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Scorpio Rashifal June 2021 | वृश्चिक राशि जून राशिफल – Scorpio horoscope | June Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Scorpio Rashifal June 2021  वृश्चिक राशि जून राशिफल

Hello, today I have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for the month of June for the people of Scorpio. First of all, if I talk about the fast or festival, then this month there is a special family which is the festival of Nirjala Ekadashi and this festival will be celebrated on 21 June. The specialty of this festival is that it gives us fruits equal to Bara Bara Ekadashis. If you have not fasted for 12 Ekadashi, you have not done Mahadan, then by doing this fast on this Ekadashi or by performing charity on this Ekadashi day, you get the fruit equal to 12 Ekadashi. It is also known as Aamra Ekadashi. Sisters and daughters are given gifts on this day and mangoes are offered to them and their blessings are obtained. So this is Nirjala Ekadashi. It has a lot of stories. There are a lot of stories. Someday I will tell you through my video that I will tell you about some special measures of Nirjala Ekadashi separately. Now we go ahead and find out. First of all talk about the position of planetary transits to Sun, the king of planets which is currently sitting in Taurus and on 15th June they will enter from Taurus to Gemini which is their friendly sign Mars. Which is currently seated in Gemini and on June 2, Aries will be sitting from Gemini to Cancer. The planet Mercury, which is currently sitting in Gemini, and on June 3, i.e. a day after the change of Mars, will also be retrograde in the west, which is their most friendly zodiac. In this entire mother Aquarius, the planet Jupiter will sit in her friend’s zodiac sign. The planet Venus is presently sitting in Gemini and on June 24, they will go from Gemini to Cancer, which is their very enemy. Rahu and Ketu, who are sitting in Capricorn, will remain in Scorpio for the whole month, but Venus, which is in Gemini, will move from Gemini to its most enemy sign i.e. Cancer on June 22. This eclipse is the position of the planets. Apart from this, three yogas will be formed, eclipse yoga of Sun and Rahu, character yoga of postures and Budhaditya yoga of Sun Mercury, whatever happens to the Sun, it will last for half a month. On 15 June, the Sun will enter Taurus Gemini, but you will see the full sum of postures. Guru’s vision is falling on your eighth house on the tenth house and on the 12th house on the twelfth house. At the same time, the sight of Saturn is going to fall on your fifth house, ninth house and twelfth house, then the position of the planets is this vision and this is the yoga which is going to affect us this month, what will be their effect on your zodiac sign. – Scorpio Vrishchik Rashi June 2021 Horoscope Aurogra

