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Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog Tula Rashi शनि का राशि परिवर्तन 2023 Libra

Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Good afternoon. Swagatam Welcome year 2023 is going to start and at the beginning of the year itself the biggest zodiac change of the year which Shani Dev is going to do is going to happen. On Tuesday, January 17, at 08:02 pm, Saturn will enter Aquarius from its ordinary zodiac sign Capricorn and then will stay there for about two and a half years i.e. Aquarius. Shani Dev, whom we know as a justice-loving planet, is known as God, while Shani Dev gives us results according to our deeds. We call them the givers of karma. If you have done a lot of good deeds, then you will get very good results of Shani. But if you have done a bad deed, you have hurt someone’s heart. If you have done bad to people, then definitely Shani Dev will definitely punish you for your deeds in this birth. Shani Dev is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius and shows debilitated results in Aries and exalted in Libra. Saturn’s curved vision is very bad. When Shani becomes retrograde, his vision also becomes equally retrograde. By the way, Shani’s vision is not good, Shani’s third, seventh and 10th vision are shown from where Saturn sits, the third, seventh and 10th vision are shown and these visions are not good even like this. When Saturn becomes retrograde, the vision also becomes equally retrograde. Saturn does good to the house in which it sits, it increases this place more. Shani is such a planet that everyone is afraid of in the Kali Yuga that is going on today. Because Shani does not leave you, if you have done good deeds then you will get good results and if you have not done good deeds then Shani will definitely punish you. The results of Shani are also seen in the same way for those who have Shani’s Dhaiya and Sade Sati. Dhaiya and Sade Sati have a lot of influence on your life. If you have done good deeds, then you will get very good results of Shani in Dhaiya and Sade Sati. The position of Shani in the birth chart is also seen for this. But the position of Saturn in the birth chart is not good. If your deeds are not right, then you will have to pay everything in dhaiya and sade sati. Shani will make you equal. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Now coming to the information about the transit of Saturn in Aquarius for Libra zodiac sign and the horoscope which we are giving you, the information about the transit of Saturn in Moon is based on lunar calculations. And according to your moon sign, you can see it. Now, first of all, we would like to congratulate the people of Libra zodiac because they will be relaxed now. Shani’s dhaiya will end. And once the revolution that was going on in your life will be converted into peace. Anyway, till now Shani was sitting in your place of happiness and creating a great man named Shash Yoga. Means this time was also good for you. If you have to see ups and downs, then you must see and check the position of Saturn in your birth chart. Rest of the transits were coming very well. He was increasing your happiness by sitting in the place of happiness. A great man named Shash was making yoga. Were making you financially strong. However, there must have been errors in the work. And on January 17, when Shani will change and sit in your fifth house, then it will sit in its original triangle sign. And since Shani is both Sukhesh and Panchamesh for Libra people, that means for you. So they will give very good and excellent results according to both the places. Even if the lord of the place of happiness sits one house ahead of you, he is going to give you wonderful results. Shani’s shadow has also ended from your life, so this time is going to be very good and beneficial for you. Till now the things that have remained in your life that I had to do. I needed luxury for these pleasures. I wanted a house like this. I needed such a renovation. Wanted such a vehicle, now all your dreams will be fulfilled. If there were any disputes related to the property, then they will be settled. You will look completely relaxed. Your dream of a new house will be fulfilled, your dream of upgrading your house will also be fulfilled. The relation with the mother will be more intense and strong and there will be a good bonding with her. He will play an important role in increasing social respect. At the same time, this time is also very good for the farmers. You will get very good profit in farming. On the other hand, for those who work related to animal husbandry and milk dairy, this transit of Shani will be very auspicious. Is. Anyway, as soon as Shani’s Dhaiya is over, Shani’s results will start getting better. Now, since Shani has entered the fifth house, entered the zodiac sign of his original triangle and has become self-governed, then this time is also very good for the students. Students who are studying related to judicial process, want to become judge or preparing for CLAT or try any other job in court. This time will create wonderful conditions for them and you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work. But since Saturn is sitting in your own house, then you will get a lot of work done. He will get you to work hard because Shani is the bestower of fruits and a servant, he does service and gets you to work hard. Anyway, now in your Kundli, the planet Shani Yog Karak is Shani Yog Karak for the people of Libra zodiac sign and Saturn has come in its original triangle sign, you are going to get excellent results from this transit of Saturn. Good news related to children will be received. You will get good respect in the literary world. At the same time, you will also be filled with spiritual feelings. Religious journeys will also take place in the transit of your Saturn. At this time, your interest in religious works will increase. You will increase your interest in the study and teaching of religious texts. Means Saturn is sitting will do a lot of good to that house and increase it, then happiness will increase and along with it will make your fifth house better. Because he is already sitting there. