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Sagittarius February 2022 Horoscope | By Nidhi Ji Shrimali


Sagittarius February 2022 Horoscope


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Hello welcome, today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for February for the people of Sagittarius.
First of all, let’s talk about the zodiac sign. Since when we talk about the house of the Guru, then the zodiac lord Guru is sitting third from himself and sitting in a mighty house, you will get to see the results of a very good Guru. This time will be very successful for you. knowledge will increase. You will also distribute knowledge to people. The maturity level will be seen in your nature at this time. Your relationship will continue to grow stronger and sweeter. You will get the affection and guidance of grandparents. Since Mars is sitting in your Ascendant and will sit on Mars for almost the entire month, therefore Mars should sit in the Ascendant and make you Manglik. If you reduce your straight power a little and calm the anger and aggression a little, then you will go on getting more good and new dimensions of success in your life. Mars sitting here in the house of personality can spoil your work by increasing your anger and passion. That’s why a little bit you have to settle your issues with calmness and patience. If Venus sits in your ascendant along with Mars, then it makes you a little lazy and lazy. Makes a lot of relaxation, this tendency can remain in you, so you should not allow this tendency to stay inside you. Little by little, you have to be cautious and move forward in your life and do not sit with small things. Be diligent and move forward in your life by being hardworking, then it will get you the best results.

Now let’s talk about the second house. So the second and third lord of your house is Shani. Sits in the second house by being self-occupied. Mercury and Sun are also sitting along with Shani, which is a very good combination with your happiness, seventh lord and karmesh and Sun with your luck, with the seventh lord, karmesh and luck. Luck will favour you this time. Unfinished work will be completed quickly. The same disputes related to your ancestral property will be resolved. Your rapport with family members will increase. Even if your misunderstood is going on with a relative, then it will now go away. Family ties will appear to be stronger. Social honour and respect will increase. You will be seen actively participating in social activities during this time. If there is any work related to the banking sector, then it will be completed for you without any problems. At this time you will put your hand in any work, you will get success in that work. Officers will also be happy with your work and they will also be seen praising your work.

Now if we talk about the mighty Shani also, then the guru is sitting in the mighty house. Sitting a little earlier damages the place, so putting your might in the right direction many times removes such a thing from your mouth which proves your conceit and arrogance, then you do not have to be egoistic at this time. If the ego comes inside, that person ends there itself, while his growth stops, then egoistic, arrogant and arrogant nature does not suit any person. That is why if you want to maintain your honour and respect in society, then eliminate a little ego problem and get a little supply. The more humble you complete your tasks, the more you will achieve victory in your works. The same is the case with families. Little by little, the fierce anger, the ego that is in your nature, you reduce a little bit. It is also very important for family relationships. Your bonding with siblings is very good, they are very supportive of you. You just need to keep in mind that your work-related to politics will be completed smoothly. You will be seen making a different identity in your political field. If you have any program related to politics, then this month your work will also be seen being completed smoothly.

Now let’s talk about third and fourth place. If we talk about the guru including Sukhesh, who is sitting outside even a little bit, can bring a little reduction in your happiness, that is, even if you are earning money, sometimes it is spent on household chores. Sometimes people have to spend on maintenance. Sometimes some expenses have come in your life suddenly, in such situations you may have to look at the yen can. At this time, the tendency to do work alone in your work area will set you apart and you will be confined to yourself, so do not take this tendency as an extension. All the work will be completed quickly. You will also become worthy of praise from the boss. While investing for the business class, keep in mind where they are investing and how to do it, do a thorough investigation about where to do it and proceed after thinking carefully, otherwise negative results can be found. Your strong relationship with your mother will be supportive of you.

Now let’s talk about the fifth house. If I talk about the fifth house, then the fifth lord, Mars, is sitting in the ascendant. This time is going to be very good for the student class, if someone is doing technical studies or if you are studying related to engineering, this time will be very good for those students. At the same time, especially for science students, this time will create beneficial conditions. By the way, time is very good for other students, students will get even better results. From the side of the child, if any of your children are good at sports or some activities, then your children will make you feel proud in that area. The dedication towards your game will be worth watching. You also have to encourage her, only then she can make your country proud by moving forward in the future, so if your child has any talent related to sports, then increase that talent, this month will highlight that talent of your child and this ability will give you You will know that you will be very supportive for him. If children are equal to you, then they will be seen helping you in your business by helping you in your work and also helping you in bringing good profit situations. This time will also be very good for the people associated with literary creation, you will get good results in this matter as well.

So far in the sixth house. Venus is the lord of the sixth house, which is sitting in the ascendant, Rahu is going to sit in your disease house, then you may have problems related to viral infection, so be careful about these diseases as well as a little special form of your hygiene. Take care with, To avoid a bit of problem related to Venus, you have to take special care of your hygiene of cleanliness around you. I am speaking this thing, especially for women too. Women may have some period or some menstrual problems this month. So you guys have to proceed very cautiously. Take special care of the cleanliness of your surroundings and also take care of the cleanliness of your body. At this time, the enemy side will not be able to defeat you in any work, they will try and you will get to know their efforts. You will be seen progressing continuously in your work and you will get success. If you do any stock market share market work, then you will get a lot of profit in that too at this time. If there is any problem related to the loan, then you will get rid of it.

