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Sagittarius Rashifal June 2021 | धनु राशि जून राशिफल – Sagittarius horoscope | June Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Sagittarius Rashifal June 2021  धनु राशि जून राशिफल

Hi. Today I have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for the month of Sagittarius. First of all, in this month there is a special festival 12 which is the festival of Nirjala Ekadashi and on June 21, Nirjala Ekadashi is considered to have its most special significance. This Ekadashi is considered to be the most important Ekadashi among all the Ekadashi. There is a belief for this Ekadashi that by observing this fast on Ekadashi, we get the same result as the fast of 12 Ekadashi. On this day, charity also has its own special importance and we get many times more results of charity. On this Ekadashi, if we make donations, we also offer the mangoes to the sister daughters and this fast is celebrated with great pomp. It is also known as Mango Ekadashi. There are many remedies to be done on this Ekadashi, there is also a story about it, but I will give it to you during the video, that is, I will make a separate video of it and send it to you, you will get detailed information about it. Now let’s go ahead and know about the position of planetary transits, who are the kings of the planets of the Sun and they are presently sitting in Taurus and also in their zodiac sign Gemini from Taurus on June 15. Will go The planet Mars, which is currently sitting in Gemini, and on June 2, it is going to be debilitated from Gemini to Cancer, which is sitting in Gemini and on June 3 itself, it will retrograde from Gemini to the west. Will remain seated, which is his friend’s zodiac sign. The planet Jupiter is seated in its zodiac sign Aquarius. The planet Venus, which is currently sitting in Gemini, will move from Gemini to Cancer, which is their most enemy sign, on June 22 itself. This planet Saturn is going to reside in Capricorn this whole month. If Rahu and Ketu are sitting in Scorpio, then it is the position of the planets that we will get to see this month. Along with this, the three yogas within the first zodiac are also the sum of the monkey postures, the eclipse of the Sun Rahu, the eclipse yoga of the Sun Mercury, the Sun disease, you will see yoga only till 15 June, because on June 15, the Sun changes the zodiac and enter Gemini, but the postures. You will get to see the whole month of Taurus in the month. Besides, the fifth sight of the Guru will be the seventh vision on your seventh house, the ninth vision on your ninth house will be on your eleventh house, while the sight of Saturn falls on the eighth house on your fourth house and the eleventh house on the eleventh house. Is gonna. 2 Now, if you know about how your horoscope is going to be combined with the position of yoga and planets, then keep in mind that the information of the monthly horoscope is now going to be given to you without any delay. – Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Family Status

The family situation of Sagittarius people will give you mixed results this month, although the lord of personality’s house, which is Ascendant and also the lord of your happiness, is the lord of mother’s house. After going to the guru and the guru, the son Mercury will sit in the house of might and will increase your might. His friend’s zodiac is also that, so uncles will be present in your personality at this time, who are people associated with the teaching profession. It will be a day to gain fame for all those people that Guru is the God of knowledge, so your knowledge will increase, people will try to do their work by asking you, your sphere of influence will increase. People will try to make friends with you and get to know you. Your relationship with your mother is a phase one. Mother will be seen supporting in every way, but sometimes you will make your mother angry too. Therefore, at this time you should control your voice a little bit on restraint and anger so that you do not hurt your mother from anything and if there are situations of clash of small nozzle jokes, then quickly resolve. On the other hand, if I talk about your hair, your relations with the family will also follow. The mother will remain as your mediator, your role in fulfilling your relationships, your identity is going to play an important role in increasing social honor and prestige in your identity. With time, it will appear to strengthen your relationship further. In this diary you will make a different identity for yourself. The social prestige you establish at this time will also be visible. Your tuning in with siblings will be very good. Especially if you will get support on any special project, any special work, then their help will be very useful for you. His advice will be very useful to you and he will guide you so that difficulties in your life will go away. Talk about the side of the child, then the owner of the house of the child side, if Mars is seen in the low and in the eighth house, Mars will fix the nature, but it is not good for you for the fifth house. Feelings of worry will arise in your mind regarding the child. His anger, his aggressive behavior will bother you a lot at this time, he will be of a rebellious nature. Whatever you say to them, they will take the opposite meaning of it, they will try to do the opposite, such a tendency will remain in your children at the time and you will be deeply worried about their behavior, then see this time is not angry. If this time went to explain to your children with love, then explain to them with love that if you understand psychology and treat Cyclone Sickligers, then very soon you will be able to get out of this feeling, you will be able to understand your words on time and you will also be able to assimilate your words. . If I talk about the maternal side, then this month will be good for your maternal side. However, worry about Nana Nani’s health. Concerns about the health of maternal uncle will remain in your mind and may be that if you have to help them in terms of health, then this time will show a little concern about their health. The elders only need our Concern. We need respect for the dedication of our love, so if you give some time to your maternal grandparents, to your elders, then you will be able to get out of the problems soon. Now talk about the life partner and the father of the two sides of the father’s side, Mercury, who will go out and choose his son in education, from the spouse and father’s side, you will also get a little bit of worry, your tuning with them Better. If this time is not there, then you will have to walk a little cautiously. Mother’s help will have to be taken and with mother’s help you can fix the relationship with your father. You can fix the relationship with your spouse and if possible, you should not bring anyone in your married life and try yourself, then there will be feelings of sweetness in your married life, which is the feeling of the father and who There is a feeling of spouse, you will have to walk a little cautiously with him, the rest of your family situation will be good. You will get to see the full support and cooperation of the family. – Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Economic Condition

