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Sagittarius January 2023 Horoscope English Blog | Nidhi Shrimali

saggitarious hprpscope january 2023

Sagittarius January 2023

May this new year be prosperous for you. You decide the path of all progress and progress in your life. Good luck in your life, this is what we wish for all of you and have brought. Monthly horoscope of Sagittarius people for the first month of the new year i.e. January. How is this first month of the year going to be for the people of Sagittarius, First of all, let’s know. Regarding some special festivals coming in this month, the new year will start on January 1. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti will be celebrated on 12 January. On January 14, the festival of Lohri or Makar Sakranti, both of these will be celebrated together with pomp. Mouni Amavasya is coming on 21st of January and Republic Day and Basant Panchami festival will be celebrated together on the 26th of January.

Now let us know how will be the position of the planets in the first month of the year, then first of all let’s talk about the planet Sun which is currently sitting in its best friend zodiac sign Sagittarius and on January 14, it will enter its even zodiac sign Capricorn. Here the sun will be seen being uttarayan. The festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on this day. The planet Mercury will be sitting in its friendly sign Sagittarius this whole month. On the other hand, Mars is going to be sitting in its enemy zodiac sign Taurus in retrograde state this whole month. Guru will be sitting in his own sign Pisces this whole month. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Venus, it is currently sitting in its even sign Capricorn and on January 22, it will enter its even sign Aquarius. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then at present it is sitting in its own zodiac sign Capricorn and in this month i.e. on January 17, it is going to sit in its original triangle zodiac sign Aquarius. This zodiac change of Saturn will be called the biggest zodiac change of this year. Rahu will be sitting in its even sign Aries this whole month and Ketu will be sitting in its zodiac sign Libra this whole month. So this is the condition of the planetary transits of this month. Now let us know about the conditions of these planets. What is the impact of the biggest zodiac change of this year on you this month, then let’s start with the monthly horoscope for the month of January for Sagittarius people.

First of all, your zodiac sign comes to the owner only. If we talk about Rashi Swami, then Guru is sitting in your central place and is sitting in the place of happiness and there a great man named Hans is creating yoga. A great man named Hans of Lagnesh is making yoga. Since Guru Sukhesh is also there and Mahapurusha named Hans is creating Yog by staying in the place of happiness, then according to the lord of the ascendant Venus, you are going to get the best results from the Guru. Jupiter, which is the planet of knowledge, is the factor of maturity. At this time, whatever decision you will take, you will try to take a thoughtful decision with a calm mind and these decisions will also bring far-reaching beneficial results for you. This month is going to be very good for you. Try to do your work wisely. Don’t be in hurry in any work. It is a planet that gives knowledge. That’s why you will be seen putting your mind in knowledge-enhancing works. If you do work related to consultancy or if you have a tendency in teaching business too, then definitely you will get to see very good results of Jupiter at this time. Honor will be received. Your bonding with the family will be very good at this time. Especially your relationship with your in-laws will get stronger. You will get very good results of Jupiter according to the Ascendant, but according to the place of happiness, you will get very good results of Jupiter. Sukhesh Guru is sitting in his own house making a great man named Hans Yoga and will increase happiness here too. If at this time you have a dream of a new house, a dream of a new house. If you have a dream of building a new property or if you have a dream of buying a luxury vehicle, then surely your dream will be seen to be fulfilled this month. Relations with mother will be more intense. His important role in increasing social respect will be seen this month, you will be seen completing the tasks you have taken in your hands at a fast pace. The farming class will get good benefits. Along with this, if you work in your job as a team work, then definitely you. There are strong chances of getting success. Officers will also be happy with your actions, so this time will give you very good and pleasant results of Jupiter.

Now let’s go ahead and know more. About third place. The lord of the third house is Shani, who is the lord of your might and is sitting in the second house after being self-governed. Saturn sitting in the second house in its own house and sitting in your money house till January 17, the decision will go in your favor in disputes related to ancestral property. Will get the blessings of elders. If there is any dispute of family discord in the house, then it will definitely end. You will be seen getting respect in the family at this time. Your role in social programs will be seen increasing and moving forward. At this time you will be full of enthusiasm.

