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Scorpio Rashifal March 2021 | वृश्चिक राशि मार्च राशिफल – Scorpio horoscope | March Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Scorpio Rashifal February 2021 वृश्चिक राशि मार्च राशिफल

Hello welcome Today I have appeared before you with the monthly target of March for Scorpio zodiac sign. In the month of March anyway, Maya is of special importance because in this month, two special festivals come on the first, on March 11, the festival of Mahashivaratri, this festival of Narayana Bholenath, mother Parvati and Bholenath were married on the day of Mahashivaratri and this year the whole of India was very Celebrates with pomp. On this day we worship the worship of Bholenath. On the Shivling, Jalabhishek Dagabhishek Rudraabhishek is performed and every person is absorbed in the worship of Bholenath. On 28 March, the festival of Holika Dahan will be celebrated with great pomp. It is also considered to be the main festival of our India and on Dhulandi, we will play Holi of colors, the day will be 29 March and on 28 March, we should dedicate all our evils to the fire of Holika Dahan and accept the good. This is the fire of Holika Dahan, this is what it teaches us, and by the Holi of colors on March 29, we can forget all our malice and get filled with colors in our life, this resolution should take us to the Holi day of colors i.e. Dhundi needed. Let us move on to the festivals that have taken place and till when the planet’s position is going to be in this March, because the monthly horoscope will depend on it. First of all, we talk about the Sun planet, which is presently sitting in the Aquarius sign. You are sitting in your place of happiness and on March 14, Aquarius will be seated in Pisces ie your fifth house. Since Mercury is presently sitting in Capricorn and on March 11, they will be seated in the Kumbh from Capricorn, that is, you will sit in your place of happiness with your valor and will get good results after both Sun and Mercury. Along with Venus, which is sitting with the Sun in Aquarius, that is, you are sitting in some place and on March 17, Venus will be sitting in Pisces or in your fifth house, due to high Venus, we will also get to see the results of very good Venus. Mars, which is in the zodiac sign of Rahu with the Rahu, creating Angarka Yoga, why did the difference of Mars in your seventh house make you live a bit, even the natives will have to walk a bit. Both Guru and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn. While the power is going in a sense of power, while Guru and Saturn are sitting in retrograde, while Ketu is sitting in Scorpio, that is, in your own zodiac sign, it is the position of some planets that will be seen in this month. The condition of the factor remains for all zodiac signs. In Scorpio zodiac sign, all planets have come between Rahu and Ketu, so every person who has karma will have to live on every person. Read further and know that the monthly horoscope. Scorpio Rashifal March 2021

