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Scorpio Horoscope 2023 | Vrishick Rashifal 2023 | वृश्चिक राशिफल 2023 | Vrashick Rashi – Nidhi Ji Shrimali |

Scorpio Horoscope 2023

Scorpio Horoscope 2023

Happy New Year to all of you. Today we have come before you with the annual horoscope for the year 2023 for the people of Scorpio zodiac and Mars is the lord of Scorpio, first of all talk about your zodiac lord, then in the beginning of the year, he will be sitting in your Taurus zodiac sign and till the end of the year The transit will be seen traveling from Taurus to Sagittarius. Mars sitting in its own zodiac sign Taurus at the beginning of the year and if your zodiac sign is Scorpio, then looking at your home i.e. Lagna will create a very good situation. At this time your power will increase more. Although you will also become demanding at this time, but at this time a little anger, anger, aggression will be more on you. Stubborn nature will be more. You have to control this. If you will get to see the results of this Mars very well, the people associated with the technical field will get very good benefits and benefits. From May 10 to July 1, Mars will be debilitated and will be sitting in your lucky house and Cancer. And when they will sit in their lucky place, if you go to do any work at this time, then that work will backfire on you. That is, if you are going to do good to someone, then taking your words as advice, instead of doing good to him, you are harming him. Or else your anger, anger and aggression can spoil the work done by you. At this time, there will be some tension in relations as well. Especially your tussle will be seen in the relation of Dihal Paksha.

He is the master of Mars disease. And at this time, if they sit low in your destiny, then they can increase the problem of blood disorders. That is, the time from 10th May to 1st July, at this time you have to be very careful. Because the results of Mars will not be as good as the results of your Rashi Swami. Now talking about the period from 16th November to 20th December, at this time Mars will be sitting in your own sign and this time will be full of wonderful results for you. There will be an increase in the area of ​​influence. Everyone will obey and listen to your words. You will have dominance in the field of work as well. Your colleagues will also try to do their work after consulting you. If you do any business of contracting, are associated with construction, then definitely this time can bring you big achievements. At this time, with your actions, you will be seen becoming worthy of everyone’s praise. Social respect will also increase and problems related to diseases will end from your life. Blood disorders will be especially beneficial. Now this was the talk of your zodiac sign. Which we have calculated for you the owner of the zodiac till the end of the year. Your zodiac sign has a profound effect on your horoscope.

zodiac change of saturn

Come now. On three such planets, which are going to make the biggest zodiac change this year because these three planets stay at one place for the longest time. If they last for a long time, then their effect is also seen very deep on our lives. Saturn will change its zodiac sign on January 17 and till now it was sitting in your mighty house. Now he will enter the Aquarius sign by forming a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash in your place of happiness and will remain seated in Aquarius till March 29, 2025. Shani has brought mixed results for Scorpio people because you are feeling Shani’s blanket. So in the beginning of the year, if Shani’s bed will be installed, then it can disturb a little sometimes. However, its result depends on your actions only. Since Shani’s Dhaiya and Shani’s half-and-a-half years are not always bad. Shani is the giver of karma. Shani will give you the result according to your deeds, so if you have done good deeds then it will be very good and if you have not done the right deeds, you have hurt someone’s heart. If you have done any wrong thing unintentionally, then you will definitely have to face its punishment. But the good thing is that while Saturn will change its zodiac sign, it will come to your center and create a great man named Shash Yoga in the place of happiness. You will definitely see the zodiac sign of Mool Trikon and Mahapurush Yoga, the effect of Saturn and the good results of Saturn.

Now the master of bravery is sitting one house ahead of him, so he will also do bravery. Will improve tuning with siblings. Will fulfill your ambitions. The stuck work will be completed at a fast pace. If you have interest in politics then you can get entry in politics. And Shani is the lord of the place of happiness. If you are sitting in a place of happiness, then Saturn increases that house anyway and if you are sitting in your house, then it will give even better results. Mother’s happiness will be attained. The dream of a new house will be fulfilled. If you want to upgrade your home then that dream will come true. At this time, if there is any obstruction related to property in your life, then it will end. The obstacles coming in the sale and purchase of property will be seen to be removed. At this time you will feel very settled financially. Your financial condition will appear to be improving.

Now coming to the aspects of Shani, the third aspect of Shani will fall on your house of diseases, which can cause health related problems. Although this problem will not be big. If we talk about the seventh vision of Shani, then it will affect your work. The fifth vision of the Guru will also fall on your work. After April 21, till April 21, the time which will make you work-oriented at this time and you have to do your work honestly within the field of work. Let no one lead you to the wrong path, try to take bribe or divert your mind. If you concentrate on your work and walk with honesty, then you will definitely be seen getting the best results of this time.
If we talk about Shani’s Dasham Drishti, then it will fall on your Ascendant. And due to the aspect of Saturn on the ascendant, anger and aggression can sometimes dominate you a little bit. Since your zodiac lord is also Mars and anyway Mars is ready for war all the time. Because they are the commanders of the planets. So the straight forwardness may increase slightly. You will keep your words with a little impunity. If you don’t like something, even if it is your boss, you will not back down and you will be seen keeping your words clearly in front of them. It can sometimes go positive for you and sometimes negative for you. So you will see the mixed results of Shani till this year, but people of Scorpio zodiac should be happy. Shani is coming in the place of happiness and great man named Shash is creating yoga there, so this time will increase your happiness progressively this year.

