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Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog Kark Rashi शनि का राशि परिवर्तन 2023 Cancer

Shani ka Rashi ParivShani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023

Namaskar Swagatam Welcome The year 2023 is going to start and in the beginning of this year itself the biggest zodiac change of the year which Shani Dev is going to do is going to happen. On Tuesday, January 17, at 08:02 minutes, Saturn will enter Aquarius from its ordinary zodiac sign Capricorn. And everyone knows about Sunny Dev that he is the bestower of results. He gives results to a person according to his deeds. If you have done good deeds in your life, then you will get very good results of Shani and if you have done bad deeds then Shani Dev will punish you in this very life. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius. And they show results of low in Aries and high in Libra. Saturn’s third, seventh and 10th vision is not considered good. On the other hand, if Shani sits at a place, then by increasing that place, he does only good, makes it positive. If Shani becomes retrograde, then his vision becomes equally retrograde. Those times can be very difficult for everyone. If he has not done good deeds, then in the year 2023, Saturn will remain retrograde from June 17 to November 4. So during this time period you will need to pay special attention. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Now let’s go ahead and know the zodiac sign of Saturn for Cancerians. You all know that Cancerians are going to be affected by Saturn. So people with cancer should be a little cautious. Do your work in such a way that Shani Dev is always pleased with you. You know what will be the result of this transit of Saturn over Cancerians. First of all, let us tell you that the horoscope we are giving you is based on lunar calculations and you can see this zodiac change according to the lunar zodiac. And if you want to get a calculation of Shani’s zodiac change based on your own personal horoscope and transit positions or have any other kind of questions in your mind. Want to know about the position of planets in your birth chart. If you want to know about the Nakshatra in which you were born, you can connect with us through telephonic appointment and personal meet. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Now let’s talk about Cancer, till now Saturn was sitting in your zodiac making a great man named Shash Yoga. Very good time period you have taken two and a half years of Shani and the results of Shani were being seen very well by the business class. But on January 17, when Shani enters your eighth house and becomes self-possessed, then a great man named Shash will disappear from your life. His benefits will also end. Here Shani is sitting in the eighth house, since it is Saturn’s own house. And Saturn is also considered as the eighth house. Therefore, he will correct the eighth house. Travels will be very successful, but those trips will be pleasant and auspicious for you. At this time your secret enemies will end and the number of enemies will decrease. Suddenly the totals of your profit will be seen increasing. Your confidence level will be seen increasing and you will gain efficiency in the methodology. This time is also very good for starting new works and the problems and obstacles which were going on in your life in routine life will also end now. Although Shani’s Namak Mahapurush Yoga is over, but according to the seventh house, the results of Shani will be good because the seventh lord is sitting one house ahead of him. At this time, we will walk with each other in married life. Will understand each other’s feelings. Will move forward with a little thought in the love relationship because love marriage can lead to cheating. Obstacles will definitely come in your life. But you will be seen finding solutions to these obstacles one way or the other. Problems in business will end. You may have to take some important decisions in your business during this period, but those decisions will be positive for you. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Coming to the visions of Shani because you all know that the visions of Saturn are not considered good. Shani is looking at your action with his third vision. They will be seen aspecting your second house from the seventh aspect and your fifth house from the tenth aspect. Therefore, this time should be work-oriented for you, because if you are negligent in your work at this time, you may have to face the consequences of Shani. Results will be disappointing. And you’ll appear to be a little discouraged. That’s why work hard and don’t be negligent in your hard work. Avoid situations of argument with father and learn to respect him. Because getting entangled with each other in small matters and disrespecting them can hinder your progress. At this time, people associated with government jobs have to be a little careful. Do not hide anything from the authorities and also do not try to earn money by wrong means. You may have differences with your relatives in the family. To discharge social responsibilities, one has to move forward by being a little neutral. Don’t speak such words that hurt someone’s mind. Hence the choice of words while speaking. In particular you should be careful. Do not disrespect and respect the women of the house and also try to keep them happy. This time can be a bit difficult for the student class. That’s why the student class will have to work harder. Only then you will see positive results. Don’t do any kind of negligence and laxity in hard work. Some worries related to children will remain with you. But if you provide the right guidance to them, soon they will appear focused towards their goal. People associated with technical field, people working in engineer mining department or any mining work is yours. Chemical substances work. Security work. Administrative services work. If you are working in IPS or Police, Army, Navy, then this is the time to be very careful because Mars is a benefic planet in your Kundli and these places of Mars are being aspected by Saturn. Saturn is aspecting the house of action and Saturn is also aspecting the fifth house, both of which are the places of Mars, that is, Mars is the lord of these places. That’s why be a little cautious and move forward in your life. And especially from June 17 to November 4 is the time in which Saturn is retrograde. At that time you need to take special care. Because negligence done at this time can be heavy. You may have to lose your job as well. That’s why walk a little carefully. Shani ka Rashi Parivartan 17th January 2023 English blog

Measure :-

  • Do donate black sesame and black urad dal on Saturday.
  • You should distribute fritters in mustard oil or spleen oil to needy people on Saturdays.
  • Respect the cleaning workers and do help them in some way or the other.
  • You must make arrangements for food and water for the birds. Seed Mantra of Shani Om Pran Prin Pran S: Shanaishcharaya Namah Do chant this mantra on Saturday.
  • Shani Dev remains happy by worshiping Hanuman ji. That’s why worship Hanuman ji on Tuesdays and do recite Sankat Mochak Hanuman Stotra.

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