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Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope | By Nidhi Ji Shrimali


Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

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Hello, Su Swagatam Welcome Today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for February for the people of Scorpio.
First of all let’s talk If the lord of the zodiac and the lord of the ascendant, then the lord of the zodiac is yours, Mars, who is sitting one planet ahead of himself, the personality will be very powerful. Now the yen ken would be great for seeking to see how they managed to make their point. Although a little Ketu will disturb you by sitting here and confuse you a little, these circumstances will not reduce your might. If there is a slight confusion, due to the cooperation with the family, your confusion will be seen to be dispelled. So carefully you will get to see very good guidance and support. This month you are also getting possibilities of financial benefits from them, but you should avoid taking any wrong decision this month. Before taking any decision, take the advice of your family members or elders of the house. This month will also be seen putting four moons in your social honour and fame. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now we come to the second house. Talking about the second house, the second lord is your guru, who is sitting third from himself and sitting in the happy place of the guru, anyway, he gives very good results in the guru area, then sitting in the centre of the guru and then sitting third from himself, your wealth. The income that your parents are going to get from you will solve the problems related to ancestral property. Will be seen objecting to the everyday profit of businessmen. This time is also going to be good for the employed people. You will see good progress and progress in the job, being successful in generating positive results for yourself. At this time, you will complete any journey, then any person doing any work that is pleasant and happy for you, you will have to sit ahead with a little involvement in that work. That work will bring you great success. This month you will try to keep the women of your house happy and you will be seen to be successful in that to a great extent. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now coming to the third house. But talk about the third house, there is a very good combination in the third house and the combination of Parakresh, Sukhesh, Labesh and Karmesh will increase your might. New dimensions of success will be seen setting in your life. Now this month, if some problems were going on in your professional life, then those problems will end. The family situation will be more strong. Your bonding with siblings will be stronger and your situation will improve with your step. With them, your bonding will appear to be getting stronger. Social honour and respect will increase and all your work stuck in politics will be completed without any problems. If any of your works related to justice are pending, then those works will be completed successfully at this time. Your honour and respect will be seen increasing at this time. You will also get to see very good and positive results in the field of work. Now this time it will increase your ancestral business also with your siblings if you do ancestral business.
So by working unitedly towards them together, you will progress twice a day and quadruple the night. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s come to the fourth house i.e. the fourth house. The lord of the fourth house, Shani, is now also on this house, but Saturn is sitting in the third house being self-gracious, then he will not give any kind of lack in happiness. Jupiter gives very good results in the centre place, which is increasing your happiness. With Mother will make your tuning stronger and stronger. You will be seen getting financial help and financial support from your mother this month. You will be seen shopping for luxury items in your home. For the farmers, now for the people working related to milk dairy i.e. for those who work in these areas, this time is going to be very good and you will see success in your works. Some of your work will be completed, due to which feelings of happiness will also arise in your mind. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now coming to the Fifth House. The lord of the fifth house is the Guru, who is sitting outside of himself, the fifth house sitting in the outside of himself can create problems for the students in studies. Children related problems may arise in your life. The desire to get a child is diligent and has been trying for a very long time, so you can also see some kind of obstacle this week, then do a little work for the children and complete that work with their help. That work will be completed for you. Make it more effective throughout the year so that people understand your words. You can gain fame with your writing influenced by you. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now we come to the seventh house. Talking about the seventh house, auspicious Mars, which is also your zodiac lord and Mars sitting in the money house, this time will be good for you, but do not be careless about blood disorders. If you have any problem related to blood, then immediately consult a doctor and get your checkup done from time to time so that you can avoid blood disorders. Pay special attention to this If you give yourself an hour every day in the morning, then surely your health will be good and when we get a healthy body, then we will be able to do all the tasks very smoothly, that is why you must keep moving forward with a healthy life. Take special care of yourself and be careful about your blood disorders this month. By the way, enemies will not be able to harm you even if they want. Seeing your intelligence, tact and power, you will go on achieving victory in your works. At this time you will have to avoid the company of friends a little and how will you know that that friend is right for you or you will automatically come to know that his behaviour will not be positive for you. He pushes you towards the wrong path, those who are your true friends will stop you till that time, then you will automatically know who is your friend and who is your enemy. At this time you will also have to be alert in the works related to money. You will see a lot of benefits being received at this time. