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Sagittarius April 2022 Horoscope English blog | धनु राशि अप्रैल राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Sagittarius April 2022 Horoscope English blog

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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and it is possible to solve them with the right guidance, so let us solve your every problem. Hello welcome, today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope of Sagittarius people for April. First of all, we wish you all a very Happy Hindu Indian New Year. This new year is about to start. On April 2, you all know that on the day when Chaitra Navratri begins, the new year also begins and we will reach Vikram Samvat 2079. And the festival of Chaiti Chand is also celebrated on the same day. We should also celebrate the Indian New Year in the same way as we celebrate the Anglo New Year. But according to Indian tradition, we should celebrate this new year because Chaitra Navratri is also starting on this day, so do Ghatasthapana. Worship Maa Durga. Begin this new year by taking forward our Indian culture by worshipping, havan, kirtan or religious rituals in your home so that the blessings of God remain on you and the coming year will increase happiness and prosperity for you. Now Chaitra Navratri is starting on 2nd April and is going to last till 10th April. The festival of Ram Navami will be celebrated with great pomp on April 10. We will make the birth anniversary of Shri Ram very lawfully. Mahavir Jayanti and Ambedkar Jayanti are coming on 14th April. Good Friday will be celebrated on 15th April and Hanuman Jayanti festival and Chaitra Purnima festival will be celebrated with great pomp on 16th April. So if we say that this month is the month of fasting and festivals then it will not be an exaggeration. The month of April is very special in other ways because in this month the zodiac signs of very big planets are going to change, then we know. The condition of this position of the planet’s transit in this month. Sagittarius April 2022 Horoscope English blog

First of all, let’s talk about the planet Sun, which is currently sitting in Pisces, which is also your zodiac lord and on April 14, he will become exalted and sit in Aries. We will get to see the very good results of Surya. The second zodiac change is happening on the planet Mercury, which is going to change the zodiac twice. Presently sitting in Pisces sign and on 8th April he will enter his friend sign, Aries, from Pisces and will again enter Taurus on 25th April. Mars, which is currently being exalted in Capricorn, is giving very good results. On 7th April i.e. at the beginning of the month, he will enter from Capricorn to Aquarius, which is his friendly zodiac. There is going to be a huge change in the zodiac sign of Jupiter. Till now the Guru was sitting in Aquarius which was his friend’s sign and now from Aquarius on 13th April, he will be sitting in his zodiac i.e. Pisces as a self and when the Guru becomes self-gracious then all the zodiac signs will give wonderful results. Now we have told you the change of zodiac sign of Jupiter. You can get the benefit of the change of Jupiter’s zodiac sign according to your zodiac sign. Venus, which is currently sitting in its very friendly zodiac sign Aquarius, and on April 27, if it becomes exalted and will sit in Pisces, then the results of Venus will be very good. At present, the planet Saturn is sitting in Capricorn and in this month, for two and a half years, Saturn is sitting in Capricorn and the huge change in the zodiac sign of Saturn is going to happen on 29th April in its original triangle sign i.e. Aquarius. will enter. Although this zodiac change of Saturn is only for a very short time i.e. for two and a half months, its results will be seen very effectively by all the zodiac signs in their life. So you have also uploaded the blog of Saturn’s zodiac change, you can also get the benefit of it. Now talking about Rahu, Rahu’s zodiac change is also going to happen on the 12th of April. Till now Rahu was sitting in Taurus. And on April 12, Rahu will enter Aries, which is his even sign, from Taurus. Since Rahu and Ketu move backwards and move backwards, hence they are entering Aries from Taurus. Similarly, Ketu is also going to change zodiac with Rahu and they will also enter Libra from Scorpio. So these are the positions of planetary transits in April and as we told you, Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn are three big planets that stay in one place for a very long time. Their zodiac change is going to happen in this month, so this month has become very important anyway, according to the fasting festival as well as according to the planets, in this month we will get to see the results very effectively in our life.