Family Status

Scorpio Rashifal March 2021 – Talking about the family situation, Ketu’s sitting in personality will confuse you somewhere. Some problems will come in your life. The enemy side will try to dominate you and due to Ketu you will not be able to take the decision due to little confusion, such circumstances remain in your smart horoscope. Therefore, at this time you will be able to solve these problems with the help of Negi family by being very alert. Therefore, if you have a problem in decision making, then take advice from your family members. After taking his advice from him, you can take your decision after that, moving in it, the decision will be intense for you and will also be positive. This time will have a very good relation with his day day, but there is a possibility of getting infected in Godiyal. It can cause diseases related to infection, that is, you may have to visit the hospital for them. Something to worry about for Haridwar people, your grandparents aunt uncle Tau Tai may have to worry a little bit about all these, but if you will support them at the right time. The hospital will show. If you give them proper advice, they will soon get the health benefits. On the other hand, if I talk to the members of Kutumb, your master of the sense of not showing your planning properly, who is sitting far ahead of himself but the Guru is being low, then you will have to be a little careful and keep pace with your stakeholders. Do not talk about anything that hurts your social honor and respect, instead of that you will have to control your speech with restraint and anger. Some things can happen in your life, may force you to be angry, may provoke you to quarrel, but you should stay away from such relatives, keep away from such incidents, the sooner you will show the restraint and maturity these problems. Will be able to rise above and think about his future. Relation to Pisces family, you will have to keep your voice sweet. If you come to social functions for a little socially, participate in the affairs of the society, then your reputation will go on increasing, while your tuning with your siblings will be very good. Mercury is also with them in the sense of power as Saturn is a recluse, and if the Guru also sits, sitting on Saturn’s self-aggrandizement will increase your might, with the help of your siblings, you will achieve social domination. Social support will increase in respect, their full support will also try to remove the huge problems in the work of employment with you. Any ancestral property dispute will be successful only through mediation and mutual negotiation. May if you have a family business, then you will get full support in the family business as well. Even if you want to take their advice in your business, they will give you very good advice and will appear to pave your way even more. He is going to be your power by becoming your power. Tuning with the mother will also be very good that after the mother, Swami Shani is sitting indigenous in a powerful sense, so by fine tuning with the mother you will be seen moving forward. Your mother can play an important role in maintaining mutual harmony in riding someone to improve the body. There will be interruptions in work, they will also go away with the blessings of parents. This time will be for you to walk step by step with your parents. Surya, the lord of the father’s house, the son of the mother in this year, and then later in the fifth house, you will receive the death of your father in the work of your work. Father’s guidance will be received. Because of them, you will see conditions of good profit in your field which will be fulfilled with the help of your father. He is the master of the fifth house, he is the master who will go in mighty spirit but with the guidance of his father, you will be able to hold the right direction in the right direction and will also continue to conduct your tasks successfully. There is a little concern about the child, in the state of mind, especially in education, you worry about her career, but she will not disappoint you through hard work and by following the path you have told, she will be successful in achieving her goal. You will also get happiness news from children. Never have to be disappointed, your child will not disappoint you. Relation will be mixed with you as you will do Angarak yoga on Tuesday. You will receive the blessings of maternal uncle. You will get their blessings and because of everyone’s blessings, you will progress in your life. If you have any loan related loan problem, then that problem will also be seen to end this month. Spouse help will help you in repaying your loan to repay your borrowings. But there may be some differences with the spouse that you are a mangalik. Mars sitting in seventh house with Rahu sitting with Rahu, Mangalik Opportunities are creating Angarak yoga, it is not of any balance with your spouse. Do not allow any matter to be created. Understand their feelings. It is necessary to express our feelings from time to time so often we are unable to express our feelings. Also our partner complains that if we do not express our feelings, then you express your feelings openly, they will also open your heart in front of you, because you will get what you give. Like two wheels the car cannot run without both wheels. This is why. Respect the feelings of spouse and support them in every field. Do not let any frivolous quarrels come between your ego and their ego problem. Anyone will be fine for you, while your maternal grandparents will leave your relationship with the good side, then this family situation. Scorpio Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Scorpio Rashifal March 2021 – If we talk about the economic situation, if we look at the beneficiary suitcase and Dhanesh as the economic situation, then this month has also brought mixed results for you according to the economic situation.
Your financial condition will be good, but if the owner of the place is sitting in the fifth house through despair, then somewhere he will get the plantation done in your happiness, that is, you will be disturbed by small things. Financially, you may have to do a bit of straggling, while there will be a lot of progress and increase in matching in your money, not what we say. Your work will continue at normal speed. Your expenses will be able to deduct the daily daily expenses that you have in your water, but you will see good benefits only after March 17 this month. If you look at the financial situation and wealth at home with friends, then this month a little straggling is made for you. If you are in a job, do not think of the boss at all. There is no place for any kind of differences here. If you have any argument with your boss of any kind with your boss. He may have to face the adverse consequences. There may also be a possibility of leaving the job. Economically, if you do not want to get strugled, then you will have to be very restrained this month. Stay alert and the state of karma remains. Therefore, do not commit any harm in work. If you have done a lot of hard work, you will not get the results that you want. Scorpio Rashifal March 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Scorpio Rashifal March 2021 – Now we will be moving forward and talking about education and about career and business. If I talk about the master of the fifth house, who is lowly mighty, but then students, you will have to put in the affairs of Bisri period, change the sign of the symbol of worship in each horoscope, so you will have to move a bit. You will be able to achieve your result only on the basis of your work. If you carelessly entertain your leisurely activities like gadgets, you can be confused with your studies, you will be confused with your studies, your goals will be confused and due to this you may have to face failure. Therefore, do not do anything at all in your studies. After studying all things in one way, no one will stop what you desire, but no one will stop you, but the public is your responsibility like your studies, lest your hard work go away and you are working so hard. You are so talented but you cannot get results on your talent. Therefore, do not let laziness in your life at all and continuous efforts are necessary to move forward in your life. The day will be very good for the students of art class. You will get very good success in your fields. If you are a profession connected through art, then there is a possibility of you getting very good success in that too. By the way, this month will be a very good job for you, as well as for any job in the administrative positions within the government jobs in the job, the time will be very good for the desired transfer or promotion chances. . If you sit in Karmesh Surya Palace Pakistan and then sit in the fifth house, then you will get to see very good results of Surya. On Saptamesh, the combination of Surya Singh Karmesh, ie the combination of Surya and Venus will make you a lot more power, you will be seen to earn the desired successes in your work. In a private job, a big opportunity can be found from the boss. Chances of promotion will also be seen in the coming time. In terms of career, this month has brought very good and good results for you. You may have to stop traveling somewhere in connection with work, but the opportunity you received will be done very faithfully and you will complete it successfully so that in the coming time you can achieve more progress and more progress. This mother will be good for you in business too, but there will be possibility of some work in the work of a friend business class. On Tuesday, Angarak Yoga became your place of business. Yoga is such a worthy person that makes people work hard, they do not get results, that is, if you work hard, thinking about the conditions of benefits like those, should you get the benefits, you will not get the benefits. But the harder you work, the more results you will definitely get. That is why hard work never results in waste. If not today or tomorrow, you will definitely get the fruit of this and if you are able to progress successfully in your life, then it will be better for the business class to run a little. If you do any work related to mining of mineral materials, then you have to be very careful in the security company, if you also feel the totality because the trend is going to be a bit straggling for you, but you can also do positive work by doing it. Do not commit any work, I always say that a person should be Karma dominated, only then I will be able to move forward in my life, so be Karma dominated and get your result on Karma on Karma. Scorpio Rashifal March 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Scorpio Rashifal March 2021 – Spouse support will be very good. Venus, the lord of the spirit of life partner, who is sitting and going, will now sit in the fourth place later in the fifth house. But with the help of Jeevansathi, this wonderful UTV doing this Yuti with Karmesh, you will be able to carry on your work. When the Sun sets in the Sun and Venus in the fifth house, if you have any boutique work, you will have to do hotel management, my own work, perfume work, flowers work till interior decoration, or fashion designing work. The work of clothes is that people associated with all these areas will definitely see the use of very peels, because you are going to be a very good combination but be careful. Do not let laziness dominate you, only then you can progress in your work, the support of your life partner and you will get a lot of ecstatic pleasures with you, but the said ego clash and not Mars will be the case for your anger. You have to take control. Restraint will have to be kept on speech, otherwise a good relationship can be spoiled. So don’t let misunderstandings come in your midst and you will keep pace with each other instead of quarreling over trivial matters, if you both work in combination before you earn good profit conditions together in your life. If you work closely with them in the name of your spouse, then you are getting chances of getting very good benefits from them. Scorpio Rashifal March 2021