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about the seventh house. The seventh lord is Venus, which is sitting in the house of your wealth and ancestral property or the house of family. With the help of a life partner, respect will increase in your family. But Rahu, who sits in the seventh house, weakens the relationship between the two of you, the feeling of mistrust towards each other, quarrelling with each other over the matter. These things can happen to you this month, so proceed very carefully in married life. Join life partner with love, but with words and words, you are hurting each other, which is not to be done because both of you give each other. If you live with each other then you can face any difficulty, so this month you should be a little careful in your married life. In a love relationship, take money from your partner, but keep a little eye on his daily routine on his activities. So that you can avoid cheating and before becoming in a serious relationship, you need to know about that relationship. You can know about him. After that, you move on in your life. For the business class, this month, a wrong decision to proceed with a little care and caution can push your business back, so you will have to work a little wisely. To take any decision in business or with a new company, if you have a low grade or you place an order on a new company or adopt a new customer, then do a thorough investigation about it first rather than placing a big order on it. Take and avoid lending to anyone. You should also pay special attention to this. You should also avoid working in partnership because the business will not run in your partnership, if you are a partner, then be very careful, keeping in mind his feelings, take him along with you and move forward in your field of work. If you move ahead with a little caution, then you will not have to face any kind of problem. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now coming towards the eighth house. The eighth lord is Mercury, which is in conjunction with Sukhesh and your Karmesh in your might and is sitting in a mighty house. Guru’s fifth sight falling on your nature is correcting your nature. There were problems with the small tasks of this month. Due to which you got to hear the scolding of the boss. Situations that will end without going into your life. Your life a back sound let you calmly automate. You will not face problems in small tasks. You will also feel like in the work of women at the confidence level and you will also achieve success in your work. This time is going to be very good for the people associated with the field of marketing. If you are doing any work related to technical, then you will get a lot of profit in those works also this month. If the relations with your in-laws were spoiled, then those relations will appear to be getting better, will appear to be normal and you will get some stability in your life at this time. While investing, invest a little cautiously. Make sure to consult an experienced person before investing. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s move on to the place of fate. If you talk about it, then this month your luck will be very good. Sometimes it will be full of fluctuation, it is a rare thing and this month is going to be very good and lucky for you, but you will also have to give working, you will feel like in spirituality. You will feel happy in doing charity and serving people in solving people. You will be seen struggling with work like social welfare at this time and the time has become very favourable for young girls who are looking for their new jobs and want to do something new and special in their career which brings stability in their life. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about karma. Talking about Karma Bhav, then Karmesh Surya, which is in conjunction with your Parakramesh and Shukresh and Labesh, the seventh vision of Guru is also lying on your Karma Bhava, which will increase your work progressively. Time is very good for all those who are gold traders or someone you are connected with a medical line, if you are taking any big decision because of job then you will get success this month. By the way, this time will also be very good for them in a government job. You will get the support of your officers. You can get the transfer time you want. Chances of promotion and increment will also be visible. You have to make effort. If your efforts will not decrease, then surely you will also get the results according to your mind. You will get to see plenty of father’s support, he will guide you everywhere. If you are stuck in business or government work, then the situations of disorientation in those government works will end now and those works will be completed smoothly for you. Implementation of new schemes will be messy. Along with this, you can also do a new love affair this month. Keep in mind that whatever changes you make your mind in this work, those changes will be positive for you. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about profit. Talking about the house of profit, then the benefit is Mercury. Those who are sitting fifth from themselves and sitting fifth from themselves will make it auspicious for you. You will not have to face any crisis or any problem financially this month. You have to take care of yourself so that debt situations do not come into your life. You will have to exercise some restraint on your expenses, you will also get rid of other debt situations. If there is a loan first, then it will be paid off in it. Will implement new plans in the business. If you will open one more branch of your business and have opened an office, then you can think of a new plan. Those who are doing a job profession or that job as well as planning to do some small business or expansion for a very long time will still be seen taking shape, your level and circle will increase. Social honour and respect will increase. You can be honoured at a social function this month. So this month is going to increase the status of social value, respect and profit for you progressively. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s come to the cost. Talking about the expenditure, the ninth sight of Jupiter is being seen. Venus, the lord of spending house, is sitting in a wealthy place. Although this time may increase your expenses, you will spend a little bit on fulfilling your hobbies in your entertainment in your travel so that your hobbies are in limit and looking at your budget, just keep in mind that there is no big deal. You will not face any problems. This month, you will get the cooperation of your officers in all your work. You can get some special help or a big gift from your officers. You will get to see this moment of your hard work this month. This month is going to be very good for the business class. If you are doing any business of your clothes or collection of miniature jewellery, plotting, fashion designing, cover interior, decoration, decorative wall pieces or doing any work related to import-export, then you can do any work related to handicraft. Surely this will bring you great success. You will be able to increase your work abroad. You will be able to take orders from foreign companies. Foreign company You will get foreign currency in your business. If there is an increase in expenses, then your financial condition will do well for you, only then it will not harm your financials. Scorpio February 2022 Horoscope

Lucky Dates :- 1 , 4 -11 , 14 – 20 , 23 – 28 |

Noteworthy Dates :- 2 , 3 ,12 ,13 , 21 , 22 |

Lucky Color :- Red Color, Tomato Color, Orange Color, Lemon Yellow Color, Green Color.


  • Abhishek with Panchamrit on Shivling.
  • Make sure to put a tripod of sandalwood on the Shivling.
  • For the remedy of Rahu and Ketu, you should feed a black dog with oil every day.
  • Donate seven lentils.
  • Make sure to provide food and water to the birds.
  • Go to Hanuman ji’s temple and recite Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan every Tuesday.
  • You can donate red things like lentils.
  • You can also wear a good quality coral this month.


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