Vashtu Dosh Nivaran Yantra


Vastu Dosha Nivaran Yantra is to be installed and worshipped for removing Vastu faults of any place may it be Home, Office, Showroom or a Factory. Any place is supposed to have a Vastu Fault whenever the construction of that place has not been done according to the Principles of Vastu.

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Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

Pandit NM Shrimali explains, the Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra. Vastu Shashtra is the scienceof the direction that consists of all the five elements of the nature and balances with man and materials. Dosh refers to the negative effect of something and Nashak means the one which cures the negative effect. Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra is used to reduce the negative effects of Vastu Dosh at a home or office. According to the ancient texts the construction on the Earth will be successful only if the Vastu Purush is worshipped and revered. Vastu Shastra is concerned with the effect of various forms of best effects on a living being. Pandit Ji says, Vastu Dosh means the errors in the manner in which a house or any premise is constructed or also indicates the errors countered when a room is constructed at a home or a workplace. The proper flow of the energy that takes place from the five major elements viz. Earth, air, water, fire and space does not take place if there are Vastu errors. Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra helps the persons in reducing the harmful effects of the negative effects of the errors of Vastu and getting rid of the illness, and helps in avoiding the conflicts and quarrels at home or workplace. The Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra removes all the negative energies and helps in strengthening all the planets that influence the well being
and prosperity of the person. Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra is of much importance and it is very beneficial. Vastu Shastra is a science that helps us in achieving material prosperity, good health, mental peace, harmony and happiness at our home or office. Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra counters all the negative effects and influences of the Vastu errors that are there in the home or the workplace of the person. There are many faults or errors that may exist in the direction, location, situation of the building or the situation of the rooms etc. And which may not be cured easily. A Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra helps in curing all the negative effects of the Vastu errors and also creates the positive effects of the Vastu. Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra is considered as the divine medium which helps us in getting rid of the Dosh or the negative effects upon Vastu or the construction of the house and office. Vastu Dosh indicates the mistakes in the construction of the premises according to the norms and the principles depending on the direction, location, and the situation of the every part of the building. Shrimali Ji says, Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra is considered to be the best remedy and beneficial as it removes the negative impact and the hurdles that emerge due to the errors in the Vastu of any building. Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra attracts all the positive energies towards home or office and helps in achieving growth and prosperity. Benefits of the Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra is full of nergy derived from the five elements in the universe. There may be some errors left in the construction of the house or the office, and it is difficult to remove those errors after the construction has been completed. Hence, a Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantra can be placed in the house or office to rectify these errors. It removes all the negative energies and bad luck and brings in prosperity and happiness.

The Vastu Dosh Nashak yantra functions as a remedy to any Vastu Shastra errors present in the house or any malefic energy residing in the plot. It brings harmony with the basic five elements of nature and removes any negative energy from the place.

Beej Mantra:
Om anugraha rupaya vidhmahe, Bhoomi puthraya dheemahi , Tanno vaastu purusha

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