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Scorpio 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog | Rahu Transit | Scorpio Prediction


Scorpio 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog

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Astrology is a science and if it is understood deeply, then change is possible in life, so come, we will solve your every problem. Hello. The information about the change of zodiac of Rahu has been given to the people. Today we are going to tell you what will be the effect of this change of Rahu for the Scorpio zodiac sign. On 12th April, at 10.36 am, Rahu will enter Kritika Nakshatra from Taurus to Aries and will be seen travelling in Aries for about 18 months i.e. till October 30, 2023.Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets according to astrology. Everyone knows this and Rahu also moves in retrograde motion, that’s why he is entering Aries, but Rahu along with Sun and Moon also creates eclipse defects and Rahu gets very good results in the third, seventh and eleventh place in the horoscope. he does. That is, if Rahu is sitting in these places, then we get to see very good results from these places. Now there is some contradiction on Rahu’s high and low. Some Acharyas think that Rahu is self-occupied in Virgo. The same is high in Gemini and low in Sagittarius. On the other hand, the consensus of some other teachers is that Rahu is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. The enemy planets of Rahu are Mars with Saturn, they are likely and they have friendships with other planets. The sight of Rahu is not considered as good as that of Saturn and the place where the fifth and seventh vision of Rahu falls when there is some sitting effect on it. Scorpio 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog

Now let us know that for the people of Scorpio, what will be the effect of Rahu’s zodiac change which is going to happen on 12th April. So for Scorpio, Rahu was sitting in the seventh house till now and when Rahu’s zodiac changes on April 12, he will come into your seventh house. In the seventh house, the results of Rahu are seen very well, I have also told you in the basic information that in Tritiya, seventh and Ekadashi, Rahu gets very good results, then this is the change of Rahu for Scorpio zodiac signs. It is going to happen. This change of zodiac will be very good, you will get fame in court cases. Victory will come. Enemies will be destroyed. If an opponent builds any type of plant against you, he will be trapped in his plant. Worry away, you will be seen making more progress and progress in the business. You will get many new opportunities to work with big companies along with multinational companies. Some big orders will be seen gaining time now. If you were troubled by debt till now, then now you will get freedom from debt. This problem was going on for you financially, you will get its solution. Female happiness will be achieved. If you are unmarried and want to marry someone you want in your mind, then good yoga will be formed for him and you will get a lot of marital happiness at this time. You will see full benefits from old friends and relations with women. Friends will cooperate with you in every task and the biggest thing is that this Rahu’s zodiac change is going to be successful for the players associated with the sports world. Players will get very good success in sports, that is, those players who belong with Scorpio, then bat and bat. You will be able to reach your desired goal. If you have got opportunities for national and international and if you want to play national, then you will see many opportunities getting many opportunities. If you will be seen putting four moons in your fame, then Rahu is giving you great results by sitting in the seventh house, but as we told you that Rahu’s vision is not as good as that of Saturn, it affects the place it falls.

Rahu sitting in your seventh house was looking at your eleventh house i.e. on the house of profit, on your ascendant and on your mighty  house, which was confusing you by influencing the places and satisfying the situations of better profit. A strange fear was being created in you and was directing your might in the opposite direction. I was spoiling relations with my siblings. Now you will get rid of all these problems. But since Rahu will sit in the seventh and take a look, then the fifth sight of Rahu will now fall on your karma. If it will fall on your twelfth house i.e. on your second house, then this vision can affect you a lot in these places talk about the fifth of Rahu which is falling at the place of karma, then definitely give some fluctuation to work. can. By the way, it depends on your Karmesh but also Karmesh, so it is telling you by focusing on Rahu telling you. Scorpio 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog

Now, due to Rahu’s fifth vision is on the karmic house, due to that, there is a situation like having some differences with the father in the work and increasing ideological differences. A little bit, you will have to speak your speech carefully with your father. You will have to pay a little attention to your words, as well as those who are working women and working youth, this time will be hard for them if you work hard, the results will be very good. Todas as make you a hard worker, it will confuse you a little. Now you have to make the decision, work in the right way moving in the right direction and if you work hard then you will get the result Will to get positive. The seventh aspect of Rahu will fall on your spending house, which will be seen controlling expenses a little because expenses are falling on the house. That’s why a little bit of your budget, which has been spoiled till now, will save you from the expenses which are unplanned but will make you spend in the works of religion. But it is a matter of pride for a person to spend in such work. So you don’t need to worry about it. Those students who are associated with a little bit of higher education, who want to go out and take education, should not be in a hurry to make a decision with a little care and get down with full preparation. Only then will you be able to reach your goal. For those who are working abroad or doing any business in calls with foreign companies, this is the time to be a little cautious. Scorpio 12 April 2022 Rahu Rashi Parivartan English blog

Now let’s talk about the ninth sight of Rahu, which is studying in the second position. Falling on the sense of family. At this time, proceed with your relationships very thoughtfully. With a little restraint on speech, you have to control anger. If you do not take care while speaking, then you will spoil the relationships built. It can also hurt your professional life. At this time, you should keep parental disputes aside. Do not encourage such controversies, only encourage them. This will be fine for you. Those who speak related work do the work of imparting knowledge. If you are associated with the teaching profession or are a media person, if you are also a debater or a leader or an actor, then be very careful with them. Be careful while choosing words. When posting anything on social media, post thoughtfully. If you take special care of these things, then you are going to get the best results from Rahu. The results of Rahu will be very good for the Scorpio people. Since we told you that the fifth, seventh and ninth aspect of Rahu is not good.



  • Feed the black dog bread with oil.
  • Avoid sweet things on Saturday.
  • You should bathe daily by putting Kush in the water.
  • Always keep a silver coin with you. This will be great for you.
  • urad dal cloth mustard any black flower mustard oil kulfi etc. You should donate to the poor according to your ability. By doing this, you will get freedom from all the troubles and whatever dirty effects of Rahu are there, they will end and if you do this donation on Saturday then it is even better.


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