Now let’s talk. of the seventh house, The seventh lord is Mercury, which is going to sit in your money house. Guru’s fifth vision is also studying at your seventh place. This time can bring good progress and progress in your work. Today’s obstacle in your work will be removed. For the business class, this time will clear good profits in very good business. If you are doing any business related to computers or doing any kind of technical work, then you will get good results in those works. On the other hand, if you have a business-related to software or if you are working in any work area related to laptops and computers. If you have a business-related to mobile, then you will be seen achieving great success in all these areas. This month is going to be very good for you. You may also have a tie-up with big companies in big orders, if you want to take a franchise of a big company, then it can get you the best results in that too. Your tuning with your life partner will also be very good and you will get to see more possibilities of financial benefits from them. will become stronger This time will also appear to increase the conditions of your financial gains. This time will improve your bonding with your partner. You will be seen achieving success in a love relationship.

Now coming to the eighth house. Fluctuation will continue in the eighth house. You need to move forward with a little concentration of mind. Do not get caught in any risky or new investment. Just like you are walking in the safe zone, in the same way, you go on doing your work and you will have to increase your concentration, the better your concentration in the work, the more you will go on getting the best results. Some problems with your in-laws may surround you. Some problems can come into your life. Therefore, you will also have to take special care from your in-laws’ side. You will also have to discharge your responsibilities well. Let go of some emotion. If you think practically, you will go on earning success in your life. Negativity can overwhelm you due to emotionality don’t let this negativity dominate you at all.

Let’s go ahead and talk about the ninth house. Talk about the surface of the ninth house. Luck will support but the seventh vision of the guru is falling on the ninth house. The lord of the ninth house is the Sun, after which sitting and sitting in the money house will also get very good results. Will make progress in everyday profit. Your work which was going on stuck till now, those obstacles which were going on in the works, those obstacles will end for you. The same Sun, while changing the zodiac after February 13, will conjunct with Jupiter in your Aquarius sign i.e. in your third house. Then the seventh vision of the Sun and the Guru will have the vision of the Sun on his own house and the Guru’s vision is still good. At that time you will get the best benefits, then the young men and women who are looking for a job are given an interview, then the time after February 13 is very good for you, you will get your desired result and you will be seen getting settled in your job. At this time job changes are looking for many options, so you will also get many options. If you are preparing for the desired transfer at this time, then you will see that the desired transfer is being received at this time. Will be associated with the works of dharma karma. Will be engrossed in religious tendencies. You can also visit a religious place with family members after February 13.

Now let’s talk about the tenth house i.e. Karma Bhava. If we talk about the karmic house, then the lord of karma is Mercury, who is sitting in the house of wealth, along with Bhagyesh and second lord and mighty Saturn, the combination of Sun and Saturn is very good. Your work will progress and progress very well during this time. Based on his hard work, he will make his officers in his favour. Officers are pleased with you, can give you a promotion, give you increment, can increase your salary. Such situations will be seen. Also, this time will be very good for those who are associated with government jobs. Till now your promotion was stuck, you can get the good news of it this month. You can take the transfer to any place you want. At this time, the work in your stuck professional life will be seen being done. Your tuning and best will be seen with your father and he will guide you everywhere and support you.

Now let’s talk about Labhesh. If I talk, then the benefit is Venus. Those who are sitting third from themselves and sitting in the ascendant of the lord of the house of profit, are increasing the conditions of very good benefits, as well as the ninth vision of the guru is also reading on your profit house, which will increase the members of the profit progressively. . At this time you have to keep this level of mind a little bit in your mind, you will increase your skills. A situation of sudden monetary gains can be created for you this month. You will be seen getting a lot of profit from the share market lottery this month, your work will go on at a fast pace. You can plan to start some new work this month.

You come to the cost of expenses. So if we talk about expenditure, then Mars is the lord of expenditure. Those who are sitting one house ahead of themselves. Sitting on one side of Mars ahead of you will bring a cut in your expenses. Your actions will remove the problems that are going on in your life. Your bonding that has deteriorated with your co-workers at the workplace will improve. Ketu is sitting here which will pull you towards religious tendencies and will make you spend in religious works. But who does not want to spend in religious works, then you will get to see very good and positive results of Ketu this month? This month is going to be very auspicious for you. You will be seen making good progress and progress in your work. Your obstacles in work will be removed this month. Your number of expenses will also be less this month.


Lucky Dates:- 1 to 3, 7 to 13, 17 to 22, 25 to 28 |

Noteworthy dates:- 4 to 6, 14 to 16, 23 and 24 |

Lucky Color:- Golden Yellow, Light Yellow, Pistachio Green Color.



  • You must wear a good quality topaz in the form of a ring in your hands.
  • On Thursday, you should jointly anoint Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi with rice.
  • If you can, then definitely recite Lakshmi Namavali.
  • You must donate gram dal.
  • Bhole Shankar must be worshipped.

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