Talking about the economic condition, the economic condition is seen from the dry place with the sense of profit and money. The benefic Venus who is sitting in your seventh house will give you very good results. By June 22, Venus is sitting in the seventh house and also has a friendly zodiac, so you will get to see very good results of Venus. Suddenly your growth will go on. Whatever work you do related to Venus, there are chances of you getting good success. Work related to Venus. I have been told several times in the work related to Venus. Related from Flower related boutiques, Related fashion from clothes, related to jewelery, Related fashion designing, related to interior decorations All hotels related to Rust related to business. Apart from this, if you are associated with all these areas of decorative piece and interior fashion designing, then you will get these areas with good profit and will get your work done. Your honor, honor and reputation will also increase, there will be no shortage of any kind in your happiness. If the master of the place of happiness, a little electronic gadget gets spoiled, money is spent in the maintenance of the house, it can be spent on diseases or spending money in the maintenance of the vehicle, but this amount will not be too much. . Your financial partner, your daily profit situation will be very good right now. If any of your court cases are going on, then you will definitely get victory in them and in such cases you will definitely see the money you have stuck and your financial condition will be very good this month. Is gonna.  – Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Education, Career, And Business

The month is not so good for the student class that if the students sit in harmony with the lord of the sense of study, Mangal Neech, then you will confuse a little, because of this, you will also get angry with the teachers. Will go on withstand resentment. You will also have to face the displeasure of the principal, this time will be seen doing your studies as well. Many problems can come in your education. Some problem you have to ask, but you will be able to ask someone, no person will support you. Such a situation can be seen by the student class. Therefore, at this time, the more restrained you are, the more you will show maturity, the more calm you will be and keeping control of your anger, the more you will achieve success in your life. Therefore, do not tell your anger that your anger has increased a lot and you have to face many types of losses, then if you walk a little while controlling your anger, then there will not be any kind of problem, otherwise many problems at once. If you continue to be born in your life, then this is the mother. At this time, the student class will have to concentrate on their studies and only on studies, while there are engineering students or those who have taken Science Maths Physics, this time is not good for all those who are students of science class, any MBA MCA related to management. If you do related studies or are associated with technical field, then this month is not going to be a good result for such people, then you will have to walk cautiously. On the other hand, if we talk about career, then Mercury, the lord of the career sense, which was fixed, going to the acreage and going to the place, while sitting in the place, your enemies will try to interfere in your work, your colleagues will not cooperate in your work, you will do your work alone. Will have to complete The boss’s scolding may also have to be heard for not completing the task at the right time. False accusations can be leveled against you, so you will have to avoid false accusations in this. If this is true for you after reading, then you will achieve victory in every task. No matter how hard you try, it cannot spoil your intentions, it cannot stop you from moving forward, so be neutral this month and have confidence in yourself and by hoisting the flag of victory in your field, that is, moving forward with hard work and dedication in your work. You should complete your tasks alone while focusing on tasks. But if you have completed the work, then you will have chances of promotion and chances of boss increment will be there. Everyone will look at you with respect and you will also be seen becoming an object of praise from the boss. At this time you will definitely have to be cautious. The more carefully and self-confidence you maintain at the work place, the more you will continue to earn success. There is also the same situation for the business class. You may have to face the situation of trade fluctuations. But on the seventh house, which is the fifth vision of the Guru, due to which you may