‘Will be full of double enthusiasm. An outline of auspicious programs will be kept at home and you will also be seen making every possible effort to please the women in the house.

Now, since Saturn is the lord of your house of might and on January 17, Saturn, the lord of the house of wealth, will go to his own house and the lord of the house of might will sit in his own house, then you will get very good results after January 17 as well. At this time, if there are any cases in the court, the decision of those cases will go in your favor. If there is any dispute related to land, then that dispute will also be settled. If you do any iron business of your own, then you will see strong and better results in that too. Parakramesh’s sitting outside you but in the second place in your own house will definitely increase your might. There will be support and cooperation of siblings. The time after January 17 will be very wonderful and full of excellent results for you. Your wishes will be fulfilled at this time. Your tasks will be completed at a faster pace. At this time, whatever work you take in hand, you will also try to move forward efficiently. The work done by you at this time will be appreciated. You will be motivated. You will be praised in every possible way by your officers also. At this time your dominance in politics will increase. Whatever decision you take, it will bring far-reaching beneficial results for you and will take a lot of hard work. At this time, hard work will go on paving the way for positive results and future progress for you. You are going to get very good results of Shani this month.

Now coming to the fifth house. He is the lord of the fifth house. Mars, which is sitting one house ahead of you and fifth lord sitting one house ahead of you, is very good, it will bring very good efficiency in your work. The time will be very good and full of strong results for the players. But at this time you will also need to pay a little attention because Rahu sitting in your fifth house will also try to destroy you somewhere. Wrong decision should be avoided at this time. Get out of confusing situations. Don’t get misled by anyone at all. Otherwise, you will not get the results you want. For the students who are associated with technical studies, this time will be very good and full of excellent results. At the same time, good news will be received from the side of the children. Your children will be seen performing very well in games and it is your duty to try to motivate your children at this time. As much as your motivation will be towards your children. Children will be equally motivated and will be seen paving the way for progress and progress in their work.

Now, since Mars is also the lord of your fourth house and the lord of the fourth house is aspecting its own house. ,

Sitting in the disease Mars from the seventh vision, looking at the house outside the seventh vision, which is his own house. Whatever expenses you had at this time, till now you were mismanagement. All those expenses which were being imbalanced will now go on being done in a very correct way. There will be a reduction in expenses at this time. Will follow the budget and try to spend only as much as is needed. Engineers who are associated with the technical field IT field, they will be seen getting very good jobs from abroad at this time. You can also be sent abroad on behalf of the company in connection with a big project. You can get promoted at this time and full chances of promotion are also there. There are full chances for manufacturers to have tie-ups with big multinational companies, so you will get to see the results of Mars very good and excellent according to the house. Yes, at this time you will also get freedom from debt situations.

Now coming to your seventh house. That is, if we talk about disease on disease, then disease is the master of disease. Venus who is sitting ninth from himself. Sitting in the ninth house from Venus will bring reduction in your diseases. You will get freedom from health related problems. However, there are chances of a vehicle accident at this time. It is inevitable to have problems related to blood clots, boils and blood disorders. Because Mars is sitting in the house of disease. That’s why you are likely to be a little careful about these things towards these diseases. At this time you are very careful and take special care of your health. You have to drink more and more water continuously. At this time exercise yoga, meditation, pranayama, whatever you can make a part of your day, make those things a part of your day routine and at this time you need to be careful from the enemies. However, the more you move forward on the path of your work, the more hard you work, the more your enemies will appear to be afraid of you. At this time, you have the best chances of success in work related to money. On January 22, Venus will move to your mighty house and the lord of disease will sit in its tenth house. Even then the results of Venus will be very good because with Saturn, which will be powerfully combined with Venus and there they will increase your might. Will be seen improving your power more.

  Now, since Venus is the lord of your disease house as well as the lord of your benefic house, then Venus will have full contribution in increasing the conditions of profit, because at this time lord of the house will sit in the fourth house and sitting in the fourth house of Venus will be beneficial for you. Will make steady progress. Will increase in luxury. At this time you will give wings to your dreams i.e. you will be seen taking flight of your dreams and to a large extent you will also be seen realizing your dreams.

