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Sagittarius Horoscope 2023 | Yearly Horoscope 2023 | Dhanu Rashifal 2023 | धनु राशिफल 2023 | Dhanu Rashi – Nidhi Ji Shrimali |

Sagittarius yearly horoscope 2022

Happy New Year to all of you. Today we have presented in front of you the annual horoscope of Sagittarius people for the year 2023.
First of all let’s talk about your lord, your zodiac lord is Jupiter. Guru is considered the god of knowledge. Sagittarius people are very knowledgeable, very intelligent and very mature. There is a tendency to take everyone along. When he always has a mind to engage in works like human service and public welfare. These people are very ready to help others. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces. They show high results in Cancer and low results in Capricorn. If the Guru sits in the center as self-housed or exalted, then he creates a Mahapurush Yoga named Hans. And that person whose Guru is very good, that person increases his respect and fame in his life by achieving all the successes in his life. Guru connects with spirituality. Guru connects with knowledge. Guru connects with art, then if Guru is sitting in a very strong position in someone’s life, then that person completes his life with all these things. The light of knowledge shines in his life. Now directly on the position of your zodiac sign Jupiter.

Zodiac Change Of Guru

First of all, let’s talk about your zodiac lord, because the influence of zodiac lord is more on your life. The zodiac change of Jupiter is going to happen on 21st April. They will move from Pisces which was their own zodiac to Aries. Till now, for your zodiac sign, Jupiter was sitting in a self-occupied position with happiness, then till April 21, very wonderful cheerful great men make yoga and on April 21, Jupiter will come and sit in your fifth house. Your Rashi Swami will sit on the fifth house from you. Even then you will get to see wonderful results of Jupiter. Now see, your central places are four but its lords are only two. Your Lagnesh and your Sukhesh are Jupiter and you are going to get the best results of Jupiter this year because in the first four months till 21st April of the year, a great man named Guru Hans will create yoga and even after that the position of Jupiter will be very beneficial for you. Only good will happen. Your maturity will increase. There will be an increase in knowledge. Honor and respect will increase.

Socially you will be included in the list of dignitaries. At this time you will also see sweetness in relationships. Manglik programs will be outlined at home. Your interest in spiritual works will increase. You will also be seen completing spiritual research at home. You can also complete any religious journey this year. On the other hand, this year you will be full of pleasures like land, building, vehicle. The dream of a new house will be fulfilled. The dream of a new vehicle will be fulfilled. Will be seen creating a lot of property. You will get success in property related transactions at this time. You will be seen getting full support from your mother. You will get social respect from them. She will also be seen supporting you financially. So Jupiter is going to give you excellent results this year as well. Since you are sitting in the fifth house, your progress in the field of education is fixed this year. Those who are associated with the teaching business, those who are associated with the field of education, those who do any work related to research, those who do any management work, all those people. For this year will be of progressive progress and progress.

Now coming to the views of the Guru. On April 21, when the Guru will sit in your fifth house, then the fifth vision of the Guru will fall on your lucky place, which will increase your fortune. Will end your stuck situations. If some of your work was going incomplete for a long time, then those works will now be completed at a fast pace. Those students associated with higher education will get opportunities for short foreign trips. The obstacles coming in their education will be removed. You will be involved in the works of religious deeds and I told you that it is a religious journey, so this year you will definitely be successful. The seventh vision of the Guru will fall on your profit house, which will be seen to increase progressively in your profit. At this time, you will also get to see the circumstances of sudden money gain. If any of your plans were stuck, your money was stuck in it, then now you will get that money back, due to which your morale will be seen increasing. Your work will be completed at a fast pace. Your circle level will increase. Some dignitaries will be seen joining you in the circle. At this time, whatever work you take in hand, you will get success in it. Those who are manufacturers, some are the owners of big industries. This time will be very good for them too. Businessmen will be seen working on plans for expansion of business. Now the ninth vision of Jupiter will fall on your Ascendant i.e. your zodiac sign. And she will be seen making rounds in your life. That means you will get success in every way. May you take advantage of this golden opportunity in your life. For this you will definitely have to become Karma Pradhan. It is true that luck and planetary constellations also support the person who is karma-oriented. So the lord of your zodiac sign is going to give you more benefits this year. This year they will be seen doubling, tripling and quadruple the success in your life. All you have to do is try. Now on to the bigger planets which have a lot of impact on your life as they tend to sit in one place for a very long time. These three big planets are Guru Shani and Rahu in which we told you about your lord i.e. Guru.

