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Santan Prapti Vastu Dosh – English | Is Vaastu Dosha is not the reason for not having children?


Santan Prapti Vastu Dosh – English | Is Vaastu Dosha is not the reason for not having children?

We have often seen that married couples are deprived of the happiness of children for many years. A woman is called a sister, daughter, and wife, but she is called a mother only when she gives birth to a child and this is also the basis of their entirety. Every woman wants to achieve maternal happiness. Every couple wants the happiness of children in their life. But many times we have seen that despite all things being correct, the horoscopes, planetary constellations (Grah Nakshatra), conditions (Dashaen), and even then many couples are deprived of normal childbearing happiness, there may be a reason for Vaastu dosha. Due to Vastu dosha, we often do not understand why we are deprived of child happiness. Many try and there are many ways, but if we do not get this happiness, then Vastu Dosh is considered to be a very big reason in itself. How can we overcome this flaw, what remedies should we take? There are very small and very simple remedies, you can do this very easily, so you should definitely do these remedies. Santan Prapti Vastu Dosh

First Remedies – If you do not get child happiness or it has been many years and you are waiting for that when this auspicious moment will come in your life, then you just have to take small measures. You have to install a green flute in the northeast of your home or in any holy place. Also with this, peacock feathers have to be kept with it. Its reason is that Lord Krishna was the most loved flute and that flute rested on his lips. He used to extract sweet melody from that flute and every person was hypnotized by the hypnosis of that flute. If you want to please Lord Krishna, then this remedy with a flute can prove very helpful in Vastu Dosha. If there is any type of Vastu defect, if you will install a flute in the northeast or any sacred corner of your house and install the peacock feather, then you understand that you have installed Lord Shri Krishna in your house. With the blessings of Shri Krishna, you will get child happiness.

Second Remedies – Every woman deprived of child happiness should serve Laddu Gopal daily in her life. Set up a small Laddu Gopal in your puja room and serve Laddu Gopal daily, they should be served by Makhan Mishri Bhog. He likes it very much, so give him Makhan Mishri Bhog and recite a short mantra Gopal Sahastranam. If you chant the Mala of that mantra daily, then the White Vajanti Mala also brings child happiness soon. This mantra is as follows – बालकपुषे क्लीं कृष्णाय स्वाहा I

By chanting this mantra, you will soon get child happiness. These are the two exact remedies for Vastu Dosha, which will definitely follow these remedies mentioned to you. You will soon see miracles in your life. You will get the blessings of Lord Krishna and the children will attain happiness.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]

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