Scorpio Rashifal March 2021 – If I talk about health, then lord Mars, who is ahead of himself, sits next to him. But having a little hallucination with Rahu, mental anxiety, problems, memory problems, having some blood related problems, BP thyroid and sugar can become part of your routine. Apart from this, you have to stay away from mental illnesses. You will have to connect with it, the more you stay healthy, the more you will be able to take care of your family as well. At this time you will have to take care of your grandparents’ health as well as the health of the primal side, so first you will be healthy only then you will be able to take care of your family. Therefore, you should keep yourself healthy to take care of your family and keep your routine very healthy. Avoid a little of fried roasted things. If there is any problem related to blood, then use Ayurvedic things. Use Amla. Use whatever Ayurvedic herbs you have so that you can get health benefits soon. If there is a need to be a little umpire this month towards health, then this was the monthly horoscope of the month of March for Scorpio. Scorpio Rashifal March 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

See that if I talk, the whole month has brought good and good results from all your eyes, but somewhere due to this Mangal Rahu which is made of Angaraka yoga and due to the position of Kalsarp, problems in life can arise. That is why you have to anoint Bholenath with water on March 11, ie on the day of Mahashivratri. This will remove the financial problem in your life and you will receive the special blessings of Bholenath, as well as you anoint it with the lentils of lentils there, but you will also get the special blessings of Bholenath. So on this day, on the day of Mahashivaratri, do Rudrabhishek on Bholenath with both these things. Also worship worship of Bholenath so that you can get freedom from diseases, you should definitely recite the Mahamrityunjaya mantra on this day. You can remember two names of a rosary, as many courses, many times more results will be received, such as diseases will be destroyed, weight time will be felt inside you in your family and diseases will be far away from your family. On Tuesday, on the day of Sadiq Holika Dahan, this Angarka Yoga is made on Tuesday, inside its fire, there is one bad thing which is bad, like black sesame and black urad, and together you get lentils You have to put it inside the fire of Holika inside the altar of your incense. At least you take one and a quarter pav and then you get one and a half pav and after that seven rounds of Holika Dahan make seven rounds of the Holi fire and then let them flow inside its fire. This will end your Mangal Rahu’s Angarak Yoga and a little peace in life, the mission which will be made after the anger, anger and anger will be seen to end, then do the small measures I tell you to do. Also worship Mahashivaratri also if you want to join this puja then you must join us and adopt these measures which are mentioned on the day of Holika. Now I give my voice a break. Session busy dear Mast always keep smiling like Shri Radhe Krishna. Scorpio Rashifal March 2021


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