Now let us know about the turmoil that is happening, what will be its effect your zodiac sign. Whatever these zodiac signs are telling you is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac and your ascendant. Now let’s talk about your zodiac lord, who is the lord of your personality, which is guru and guru being your zodiac lord, he is also Sukhesh and is sitting in a happy place. The master of the two central places is the Guru and the Guru is self-graciously sitting in your centre. A great man named Hans is creating yoga and this year is going to be wonderful for you. This month will be very good for you. There will be four moons in your personality. You will get good news from somewhere. There will be respect in the family. There will be an increase in fame and fortune. Your knowledge will increase and your influence on people will increase. Due to this, people will be impressed by you and try to do their work after taking advice from you. Your enemies will also try to become your friends during this time. This time. Your relationship with your friends will improve more. If you do the work of imparting knowledge related to the teaching profession. If you are a leader and a politician, then you will get to see very good results from the Guru. At this time, this time will be very good for the people associated with research. Also, it will bring great results for those who are working in the field of time management. That is, the lord of the ascendant, your zodiac sign, will give you very good results. On the other hand, if the farmer’s owner sits in a dry place, laughs good anyway, and makes male yoga sit even better, then the guru will sit in your happy place and increase your happiness. At this time you will be full of pleasures like land building a vehicle. Transactions related to property will be done smoothly. Huge obstacles in those works will be seen being removed at this time. This time you, this month is going to be very lively and wonderful for you. At this time, you will get success in whatever work you put your hands on. Chances of promotion increment will be seen in the job. You will get the full cooperation of the officers. At this time the officers will be happy with your work. This time will appear to strengthen your overall growth even more. Will make the relationship with your mother more strong and your bonding with her will be very good. Due to them, your social honour and respect will be seen increasing further, so overall Guru has brought very good results for you in April. Sagittarius April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s talk about the second house i.e. wealth, then Dhanesh is Shani, which is your might. According to the house of wealth, the owner of the house of wealth, being self-occupied, sits in the house of wealth. That is, sitting in your second house. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech. Your hard work and dedication will be worth seeing. People will be impressed by your hard work. Your respect in the family will increase. If the tuning has deteriorated with the relatives, then that tuning will now appear to be improving. At the same time, whatever work you take in hand, you will get success in that work. The outline of Manglik programs will be kept at home. Will respect the women of the house and will be seen shopping for some gifts for them this month. At this time, you will get to see better opportunities at the workplace as well. May this time you will get the work related to politics done very well. Venus and Mars are sitting in the third house, Saturn is the lord of the third house and is sitting in the second house as a self-gracious person. This time will get your work stuck in politics completed easily. At this time, there will be an increase in social value, respect and might. Tuning would be better with siblings. If there is a dispute related to ancestral property, then it will be resolved by mutual coordination. If you have any work pending in court, then they will be seen in your favour. Benefit from siblings also you will gain fame out of your interesting works. There will be progress in social honour, honour and might. Sagittarius April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now comes the fifth house on the fifth house, the fifth lord is Mars, who is sitting in the mighty house, going 11th from himself, and sitting 11th from himself. Will enhance a domineering attitude. Discussions of your bravery will be seen everywhere. In the fifth house of the screen, the inertia yoga of Guru Rahu is formed, which will sometimes give you difficulties, sometimes there may be obstacles in the career. Avoid making wrong decisions. This time is not good for students. Therefore, proceed with a little more concentration in studies. Any concern related to children may arise in your mind. If you want a son, even if you try. Right now, if you are going through the Antardasha Mahadasha of Mars, then surely your chances of getting a child have become yours. This is the sum of the inertia of Guru Rahu. Because of this, you will get success only with the utmost effort. This will be a good time for the players. You don’t have to lose your hard work, otherwise, you will be one step away from success. This will be the time for the students to move forward with tireless efforts. Now the Guru who is the lord of your fifth house is also the lord of your twelfth house and is sitting in mighty power. There will be expenses at this time, but you can spend on politics. May spend in your social alliances. A little pump will cost you infractions, but seeing the savings, you will have to walk. Let’s look at the budget. Surely you will be able to create conditions of good profit. At the same time, at this time you will have to be a little careful in your work, because such people who are jealous of your work, will try to disturb your work somewhere. Keep a little rapport with the officials and it is wise to choose a few words wisely. You will only increase your success. So with patience and humility, you should move ahead in your life. which is connected to the construction line. Work-related to minerals. They will get to see very good benefits in their work at this time. Your tie-up with foreign companies can happen at this time and you will also be seen trying to make your business stand at a brand level.

Now we come to the sixth house i.e. on disease, the lord of disease is Venus, who is sitting with Mars. At this time, there is a problem of period time in ladies related to blood disorders. The problem of piles, being the main problem of warts, boils, pimples, skin related diseases can arise. If the memory is weak then these problems can come into your life. Keep a little pressure on your breathing problems. Negligence is not of work because due to carelessness, problems can increase and because of that, your work will also be seen getting interrupted. In this, avoid the company of wrong friends because such people will try to dilute you. If you have any bad habits, try to leave them. Although it will be very difficult for you, if you are determined, you can do a lot. Therefore, with firm determination, take a resolution in your mind that you will give up that habit. We will walk with a little awareness. As there is work related to money and pesos. If you keep your awareness in it, then surely you will get benefit in such works also. You will be seen getting special support from your maternal grandmother at this time. Sagittarius April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now, Venus is the lord of your disease house, as well as the benefit and Ketu, is sitting in the house of profit, which will increase the situations of profit, Ketu gives good results in the house of profit. Hence your profit will increase progressively. The problem which was going on till now will end now. The enemy who was repeatedly interrupting your work. You were getting a little panic that if my work is getting interrupted again and again, then it will end now. You will get to see the wonderful results of Venus because the lord is sitting fifth from himself and the lord of the sacral house sitting in the sacral house means that the lord of the benefic house will get great results. The truth of profit will appear to be increasing progressively. You will apply some new ideas in business. Will make plans for expansion of business. At this time, you will also see a lot of profit in the lottery stock market. The work requires a bit of bending. The more you put yourself into work, the more you will get more success in your life by doing that work with dedication. So don’t be careless in work, keep working hard. You will get the fruits of hard work. There can be movement of guests in the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will appear to be very healthy.

