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Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog | Dhanu Rashi march 2022 | धनु राशि मार्च राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog

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Hello, today we are presenting in front of you the monthly horoscope for March for the people of Sagittarius. Get to know first. Regarding some special fasts and festivals coming in this month, the great festival of Mahashivratri is coming on 1st March and who does not want to get the blessings of Bholenath. Like every year, this year also Maharudrabhishek has been organized in our institute on Mahashivratri, so make this event successful by participating in maximum number and getting the blessings of Bholenath. Falgun month is going to start on 3rd March. Holashtak will be held on 10th March and no auspicious or auspicious work is done after Holashtak. The holy festival of Holika Dahan is coming on 17th March and the fire of Holika Dahan can remove all our disorders. While taking rounds of this fire with determination, we have to eliminate our vices. Dhulendi i.e. Holi of colours will be played on 18th March and colour is very essential in our life. It is our wish that this colour should remain in your life as well. On March 25, the festival of Sheetlashtami will be celebrated with great pomp and there is a law to eat stale food on this day, so here are some fasts and festivals that are making this month special. Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s know about the position of planetary transits, first of all, let’s talk about the king of planets, Sun, which is currently sitting in its even sign Aquarius and on March 15, he will enter his most friendly zodiac sign Pisces. The planet Mercury is going to change its zodiac twice and currently, it is sitting in Capricorn which is its enemy sign and on March 6, it will enter its friend sign Aquarius. They will remain there till 24th March and on 24th March they will enter their debilitated zodiac sign Pisces while changing the zodiac. The planet Mars being exalted is going to sit in Capricorn for the whole month. The planet Jupiter, which is also your zodiac lord, is now going to sit in your friend’s zodiac sign Aquarius. The planets i Venus sitting in its even sign Capricorn for the whole month and on the last day of the month i.e. on 31st March, it will enter Aquarius. The planet Saturn will remain self-gracious in Capricorn for the whole month. Rahu will be sitting in Taurus and Ketu will remain in Scorpio. When Sun and Mercury will enter Pisces, then they will also have to face the third sight of Saturn, so the condition of this transit of this planet will be seen in this month.