zodiac change of guru

Now comes 21st April. But talk about April 1st. Why has it come on 21st April because the second big planet Jupiter whose zodiac sign is going to change on 21st April. Guru stays in the same place, in the same house, for almost a year i.e. one year. We know him as the deity who is considered as the teacher of the deities. Very gentle planets. For your sign, Jupiter is the lord of the second and fifth house. Till now the Guru was sitting in the fifth house as self-centered. And now on 21st April, Jupiter will be sitting in your sixth house i.e. disease. Where Rahu is already sitting. So with Rahu, Guru Rahu’s Chandal Yoga is being formed in your illness instead of your health. Slight respiratory problems may have to be faced. There is a need to be very aware of the slightest breath. You should not be negligent in this at all. There will definitely be health problems. But only by your vigilance, you will be able to get health benefits soon. First of all, follow Yoga, Pranayama which we follow in our daily routine because weight problems start and if the weight increases then many types of diseases come in your life and problems will be seen increasing. That’s why it is very important for you to control your weight this year. The same Guru Rahu’s Chandal Yoga is being formed, then the problem of infection, diseases caused by germs and microbes can increase in your life. You have to be careful in this matter too.

At this time you have to be a little careful with your enemies. Third aspect of Shani is also falling on this Chandal Yog, so the enemies will definitely try to disturb you on small things. So walk very cautiously. And debt related problems may arise. So neither borrow from anyone, nor borrow from anyone, nor lend to anyone. Will move forward with such attitude. If you work as much as the budget is, then you will not have to face any kind of problem.

Jupiter is the master of your house of wealth and is sitting fifth from you, which will increase the wealth and respect in the family. Will be seen freeing you from money related problems. Will increase your profit of Marra everyday. If Panchmesh is sitting one house ahead of you, then all the problems in education and teaching will be removed. Try to be goal oriented. If you become goal-oriented, you will definitely be successful in achieving your goal. This year is going to be very important for the students and the young men and women who are moving forward for their career, it is a very crucial time in life towards choosing their career. When we run in the race of our careers. Because at that time, if you are a little careless, then you have to struggle for the whole life. So in terms of career, this year is very good for you, you will have to intensify your efforts.

Now talking about the fifth vision of Jupiter, then it is reading on your tenth house i.e. on the house of action. As we told you at the time of Shani that in future you will come to know that Saturn’s vision is bad and Jupiter’s vision is good, these two visions are balancing each other. Then there will be problems in work. Difficulties will definitely come but you will definitely be able to complete the work. Of the whites Talking about the seventh vision, it is falling on your twelfth house. Travels can be a lot at this time. There will be chances of traveling abroad. Will get opportunities to work abroad. You will make plans to expand business with foreign companies. At this time your interest in religious works will increase and you will be filled with spiritual feelings. Now if we talk about the ninth aspect of Jupiter, then it is falling on your second house and Jupiter is looking at its own place. Whatever problems are related to money at this time will end. Honor will be gained and a different identity will be created in the society.

Now come on 30th October. When Guru Rahu’s Chandal Yoga will end because on October 30, Rahu will move to your fifth house while changing the zodiac sign. But this time is not so good for you. You will have to take a lot of care in November and December. These two months of the year are for you to move forward being a little careful because Rahu will go and sit in the sense of career. Which can bring some problems in career. Can bring some problems. But Rahu sitting in the fifth house will bring good news for those couples who are planning a child. Do planning for children and want to have children. His desire will be fulfilled and the possibility of the desire of a son will be seen more. But can get a little confused in terms of career. I have remembered everything, because of nervousness I am sitting in the exam and I don’t remember anything. Everything has become blank. It can also happen, then being a little careful, you will have to move forward in your studies in your career. Time is not so good for the student class. Do not get confused, get out of the situations of confusion. And we will follow Rahu’s remedy. Rahu will be as good as it will be and the problem of confusion will go on decreasing in our life. So this was the rough horoscope of the year.

Some special measures for the year 2023

  • First of all, you have to recite Vishnu Sahastranam and if you cannot do it daily, then definitely do it on Thursday.
  • Take the responsibility of cleaning the temple of Lord Vishnu. Worship him.
  • Apart from this, you must do some special remedies for Rahu. Because Rahu sitting in your fifth house is fluctuating your career a bit.
  • So remedies related to Rahu are also very important.
  • You have to give bread smeared with oil to the black dog.
  • You must donate Saptadhanya to the needy people on Amavasya and Chaturdashi.
  • If you can donate Tula, then it is even better to donate Tula of Rahu. So these are some secret remedies that you must try this year.
  • Worship Hanuman ji must be done on Tuesday.
  • If you can, do read the Ramayana.
  • You must do Shani’s donation and you should recite Dashrathkrit Shani Strotram daily. If you cannot do it daily, then definitely do it on Saturday.
  • Install Guru Rahu Chandal Yog Nivaran Yantra in your worship room and visit it daily. Chant Guru and Rahu.

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