17 at 08:10 pm, they will change their zodiac sign and come into your karma, and people with Taurus zodiac sign have a lot of trouble because Taurus people. Now the benefits of Mahapurush Yoga named Sahas of Shani will start. Because Saturn in its Moola Trikona sign will create a Mahapurush Yoga named Sahas in your Karma Bhava. This zodiac change of Saturn will be very good and beneficial for the people of Taurus. Till now Shani was increasing your fortune by sitting in your lucky house. Were completing your unfinished tasks. Now luck will go one house ahead with the power and there also a great man named Shash will continuously work in your luck through yoga. Your luck will fully support you. Investment in risky works will be beneficial for you. At the same time, whatever small unfinished tasks you had, you will complete them. You will also be seen implementing new plans in the work area. Those young men and women who are looking for employment, their search will end and you will be seen getting a good job. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

  Since Shani is a servant, he is sitting in the house of action and a great man named Shash is making yoga, so this will be a time period of two and a half years. This will be very good for employed people. You will progress progressively in the job. There will be support and cooperation of the officers. The problems coming in your life will end. Promotion stuck increment or transfer all your dreams will be fulfilled at this time. He has big responsibilities too. You will be seen facing at your work place and will perform these responsibilities well, due to which your confidence level will also be seen increasing at this time. If you get the company and company of your father, then you will get his full guidance and support at this time. You will get the solution of small things and small difficulties through them. And at this time, your actions will give you success in a slow but effective manner in a permanent way. And this success will be long lasting. Will not be short term. But if we come to the visions of Shani. So the visions of Shani. Does not bring such good results. You all know that Shani will look at your expenses from the third aspect. Saturn will aspect your happy place from the seventh aspect and Saturn will be seen aspecting your seventh house from the tenth aspect. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Now if we talk about the third aspect of Saturn, then it is falling in the expenditure place. And the house of expenditure is considered to be the causative house of Saturn. Since Saturn is aspecting its own causative house, hence this time. Will bring a continuous reduction in your expenses. Debt position and financial position if scattered. So now it seems to be getting better. You will get freedom from debt situations. Will be seen working like a teamwork at work place. You will get full support and cooperation of colleagues. Along with this, you will be seen getting very good benefits from abroad. If your dream is to go abroad and get a job, then you will be able to work abroad for a long time. Your dream of working with a foreign company can also be fulfilled at this time. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Now talk about the seventh vision which is falling on your place of happiness, then it will bring a little fluctuation in happiness. Avoid situations of debate with your mother a little at this time. Small financial problems will surround you. At this time you do not have to get involved in any property related disputes. Because this dispute can take a formidable form. Try to balance your actions a little. Control the expenses a little. Otherwise, uncontrolled expenses can bring many difficulties in your life. This time will also be full of little struggle for the farmers. You will not be able to get the correct assessment of farming. A little more effort will have to be made. For those who work related to milk, dairy and animal husbandry, this time will be full of ups and downs. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Now if we talk about the tenth aspect of Saturn, then it can affect your married life. And Saturn is also going to be retrograde in the year 2023 from June 17 to November 4. So at this time you have to take special care. If your relationship is already going bad then be very careful because the relationship may break. Disappointment can arise in love relationships. At this time your work will be stuck. The business class will face difficulties in completing the work. Any kind of tussle with the partner, the plans get stuck. Funds could not be arranged for the work. Such a problem may arise. That’s why business class people and especially married life. Those who are getting pleasure need to be especially careful. When Saturn will be retrograde from 17th June to 4th November, then you have to be very careful during that time period. Do your work very carefully to avoid land related disputes. Take the officers into confidence. Do not do any kind of work apart from them. Means don’t do anything hiding from them. Only then you will be able to get the benefit of this good time. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Measure :-

  • You have to soak black gram on Saturday and put a nail inside it. Tie it in a black cloth and put it in any holy river or lake where there are fish.
  • Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah Do chant this mantra.
  •   Don’t let the works remain incomplete. Complete your tasks with routine.
  • Do not do any kind of negligence or laxity in hard work. Try to be Karma Pradhan.
  • You should chant Shani Gayatri Mantra. With this Shani Dev will always be happy with you.
  • If possible, donate a black blanket on Saturday.

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