Saturn has the vision of the guru, let us know about the effect it will have on your life. First of all, let’s talk about your zodiac lord, who is also the lord of your personality because this is the horoscope of transit, so it is equally effective according to both the ascendant and the zodiac, then you will see positive results from the planet Jupiter. You will meet because Guru is also your Ascendant and Sukhesh is also there and the Ascendant is sitting third from you and will increase your power. A piece of knowledge will be seen becoming a maturity level in your nature, due to which people will be affected by your nature. I will try my best to do my work after consulting you. At this time you will come forward to help people. Your interest in works like social welfare will increase. At this time you will also be seen making people aware. will perform his duties. Your relationship with Dadayal will be seen to be very good and strong. At this time your bonding with your family will be very good because a very beautiful coincidence is being made this time for the people of Sagittarius. Ascendant Sukhesh, your Karmesh, Saptmesh and Bhagyesh are having a combination i.e. Lagnesh and Sukhesh Guru Karmesh and seventh lord Mercury and Bhagyesh Sun are sitting in conjunction in the mighty house, its very spectacular results will be seen in your life. Surely your work will go on getting settled easily. During this period, you will complete your tasks, due to which the officers will also look happy with you. Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now if we talk about the lord of a happy place, which is your ascendant, then we are discussing both Sukesh and Lagnesh, so now we come, Sukhesh is sitting in his 12th on the lord of a happy place, but Sun and Mercury change zodiac signs. After doing this, you will come to a place of happiness. Mercury is debilitated, so you will not get the benefit of Budhditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury. The third sight of Saturn is also falling on your happy place and when Sun and Mercury come in your place of happiness, then there will be the third sight of Saturn on both of them. At this time, while talking to your father, take a little care not to make arguments with him. This time may bring a slight decrease in pleasures and fluctuation. Sometimes there may be expenditure on the house, sometimes the expenditure on the vehicle and sometimes some electronic gadget will be bad, it will be spent on it. One after the other expenses will go on going in your life, so you can get to see the state of fluctuation in happiness. You have to calm down a bit. Be a little careful in the means of your comfort and keep getting the maintenance done on time so that you can avoid such unintentional expenses and it is also necessary to avoid them. This can leave your financial condition full of fluctuation. At this time, you have to be careful while talking to your mother as well, because you have to avoid arguments with your mother. Otherwise, the misunderstood with them could go deeper. Keep some caution in property-related works because there is also a possibility of you being cheated in such works. Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talking about the second house, then both your second and third are Saturn. Sitting self-occupied by the lord of wealth in his own house will get you good results. Your daily profit will be seen increasing. However, situations of financial fluctuation can happen. From time to time, some big expenses may come suddenly in your life, due to which there will be an atmosphere of financial upheaval, but there will be no reduction in profit. You will be seen achieving the benefits of daily routine. You will get to see the full cooperation of your officers at the workplace as well. Your work will continue to be completed smoothly. You will be seen captivating everyone. At this time the disputes related to your ancestral property will be settled in your favour. If any court case is pending with you, then its decision will also be in your favour. This will be the time to captivate everyone with speech. There will be an increase in respect in the family. At this time your tuning will be good with your siblings as well because Shani is also mighty, so it will increase your might. Your siblings will be seen improving the tuning even more. You will get the support of younger siblings and with the help of elder siblings, you will be able to overcome the problems coming into your life. He will guide you from time to time. For the people associated with politics, time will increase and strengthen their influence in politics more. You will become popular with the public and a positive image of you will be seen in the public. Time can be a bit struggling for people associated with the field of art, because if you are not able to perform in the same way as your ability in art, then you may get a little disappointment in those areas. Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s talk about the fifth house of the fifth house and the lord of your spending house, both are Mars and Mars is exalted and sits in the second house. The lord of the fifth house sitting on the tenth from himself will be very good, you will get progressive progress in your work and at this time the obstacles coming in your career will be removed. Engineering students will get good results at this time. For science students, this time is very good and good results will bring good results. You have to work hard You will also excel through sports. Your prestige in society will increase through sports and your fame will increase. Now you will get freedom from whatever problems will run in your life from the side of the child. You will find their solution and your children will also come to your say. They will be obedient to you and follow the path shown by you. Time will be full of respect for the people associated with the literary world. At this time, you will get the fruits of the dilemmas coming in your life, then you will see very good results of Mars, but you are the owner of the space and sitting third from you, the results of Mars will also give you good results according to the expenditure. Will see At this time, your money will be spent on religious works. You will be filled with spiritual feelings. You will get success in whatever task you undertake. If you have the Mahadasha of Mars, then in this Mahadasha you will get a lot of benefits from abroad. If you are a businessman then you will expand your work abroad. If you are a salaried person, then you will get good positions from abroad as a career. Better job options will be visible. Your expenses will come down. If you go by looking at the budget, then your work will be done in a fixed budget and because of that the financial position will get more strength, that is, if you find yourself a little strong and stable in finance, then the lord of the spending house and the lord of the fifth house, Mars will give you the results. Very good will be seen this month.