Zodiac Change Of Saturn

Now coming to Shani who is going to change his zodiac at the beginning of this year itself. On January 17, Shani will enter Aquarius from Capricorn and will stay in Aquarius till March 20, 2025. Since Aquarius is the zodiac sign of the original triangle of Saturn, now he was sitting in his own sign i.e. Capricorn in retrograde state and now he will become more direct by entering Aquarius which is the zodiac sign of the original triangle of his own zodiac. Is. So this zodiac change of Shani will have a great impact on your life because Shani will be seen sitting in might and increasing your might. Will enhance your tuning with siblings. Will enhance your sixth sense. At this time your political contacts will be visible. You can sit and get up with big leaders. The obstacles coming in your work in your education will be removed at this time. Your ambitions will be fulfilled. You will get the support of siblings. If there was any dispute related to ancestral property, then that dispute will be settled now.

Since Saturn is the lord of your second house. So your respect will increase in the family as well. Will further strengthen your tuning with relatives. Will be seen increasing the benefits of daily routine. Will be seen increasing the flow of money. Sunny will look at your fifth house through its third vision. The seventh vision will fall on your lucky spot. And Saturn’s vision will fall on your expenses. Which will be seen giving you the result this year. This time Guru, you will get very good results. Jupiter’s vision is very good this year. Since the vision of Saturn is not good, then in many places the vision of Jupiter and Saturn are falling together, so it is balancing that place. If the students work hard, then they will definitely be able to get the results as per their wish. Your interest in religious works will increase. With a positivity and with a devotion you will be seen moving forward in your life. Only then you will find success close to you. Saturn’s vision will fall on your expenses, which will be seen reducing your expenses. That means the budget will be increased. Anyway, Saturn’s seven and a half seven will end on the people of Sagittarius. It is coming to an end, so you should be relaxed anyway because you will get to see better results of Shani this year. You will be completely relaxed. The problem which was going on in your life till now, that problem will end now.

Zodiac Change Of Guru

Now come on 30th October. Because we talked about your Rashi Swami Guru. Rahu is going to change its zodiac sign on 30th October. But when there was a change in the sign of the Guru, he created Chandal Yoga with Rahu. Rahu sitting in Aries and forming Chandal Yoga with Jupiter from 21st April to 30th October. So the results of the Guru were very good, but along with Rahu, you were also seeing the effect of Chandal Yoga at some places. Minor difficulties, situations of disorientation in work, sometimes situations of confusion arise and in a hurry. You had to see such a situation in your life when a situation of loss arose. But on October 30, Rahu will come to your happy place by changing the zodiac sign. But here also Rahu will not be good. He will be seen plating happiness. Let’s mess up the place a little where it sits. Makes that person a little confused, a little scared. A little creates problems related to that place. So, if you sit in a place of happiness, you will have a little relationship with your mother. Especially you have to take care about his health because his health can be unstable. They may have problems related to infection related viruses, germs and microbes. That’s why take special care of their health. Property related work can get stuck at this time. So be a little cautious in such cases and proceed with caution because in such cases you can also be cheated. Before signing any paper, read that paper and then sign it. Otherwise, you can get stuck in big trouble and your money can get stuck. You have to be careful while driving this year. There is a possibility of a vehicle accident, so do not drive fast in a hurry. Make sure to follow the traffic rules. Small expenses may come this year. That’s why you have to be mentally prepared to meet these expenses. Now if you follow some measures of Rahu, then this problem is going to come in your life. You will also get rid of these problems and you will get to see excellent results this year.

Some special measures of 2023

  • You must take out one roti from the dog daily and feed the black dog a roti smeared with oil.
  • Make arrangements for food and water for the animals and birds.
  • Do feed bread to the cow on every Wednesday.
  • Worship Lord Krishna and Radha ji.
  • Take the responsibility of cleaning the Krishna temple.
  • Fill rice in Dakshinavarti conch on Lord Vishnu and anoint him daily and if the idol of Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi are together then it will be icing on the cake. Because if you worship Lord Vishnu then Maa Lakshmi will always be happy with you .
  • If possible, plant a banana tree around your house or inside your house.
  • If possible, if you see an elephant on Thursday, then do feed it bananas.
  • Install Guru Rahu Chandal Yog Nivaran Yantra in your worship room.
  • You must chant Guru and Rahu.
  • Wearing Five Mukhi Rudraksha and Pukhraj will be very good and auspicious for you.

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