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Let us talk about the aspects of Saturn, first let us tell you that Saturn will be retrograde from June 17 to November 4. If Shani is retrograde, then it is sitting in a good place, then it will give more good results, then this time will be wonderful for children in happiness and your fifth house for the student class. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Now coming to the aspects of Saturn, the third aspect of Saturn is on your seventh house, the seventh aspect of Saturn is on your profit house and the tenth aspect of Saturn is falling on your second house i.e. on the house of wealth. Which is not considered good. We have already told you this. So if we talk about the visions of Saturn and when Saturn will be retrograde from June 17 to November 4, then these visions will also become retrograde, then they will prove to be more harmful. That’s why you have to be very careful. We are telling you about its results. The third sight will fall on the seventh house. There can be differences in the relationship in the married relationship. A situation of separation may arise with the spouse. If the relationship is disturbed then it can be fragmented. That’s why you have to be a little careful. Business class should work. Invest whatever you want to do decide the path of progress in your life. But invest wisely. Investment may sink. Partner: If you work in partnership, then keep tuning with your partner. Otherwise, such a situation can be seen that the partnership is broken and the business is scattered. At this time, for those in a love relationship, it will be a time full of typical ups and downs or agni pariksha. If you pass this ordeal. If you come true then definitely you will convert your love into marriage. Do take care of your favorite things. Because they can get lost at this point. So there is a need to be a little careful. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Talking about the seventh aspect of Saturn, which is falling on your house of profit, it can affect the conditions of profit a little. Your sudden gains can mess up the conditions. Be very careful while investing in risky activities like share market lottery, do not do anything in haste. Do not include such people in the circle who will hollow you out later. You will never know when enemies in the form of friends have entered your life. Avoid situations of any kind of dispute with elder brother. Respect brothers and sisters and try to do your work by taking advice from elder brothers and sisters and you will get double success. Just a little bit, you need to be careful and invest financially wisely. Act thoughtfully. Where do you want to spend the money? Where do you get the money back, how do you manage the money? You should know how to manage your business. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Now let’s talk about the 10th aspect of Saturn which is falling in the place of wealth. So this time can create money related problems for you. There can be problems in getting daily money. Some good news can be received from the elders of the house. At this time, you should not disrespect the elders of the house at all. It can weigh heavily on you. You will also be seen shopping for gold jewelery for the women of the house. Will be seen giving gifts. There may be some problems, but you will have to manage them and move on. In the family, you need to exercise restraint on your speech and control your anger. As calm as possible, we will solve our issues. The family problems of your family will be solved as soon as possible. Sometimes silence also becomes a big weapon for us. Silence has a big hand in solving our problems. So it is not necessary that many times you express your feelings by speaking your words. Sometimes you can say your words even by remaining silent. Strongly and can register their presence. That’s why, where there is no need, keep calm and keep silent and do your work. Since Shani is a Yogkaraka planet in your Kundali and has become a self-inclined in the fifth house in the sign of Mool Trikon. That’s why those who do business of iron, those who do the work of farming of farmers, those who do the work of fruits and vegetables or the work of petroleum products coming out of the land. Shani will bring very good results for them. He will take care, but be very careful about the things that we have told you about the precautions. Now you get more good results of Shani and the negative impact of Shani’s drishti ends, it reduces and you start getting positive results. For that we are going to tell you some remedies. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Measure :-

  • Do one thing every Saturday. Take a dry coconut. Mix flour and sugar in it. And then where there are a lot of ants, where there is a worm nagara, you have to bury it half in that ground. You have to do this every Saturday to Saturday.
  • Make arrangements for food and water for the birds.
  • Before eating two breads in the house, regularly take out one bread of cow and you have to take out the other bread of dog, but that dog should not be a pet of your house. That dog must be Slum Dog.
  • You should also make it a rule to irrigate the Peepal tree daily, as well as put a mustard oil lamp under it.
  • You must recite Shani Chalisa and chant Beej Mantra of Lord Shani Dev daily after sunset.

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