Now let’s talk about the sixth house, that is, the lord of the disease house, Venus, who is also the lord of your benefic house, then Venus, the lord of benefic and disease house, is sitting in your money house, but Saturn is in the middle of Mars. If suppressed, then you will not get the result as you should, although if you do long term investment in any digital currency or lotteries in the stock market then you will get profit. This time is going to be very good for the businessmen of liquor. You will see progress in your work because Rahu is sitting in the sixth and he will get you benefits even in your diseases. If there is an incurable disease, then you will get to see a lot of improvement in that too, but at this time you will have to face health-related problems, especially women who have period problems. Especially if you have a problem with internal parts, the problem of piles can be a problem of wart, so go with a little care. You have to stay away from skin problems. Little by little you can face the problem of hair loss in your life, so be a little careful about it. You will have to work on personal hygiene, the enemy will not be able to harm you even if you want, you will get success in money related works. If any debt situations are going on on you, then you will also get freedom from their debt situations, but the lord of profit house is sitting in his fourth position and is buried between Mars and Saturn, that’s why the situation of profit is full of fluctuation. maybe You will earn a lot of money but profit will not last in your hands. The business class has to make a decision, if you want to start something new in your business, then surely you will have to take a thoughtful step, one wrong step can turn your profit situations into losses, that is why it would be good for the business class to do their work first. Please consult an experienced person before giving a detailed look. If you are a salaried person, if you want to start a business of your own along with the job, then you can get some better options for that at this time, but at this time, flowers related to the restaurant food business are associated with perfume imitation jewellery clothes. If you are involved in related works related to the decorative wall or related to the interior, then definitely you have to tread a little carefully because saving money is also earning money, then you are earning a lot of money but if you do not accumulate that money. If you can, that money is of no use to you, then you have to be careful and move forward in these areas. Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s talk about the seventh house, the lord of your seventh house is Mercury, which is also the lord of your karmic house, so if we talk about the results of Mercury, then Mercury is changing the zodiac twice. Mercury’s results will be very good at the beginning of the month. Mercury in the seventh house is sitting in the mighty house and also makes in conjunction with Lagnesh and Bhagyesh, then very good results will be seen of Mercury. This period will be there, it will give good growth in your work. You will get many opportunities for business growth that will bring progress in the business. At this time you will implement new schemes. You will have tie-ups with multinational companies and you will be seen getting huge orders. Progressive progress in business will be yours, since Mercury will enter your debilitated sign on March 24 and it is going to Pisces, then the results of Pisces will not be so good at that time. At this time in business, you have to move with great gusto. If you are going to tie up with any company, then proceed only after doing a thorough investigation about it because that company may turn out to be a fraud and you may suffer loss in business. At this time, even if you are working in partnership, then you will have to be a little careful because the tuning with the partner may get disturbed, which will have its side effects on your business as well. According to married life and love relationship, this period will be full of ups and downs for you i.e. time from 6th to 24th March will be very good for you but after that misunderstanding can be created. There can be a rift in the relationship. There can be arguments over petty things. The atmosphere of discord in the house can reduce mental peace, so be a little careful in your married life. If you walk with the feelings of your life partner, then you will be able to avoid any kind of problem. In a love relationship after March 24, you have to be very careful because if there is a possibility of a breakup, if you walk a little cautiously then you will be able to avoid problems. Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talk about Karmesh Budh, which is especially for the employed people who are associated with the technical field. This time will be full of ups and downs for all those who are associated with the banking sector, are associated with education, are associated with IT. The time from 6th to 24th March is very good for you. After that, it is time for you to be a little careful. You will see ups and downs in your work. This time you want to do well and the opposite will happen. The scolding of the boss can also be heard. You will have to avoid false accusations at this time. Students will not get favourable results in hard work in their studies. You may also have some differences with your father, so you have to be a little careful in this matter. Especially for those who are employed people, the time is to tread a little cautiously. For the people associated with the banking sector, it is time to be vigilant in money related works, otherwise, you may have to make up for the big loss from your pocket, so be a little careful. Overall this month’s results of Mercury will get you right. You need to pay attention after March 24.

Now let’s talk about the eighth house, this time will make you travel a lot. Travelling in connection with work can be very much. Before taking any big and strong decision, you have to proceed only after consulting your family, friends or an experienced person. You should not put your hand in any very risky work at this time as you may suffer loss in such works. Invest wisely while investing. Avoid bad habits and also avoid the company of wrong friends. Just keep these things in mind, then your daily routine life will be calm, otherwise, there may be turmoil in it and if you take a little care about the problems, then the problem will be solved soon. Otherwise, the problem can take a serious form. Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog

If we talk about the place of fortune, then the lord of the place of fortune is the Sun, who is looking at his own house in the first 15 days of the month, that is, he will see his house in half a month. Will increase the luck, the chances of opening the lottery will increase. At this time, investing in your share market can also give you profit. Time can give good results for people associated with work as a pharmacy. This time will also be very good for people working in many fields in electronic items. Those young men and women who are looking for jobs, their search will end. If you want a government job and you have an exam at this time, then the result of that exam will be favourable for you. If the result is to come then the result is also going to be good, but you will have to be karma-oriented. Keep in mind that with your intelligence and tact, you will achieve success in all your work. Unfinished work will also be completed smoothly. After March 15, when the Sun will come into your happy place, then they will increase your happiness and at this time you will be seen increasing your luxury on your own and increasing the means of your comfort. This time will also connect you with the works of wealth and will increase your interest in spiritual work. At this time, you will be engrossed in religious tendencies and your interest in religious works will be seen increasing more, so this is the result of March for the people of Sagittarius. Sagittarius March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates :- 1st to 3rd, 6th to 13th, 16th to 22nd and 25th to 30th.

Inauspicious dates :- 4th, 5th, 14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th and 31st.

Auspicious colour :- Golden or Yellow colour.


  • You should worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday.
  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranama.
  • Joint worship of Goddess Lakshmi and Vishnu can prove to be very beneficial for you.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha also.
  • You have to anoint the Shiva family with Panchamrit. Also, wash and wipe them and apply sandalwood paste on them. Due to this, the negative results of Mercury will become positive for you and Ganpati Bappa will take away all your vignano.
  • Dhanu Lagna Rudraksha Panna was made by us according to Lagna Pancham and Luck Place. You must wear them around your neck. With this, your result will be very positive. All the problems in life will be over.


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