Family Status

Family Status If I talk, then this mother will proceed with a mixed result for you as a family. You have Reddy’s sons in your personality and the sign of your Ascendant’s house is Lord Mars, which is in the debilitated side, it will give you some bad results. Anger forward and speaking anything to anyone without talking, confusing everyone with water, making you sad, such situations can arise. You fight with me on the policy of fighting me, you can be at this time, it will be very important to control your anger, otherwise you will spoil the work without making it. Your image in your family will also be spoiled. Even in the workplace, your work will start deteriorating and all the work will be affected due to your speech. If you do not want this, then you will speak by weighing Isma. Do not do such a thing to anyone who hurts your loved ones and if you are stuck in a big dilemma, then you will have to move ahead by keeping a control on your speech with restraint and anger. Reasons can worsen, as well as this, you will have to take special care of this month. Family matters. So the master of the sense of family, who is sitting in a place of happiness, will have any kind of deficiency in your happiness, you will get full support and cooperation from the family. During this, your tuning will remain in your social respect, due to your association with any old friend, you will be seen solving some big problems. You will also connect with this thing from your distance, you will interact with more and more people and ask their well being, which will increase your social honor and respect more. Your tuning with brothers and sisters is going to be very good because Saturn being self-gracious, brother and sister are sitting in the place of might. At this time, your tuning will be very good with your sister, aunt, daughter, brother, and with them, I will grow more according to you. If any dispute is going on publicity, then that dispute will also be seen resolving from mutual interaction with each other. You will get to see their coincidence completely, after the talk of the place of the mother, tuning with the mother will be good, but sometimes you can hurt them because of your bid, but if you convince them back soon, the conditions will remain with ups and downs. . But mother never wants good for her children and without fully accepting their words, she will put her children’s words from her heart. So be rest assured but you should also control your speech as far as possible so that you can avoid hurting your mother. You will generate some anxiety on behalf of your child, you will be worried about their studies. Sometimes you will be engrossed with some concern about their behavior, sometimes their art, but leave worry, if you continue to provide the right guidance to them at the right time, then they will have to face any kind of big problem. Time changes of children, when children start growing, then there are some changes with them. There are some changes in their nature. We have to tackle them with love so that they do not hurt us with their bad habits. Do not harm yourself and move towards grooming your future rather than move with negativity. At the same time this month with your life partner will remain a slight ups and downs for you because Venus, the lord of the life partner, who is sitting in the eighth house at his house, is sitting in the eighth until Friday i.e. June 22 and in the eighth house of Venus. You will not get good results because Venus, the yoga of 113 sati postures should also be made in your seventh house in the house of your spouse. Otherwise, married life will get bitter. Your relations with your in-laws are neither too good nor too bad. As you fulfill your duties in a neutral pace, you will go on fulfilling your duty. A little relationship can deteriorate with a nannyal, so even at this time it is very important to control your speech with restraint and anger. Pisces Your father will be fine tuning with you, he will guide you everywhere, will guide you and will help you in your field also. Financially, physically, you will be seen helping you in every way, like a strong pillar, your father will stand with you, then the situation that comes, it is going to go ahead with mixed effects for you and in these circumstances you have ever seen the bad of parents children. Do not want to, so you have to obey the words of your parents, you have to understand them and follow their orders, only then you will be able to move forward in your life with positive thinking. – Scorpio Vrishchik Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Economic Condition

The place of profit will be visible to the place of wealth. Benefesh Mercury, which is going to be moving in your seventh house within the present, but due to sitting in a very friendly place, you will not have to face any kind of problems in your benefit, due to Sukhesh Shani, you increase your happiness Will find Those who are related to banking sector doing any work related to accounting, financially do any work of finance or if you are CA CS or you are associated with IT sector, this month brought beneficial situations for the people associated with all these areas. . Your desired wishes will be fulfilled at this time. If you want to get increment, then you will get it, if you want to get promotion, then if you work hard, it will also create positive situations for you. If you want to be eligible for the praise of your officers, then you will not do any kind of work in your work, then this month will also provide you with the support of the officers. So overall the profit situation will be very good for you. There will be no lack of any kind of happiness in you and the benefits you get from daily routine will also increase. You should keep managing the tasks like managing the tasks in a good organization and then the better your management, the better your work will be completed. Yes, you will be able to earn the benefits of daily routine and this month will also complete all your pending tasks in a very successful way, and your financial outlook is going to be good and easy. – Scorpio Vrishchik Rashi June 2021 Horoscope Buy xanax online

Education, Career, And Business

In the matter of education, this month may remain a bit of a struggle for you, the master of the fifth house, the Guru who is sitting outside himself. There may be some problems in the work. There may be some optical problems in studies, but depending on how you deal with these difficulties. If you face these difficulties with your courage, then whatever problem in your studies, preparations will be over and you will be able to achieve your goal. But if you give up then you will go backwards and after that it is going to take you a lot of time to move forward, so keep your morale up at this time. The more confidence you have, the more you will excel in studies. On the other hand, if I talk about the career, then the master of the career sense, Surya, who is sitting in your seventh house first, in a very good sun, you will see the possibilities of very good benefits. Even later, he will be sitting in your eighth house and due to the sight of Jupiter in the eighth house, you will get to see the best results of the Sun. Those who are associated with government jobs or those who want to try their luck in administrative services by preparing for government jobs, you want to go to the medical line or you are associated with the field of medical or you are a gold trader. This time is going to be very good and good for people connected to all these areas. That is, if you are doing a job somewhere or contributing in all these areas, you should do side business. You are going to get a holiday in all these areas, but this month will not be good for the business class. The ups and downs in business will continue. You will be a little deprived of the results that you want to do in the business achieved, especially those who do work related to Venus, they will have to face many difficulties in completing their tasks. Now your business will run a little bit, then it will run a little slow, but you have to keep your spirits up, because keep trying constantly because when the time is favorable, then your work will catch the boom and when your work comes up, you will lose all your losses right now. You will also be seen doing recovery of all those you have suffered till now. This means that it will be time to move slowly and calmly in your business. Obstacles will come, but by crossing those hurdles slowly, you will definitely be able to reach your destination. – Scorpio Vrishchik Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Life Partner And Love Affair

