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Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi August 2021 Horoscope English | धनु राशिफल अगस्त 2021


Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi English 2021 Horoscope English |

धनु राशिफल अगस्त 2021

The monthly horoscope of Sagittarius for the month of August | Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi August 2021 Horoscope in English

Family Status

If we talk about family share, then your Ascendant Guru, who is sitting in the mighty house, is sitting in the third house from himself and is sitting in a very good ascendant. Due to sitting in the mighty house of Guru, your knowledge will increase. You will increase. Social honor and respect will increase. Competitors in your sphere of influence are influenced by you. You might increase and people will discuss your intelligence all around. People will try to conduct their work after consulting you. With your knowledge, you will see very good results this month. You will get full support from them, and they will also be seen supporting you financially in every way. With cousins, your tuning will seem to be getting better. On the other hand, Chacha Aunty Bua Tau Tai will see your relationship getting stronger with all of them. Your relation with your family will be very good. At this time your honor and fame will increase. Discussions of your honesty will go everywhere. At this time people will be influenced by your speech and will conduct their work by taking advice from you, your respect will increase. At the social level, you will come in the category of a dignitary, a positive image of you will be seen in your family. If there is any ancestral property related dispute, then it will be seen to be going away with the help of elders of the house. This time has brought positive results for you in important decisions. Your family will stand with you in whatever decision you take. This will also be the time to welcome the guests. Manglik programs can also be outlined at home. At this time you will also be seen shopping for gold jewelry for the women of your house. At the same time, the relationship with your siblings will also become stronger. Jupiter’s vision on Mars, Mars being your mighty and third house is the place of brothers and sisters, that is, this time to move forward with the support of both of you, you can get big projects with the help of your siblings at this time. Big profit situations can arise. You can receive large orders at this time. If you are a salaried person, then in your job also, they will guide you and open the doors of your promotion, will help you in increasing your increment. Some big trouble will come upon you. If you have any dilemma in taking any decision, then you will get only positive results in whatever work you do after consulting them. Your relationship with mother will also be very good, when you walk in pair with your siblings, then your mother will be even more cheerful. Because of your family unity, she will also be seen supporting you completely. His important role in increasing social honor and respect will also be seen this month. You will get very good and auspicious news from the child side. The child will be under your command and will not disappoint you. By being alert in every way, she will remain adamant to achieve her goal, and eventually, she will definitely achieve her goal. If your children are involved in any game, then they will do very well with the game, and you will also try to encourage them further to motivate them. Panchmesh is sitting on the fifth from himself and sitting in the fateful place, sitting in the fifth place of Mars, sitting in the triangle’s own triangle is very good for you. Will bring very good news from your child’s side. You will feel very proud If children are equal to you, then there will be no shortage in making you feel proud in every way Will to be seen succeeding in earning. From the side of spouse and father, because the lord of both the houses in the same, Mercury, who was earlier sitting in your eighth house, see that on August 9, when they will come to your place of luck, after that your luck will increase. Father will get very good benefits. You will also see a lot of good support from your life partner. She will sit in your destiny and make your destiny. At this time, if you do any work in the name of your life partner, taking the advice of your father, then you will definitely get great success in it and when Mercury will be exalted after August 26, it will sit in your karmic house. Then you will get very good results. With the help of a life partner, you will touch new heights. His advice will always come in handy for you. Give very good support of father and blessings will be with you. Talking about Nanihal, you are not getting good and auspicious signs from Nanihal’s side. There may be concerns about the health of maternal grandmother, there is a possibility of some differences between maternal uncle and aunt with an aunt, if the relationship may deteriorate a little, be a little careful, be especially careful about the health of a little maternal grandmother. Stay tuned, and it is wise to speak your mind in your relationships. Restraint on speech and control over anger, both these formulas should come in your life, and you should follow these formulas only this month, so that family situation, the family situation will move forward in your life with little ups and downs. With the support of all the family, then you will not get stuck anywhere. You will definitely earn success everywhere. Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi August 2021 Horoscope in English

Economic Condition

If we talk about the economic condition, then your financial condition will not be so good in this, you will have to move forward only due to mixed effects. See, there will be no shortage in happiness, there will be no shortage in your luxurious life. The happiness of the family, the happiness of the vehicle, the happiness of the land, the happiness of the house, you will definitely get this happiness at this time, if you are going on the Antardasha of the Guru, Mahadasha or Pratyantar and you have a dream of a new house, you want to shift to some big house or your own. I want to have my own house. If you want to buy a property, then this month you will definitely fulfill this dream. You will also get full benefits from your daily routine, but the conditions of profit inside your life will fluctuate a bit, which is your sudden monetary gain, so at this time you should not invest in the share market and lotteries. You should avoid investing in any risky business. Never go where your money may get stuck. Don’t go that route or invest there. Since the benefic Venus will sit in your karmic house on 11th August. If they are sitting on the outside of themselves and are sitting low, then this time will fluctuate your profit position and overall profit will be seen affecting you. If you want to keep your financial condition strong, you will control your expenses a little. Try to save the benefit of daily routine and not spend your money on unnecessary expenses. This time can cost you a lot on your health and because of this your financial condition may become more turbulent, so you have to take care of this a little, especially you have to take care of your selfishness. Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi August 2021 Horoscope in English