At this time, whatever you want in your work, like wearing or buying something good branded, do it, roam here, go there. If you want to buy luxury luxurious items at home, then definitely your dream will be seen to be fulfilled. On January 28, when Venus will enter your mighty house, then sitting in the fifth house from you will increase your profit situation progressively and will further strengthen your profit situation. At this time your circle and level will also be seen increasing. There will be an increase in social respect and you will get full support and cooperation of brothers and sisters. With the help of your elder brother, any big problem will be solved, then you will see very good and excellent results of Venus this month.

Now moving forward, let’s know more. About the seventh house. If we talk about the seventh house, then your Mercury is the lord of the seventh house, which is also Karmesh, and Mercury, the lord of the seventh house, is sitting in the seventh house from itself and is looking at its own house, so Mercury looking at its own house will affect your relationship with your life partner. Will make it sweeter. At this time your work will be completed at a fast pace. The obstacles coming in the love relationship will be removed. Your love will be seen getting the consent of the family. You will get the desired life partner to tie the knot. Will be seen getting full happiness of married life. On the other hand, this time is going to be very good for the business class also because Mercury is the causative planet of business and is also the lord of business and is looking at its own house. So, at this time you can make some new amendments or some big amendments in business. Along with this, you will be seen opening a new branch of your business. In business, you will decide the path of progress. You will be seen implementing new plans and will take the business to new heights and this will double your business growth and progress. With that you will also be seen doing your branding. Whereas Mercury is also your Karmesh, then employed people who are associated with IT field, banking sector, Konark is a lecturer in mathematics or at this time you do any kind of work related to CA, CA, accounting or finance. For all of them, this time is going to bring great results. Whether you are a content writer or you do ghostwriting, this time will be very good for progress and progress for all of them. There will be no shortage of any kind of money in your life. You will be seen moving forward in your life. Will be seen deciding the path of progress. You will be provided guidance from time to time by the father. Obstacles coming in government work. At this time it will go away and whatever hindrance in your work will end. If there is any result of the student class, then that result will prove to be meaningful and positive for you. On the other hand, commerce students will see some special success at this time, then you will get to see the very best results of Mercury this month.

Now let’s go ahead and know more. About the eighth house. If we talk about the eighth house, then the eighth lord is the moon, which is the lord of your eighth house, which keeps on fluctuating. Be a little careful while traveling at this time. Do not share your words with anyone emotionally. Keep confidential things to yourself and keep confidential documents in a safe place. Make yourself a little stronger. If you strengthen your decision making a little more, then there will be no problems of any kind in your life. Do not disturb the mind. Avoid unrestrained shopping and be careful with animals during this time. Just keep these things in mind then you will not have to face any kind of big problem.

Now coming to your lucky place. Luck is the master of the place. Surya who is sitting fifth from himself. By January 14, the sitting of the Sun in the fifth and ascendant from you will increase your brightness. Luck will support you. The incomplete works will be completed at a fast pace. Whatever problems and difficulties you are facing in your work, they will appear to be ending. Your strong opinion will be seen in every field. This will also increase your social respect. You will play a leading role in works like social service. You will be seen connected with devotion and faith. On January 14, Surya will sit in your third house and Bhagyesh will sit in his sixth house. Take a thoughtful decision at this time. Students related to medical kit may face some difficulties while studying medicine. On the other hand, people associated with the medical field should not indulge in risky activities. Try to complete the ongoing tasks in the routine. If someone has made false allegations against you, then you have to move forward in your life by treading very carefully, then at this time you will take a decision after thinking carefully, only then it will be good for you because the results of the Sun will give you mixed results. So this was the monthly horoscope for the month of January for Sagittarius people.

Auspicious dates – 1st to 4th 12th, 13th 18th to 22nd, 27th to 31st.

Inauspicious dates – 5th to 11th, 14th to 17th and 23rd to 26th.

Lucky Colours– Amrit Yellow, Yellow, Light Yellow, Lemon Yellow and Pistachio Green.


  • You should chant Beej Mantra of Lord Brihaspati daily on Thursday.
  •   You can wear topaz gemstone.
  • Use more of yellow ochre, orange and red.
  • Make sure to arrange food and water for the birds on the roof of the house.
  • Do chant Om mantra daily for 10 minutes.
  • Worship the banana tree. Light a ghee lamp under it on Thursday.

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