This month will not be considered good according to married life, because Venus, the lord of the married couple, who sits in the eighth house in a garage by himself and when he stays there till June 22, the circumstances are a little positive for you but Venus in the eighth house Sitting will not be good for you. At this time, you may have to face many problems in your married life in your family celebration, you may have some differences in your married life from the side of your in-laws. Some missed selling can be created. At that place, which is a coincidence of Guru Mercury and Rahu, you will see many difficulties due to yoga in your married life. Both of you experience difficulties in walking side by side with each other regarding the behavior of each other within the conversation that if both of you are doing the same work together with each other then that work You may also have to face some difficulties. Overall marriage is not so good for you at this time. Therefore, you will have to move forward keeping in mind the feelings of your spouse. Do not choose this month for you even in love relationship. At this time, you. You can be cheated by a boyfriend or girlfriend. The relationship can be bad and if you are tied to a good relationship, at this time you will get to see the plantation in that relationship too, so you will have to walk in your love relationship and married life with a little care. Those who are sitting expecting marriage are worthy of marriage, they are also going to get disappointment this month and if you do not want to marry someone at this time limit, then married life may bring turmoil in future. So take care a little and choose your spouse – Scorpio Vrishchik Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


The lord of disease house or Mars which is debilitated this month and Mars being debilitated can bring ups and downs in your health. Problems like blood circulation, BP problems, sugar problems, you may have at this time, if not, then you will be very much towards these problems and if there is, then especially you will have to take care of these diseases, whatever problem related to the nervous system will be blood. If you have any problem related to but already going on, then such patients especially have to take care of their health. You have to take medicine from time to time, whatever home remedies you are doing, you will continue to do that with the regulator. But be especially careful at this time. Such problems can take a village form and you may see a lot of loss situations. A lot of money can be spent in diseases, that is why you should keep this in mind so that you remain fit and healthy and can complete your tasks easily at the right time, then you must take these measures that you should take special care of your health. Practice meditation pranayama in your life. Overall, Kapalbhati, you must follow the rules of morning walk from the daily routine. If you follow these measures then there will be no problem. – Scorpio Vrishchik Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Let’s look at Remedies:

First of all, let me tell you about health that both the lord of ascendant and sixth house is Mars. If it is considered a disease, then you can increase diseases, so first of all donate red things. Recite Bajrang Baan on Tuesday. Recite Hanuman Chalisa. If you can not text then listen to the phone, not the phone, if you put it, then you will listen to it, then you must do this. Apart from this, the rule of worship is to offer vermilion on them and apply vermilion vaccine on your forehead so that you are protected from the ill effects of Mars. You will definitely have to take these remedies as well as to make the married life happy, so many measures that you can adopt for a happy married life, but you have to offer Tulsi Dal on the idol of Radha Krishna as well as regular basis of Tulsi and Shaligram. Do pooja. Always keep them with you. If Tulsi is about your house, then put Shaligram in that Tulsi plant or if your Tulsi is not outside the house and keep a Shaligram with them inside the house, worship them properly so that your marital life will be very It will keep getting beautiful. This time Radha will recite Krishna. Will be in his name. Worship them jointly as much as possible. If possible, you should also worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday and recite the Radha Gupta Purush Sukta together with whatever picture she has of Lord Vishnu, then all these measures can make your married life more happy. If you go ahead with these measures, how good a result you will get to see its positive result, stay healthy, don’t wear clothes and keep smiling always. – Scorpio Vrishchik Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


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