Educational Career and Business

If we talk about education career and business, then this time will be very good for the student class. The lord of the fifth house, Mars, is sitting fifth from himself, the lord of the triangle is sitting in the triangle. Very nice sitting, Mars is sitting in the house sign. Mars is giving you very good results. If you get rid of the problems which were going on in your life till now. For all those people who are associated with the engineering line, this time is going to be very good for all those fields. You will definitely achieve your goal through your studies. If you want to take admission to a good college for higher education, then this time is also very good for that. If you want to go out and study, then you can study outside for study also, for that also this time remains perfect for you. You will see good results of Mars happening at this time. The student class will not be disappointed and overall you will get very good results, but for science students, especially those who are students of science and maths, time will be the best and give the best results. Talking about career, you will see full support in career also this month. Mercury will come after August 26 and sit in your karmic house. At that time if you are preparing for the banking sector. If you want to go into the IT field, if you want to become CA CS, you want to get diesel then that result will go in your favor. Your selection will be confirmed in all these fields. But even before that, you will not get disappointing results. Luck will support you completely. At this time, all your stuck work will be completed without any problems. This month is the time to complete the pending work. Avoid any risky investment. But be careful in your work. Any investment that can shape your future. You can go ahead with that investment. This time will be very good for career-wise employed people. Especially if you are preparing for a government job, then when the Sun will become self-occupied i.e. after August 17, the time will be very good for you. If you have any exam at that time. If you have to come for a government job or any exam, then that result will be very positive for you, but it depends on the overall karma. You will get the same result as you have studied as you have given the exam. If you have not written anything in it, then how will you get the result. If you have passed your exam well, then surely the results will be seen turning out to be very positive for you. This time will also be very good for the business class. See, the sitting of the lord of the seventh house going third from himself will increase your fame in business, will increase your power, will increase the name of your company’s status. Will increase your stature if and your very good growth will be seen in business at this time, anyway the planet Mercury has been considered as the factor of business, so the business class has to start all their work by invoking Ganesh Ji. Will be completed. You will definitely get success. If you have a firm of your own and give any consultancy service, then you will get good results in all those areas as well and this month will get good profit situations in your own business. Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi August 2021 Horoscope in English

Spouse and Love Affair

Talking about a life partners and love affairs, then this month is going to be very good for you. With the help of a life partner, you will be able to create situations of good profit. If both of you do some work together, whether you have a firm, whether you have an office, you have any staff, whether you are doing any kind of business or business together, then you will be very good at everything you do with your spouse. Benefits will be seen. Therefore, taking advice from them at this time, work together with any program, involve them in the work or if you want to do something new, then you should work in their name. Then you will get great success. The moral support of a life partner will be available. They will also help you in making your family situation stronger. If the relationship has deteriorated, in order to improve those relationships, that is, if your maternal grandmother is spoiled, then they will also be able to see their full help in grooming those relationships. This time will control your expenses a bit. You will conquer your enemies at this time and your strength will become your life partner. This time, with the help of your life partner, you will get some of your lost things back, which will generate feelings of happiness in your mind. Manglik programs can be outlined in the house and if you are having an antardasha mahadasha of Mercury and are unmarried, then you will definitely get a good life partner to tie the knot, then according to married life, then this month is very good. Is. Even in a love relationship, if you support each other in career, it is okay to meet each other, talk to spend time with them, but if your love partner is supported in your career then surely you will have a bright future, and you Will definitely help you in achieving your goal. So if your love partner is so understanding. If you belong to your field, then definitely you should proceed in your work only after taking advice from him. Good bonding will be seen in your love relationship at this time and both of you can become in a serious relationship later on. You can also choose each other as life partners, so first give time to each other and get to know each other well. After that you reach any important decision because this decision of life is the most important, the whole life rests on it.


If we talk about health, then Venus is the lord of disease, which is sitting in a low position. The sitting of Rahu in the disease house can make you run away from your maternal side, germs related to germs, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, in all these diseases also you have to be a little careful. The problem of periods related to Venus can arise in ladies, related to Venus, there are problems like piles, whatever the problems of internal parts in your body, you may have to face the problems of all of them. At this time a problem like itching of the internal part can increase in your life. So especially you have to take care of cleanliness around you. You also have to take care of your own cleanliness. Be as hygienic as possible. Do not allow dirt to enter your body. If you consume anything, first take care of its complete hygiene after washing it and only then use that thing. This time can proceed with caution and alertness. But if you do not take care at this time, then you may have to face its consequences. For women, this period of the period is very difficult, so if they are having more problems at this time, then immediately consult a doctor and get your treatment done in time because this problem can also take serious form, then some health problems. The concerned will take care of you and take precautions. So any big problem will not arise in your life, and you will be able to avoid big problems.


If there is any lack of coordination in your mutual relationship. Some differences if you may have to face. If the financial condition is in turmoil, then do one thing. On Fridays, hang three crystal balls inside your living room. This will improve harmony among your family members. Feelings of sweetness will arise, misunderstanding will end. Crystal balls work to absorb negative energy. Apart from this, you must donate to Venus, recite Shri Sukta on Friday and worship Maa Lakshmi with the law of worship. If possible, do the fast of Vaibhav Lakshmi, which falls on Friday. With this, your financial condition will be strong, and you will not have to take help from anyone financially, then you should adopt these measures in your life.


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