Now we come to the seventh house, which is the lord of your seventh house, Mercury, which is also the lord of your karmic house, so if we talk about the seventh house, then first the seventh lord is sitting in the eleventh house and the lord of the seventh house, Mercury is in the fifth house. It’s too good at this time to go and sit very nice business class. Mercury-Rahu’s inertia yoga is also being formed, so be a little careful at the time that Mercury-Rahu’s inertia yoga is being formed from the 12th to the 25th to avoid taking wrong decisions. Avoid being over-competitive. Make a tuning with your partner because if the tuning goes wrong with the partner, then the work made can spoil your work. So if you are working in partnership then take your partner. Respect his feelings. Instead of taking any decision alone, both of them move forward in that season together, if you do your tasks in a synchronized way, then you will get good achievements in business. This time will increase the sweetness of your married life and you will be likely to get a lot of benefits from your life partner. Since Mercury is also your Karmesh And the lord of Karmabhava is sitting very well in the fifth, as well as the inertia yoga of Rahu with Mercury, we have told you earlier that even small obstacles will bring in career, with firm determination you will eliminate that obstruction. Anyway, challenges come, then the person moves forward. Keep this in mind. That’s why challenges are very important in life. Otherwise, our growth will stop and they will remain stagnant, so accept these challenges and face them and after that, your confidence level will be worth seeing. Then no one can repeat you, you will go on moving forward. If Mercury is also your Karmesh, then it will give benefit the people associated with the banking sector. If you are involved in the teaching profession at this time, then you will benefit. If you are associated with consultancy service then you will benefit, then this time will give you overall good benefits and progress, but since Rahu needs to be a little careful by sitting together. Nothing else is too tense, but be a little careful. Students should be especially careful because they will not get the result as per your wish. There will be a lot of confusion somewhere. There will be confusion and you will get confused. Because of that, you will disturb your mentality. That is if you see your goal staggering a little, then walk carefully in it. Sagittarius April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to the eighth house, the lord of the eighth house is your moon and they disturb the life of daily routine a little because they are connected only with your mind. Sometimes your mind will do this, what will you be careless in that cycle and your work will go unorganized on the contrary. Because of that, some problems may arise, so remove this habit of yours and reduce your fickleness a little. maintain stability. If you forget something reminded you. If you lie down for work in a hurry, then write it down. If you all have mobile on your mobile, then take down the mobile note so that you can complete your organized tasks, then keep this in mind a little bit. There is a possibility of getting secret money, so you can try it. Complete your tasks standing by yourself. Do not leave your work in the trust of someone else, the opposing side will automatically fail in their work because if you are alert, then the opponents will not be able to spoil anything, then beware of the opponents even a little.

Now let’s talk about the place of luck, Bhagyesh is your Sun, which is currently sitting in your place of happiness, a very beautiful Sun is sitting. If Sun is conjunct with your Ascendant, then this conjunction of Ascendant and Bhagyesh will take you to double heights that will double the situation of profit. At this time, religion will be associated with the works of karma. Spiritual feelings will remain in you very much. There may be a big religious event in the house or a visit to a religious place can also be completed with your family members, then the wishes that you had in your mind about devotion to God for a long time, will now be fulfilled this month. . At this time, you will also be associated with the works of public welfare. Will connect people and help people by working as a team, which will also increase your social value and respect. For those young girls who are looking for jobs, their search will end. If you are trying for a government job. Right now the exam is going to be held this month or if any result is going to come in this month, then surely that result will go in your favour, then this time will be very good and welfare for the overall Sagittarius zodiac sign. Sagittarius April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates: – 2nd to 9th, 12th to 18th, 21st to 26th and 30th.

Inauspicious dates:- 1st, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 27th to 29th.

Auspicious colour: – Light yellow colour, golden colour and amarsia colour, tomato colour.


  • Get rid of inertia yoga of Mercury Rahu and secondly, keep the instrument of inertia yoga removal of Mercury Rahu in your worship room and have daily darshan of it.
  • You must chant Rahu after sunset.
  • On Thursday, you fast every Thursday.
  • Yellow things i.e. if you put gram dal in the flour, already add turmeric in that flour and knead the dough and then you have to feed it to the cow.
  • On Thursday, you have to anoint Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi by filling rice in the Dakshinavarti conch shell and anointing them with it.
  • You should worship the banana tree daily and sit under it on Thursday and do the story of Satyanarayana and light a lamp of pure ghee under it.


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