face any problems in your business, you will be able to get out of those problems soon and take your business forward. There will definitely be some struggling time for the business class, who also need neutral hard work to move forward within your field of work, but you will definitely achieve your achievements on the basis of hard work, you will definitely achieve your goal. Maintain a little self-confidence during this time. Maintain confidence and go ahead with your new strategy and planning in your business. If you have to do some changes, then do not do those changes at all because if you do not hesitate to pursue your business, then it is a bit difficult for the business, but it is not impossible. If we go to do karma tomorrow, then no work is impossible for karma. But if we give up. Make excuses, if you get frustrated, then every task becomes very difficult for us, then you will have to move forward by building up your self-confidence a little.  – Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Life Partner And Love Affair

If I talk about my love affairs to my spouse, then this month will be full of ups and downs for you in that case too. Married life will be happy, but sometimes it becomes institutionalized to have some problem in the middle of your married life. Igo clash in some things, you will definitely see some such problem, you will be emotionally attached to your spouse, but due to financial problems, you will increase your problem further in a lot of problems due to which you can face many types of problems. may fall. At this time proceed with great patience. Use your savings so that financial problems between you and the two end financially. The only formula to make married life happy is that don’t let your ego come in the middle of your married life at all. these. It can become very good for you, just express your feelings to your self-confidence, definitely express your love. If you can control a little bit of anger, then control it because it further strengthens your married life. If you give up, you will be successful in your life as well and you will be able to make your married life sweet too. The same things in love relationship, you can lose a lot of your relationship due to anger and aggression with your boyfriend or girlfriend. That is why at this time, as much as you calmly take your relationship forward, your strong relationship will be formed, otherwise your heart may break due to a breakup, so a little spouse needs to be cautious in the matter of love affairs. is.  – Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


If we talk about health, then Venus is the lord of disease, who is sitting ahead of his house, his eyes are falling on him, as well as when Jupiter and Venus will move from your disease house to the eighth house after June 22, then there will be many problems. may arise. Venus-related diseases can prevail in diseases. Even at this time, many problems in your life, state of confusion, depression, some problems related to memory, forgetting things early, mental anxiety problems, problems related to 9 systems, you may have to face all this, but all these can be prevented. Engage with a little yoga meditation pranayama morning walk by regularizing your routine. Regularize your routine. Under any type of problem, you should immediately adopt home remedies and get your treatment done immediately after consulting your health center ie your doctor so that no problem can take a serious form and you do not have to face any obstacle in your life. You will have to take special care of your health. So this was it. Monthly horoscope for the month of Sagittarius for June – Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Let’s look at Remedies:

Offer laddus to Ganpati ji on Wednesday. Offer them a curse. While chanting those Ganga Namah, offer Durva on them, so that whatever you can get from Mercury, you will start getting positive. The use of mudras must be installed in your worship room, because the fault of Rahu who is confusing you is also on you and sitting with Mercury is making ascendant yoga. Both these remedies will also be done in your life as well as you should definitely give roti fried with oil to a black dog, this is a very good remedy for Rahu, if you do this regularly, then you will not have any kind of problem. : Selfish Maina Married in life, in career in business, then you should definitely adopt these measures in your life so that you do not face financial difficulties in life and if you get these events in your life then you can overcome those difficulties. Stay healthy and always keep smiling. – Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


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