Parad (Mecrury) Shiv Panchayat


भगवान शिव पंचायत : पंचायत का फैसला अंतिम माना जाता है। देवताओं और दैत्यों के झगड़े आदि के बीच जब कोई महत्वपूर्ण निर्णय लेना होता था तो शिव की पंचायत का फैसला अंतिम होता था।


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Parad (Mercury) Shiva Panchayat

“Shiva Panchayat means the discussion made for the wellness of there people’s will be the last order for them. They are placed by every Hindu family for the worship.”

Parad Panchayatan Pooja is a worship which has remained common in many of the Brahmin families for many years. Panchayatan Pooja is a type of pooja which consists of the worshipping of five deities, namely: Shiva, Vishnu, Devi, Ganesha, and Kuber. Shastras tell us that Deva Pooja is the most important duty of human beings. Panchayatana Pooja is a systematic way in which physician and mental discipline plays an important role and requires internal and outer cleanliness and purity. This, when performed regularly and uniformly, is sure to bring progress in the material world and helps us attain the awareness about the true self. By performing Shiva Panchayatan Pooja one can attain blessings and the grace of God, without which it is not possible to attain liberation.

The practice of Parad Shiv Panchayat Pooja became spread in medieval times in India. The five deities are represented by five kinds of stones, which are also known as a Panchayatana Devta. Kuber (Guard Of Money)  Ganesha (Red Sonabhadra), Vishnu (Saligrama), Shiva (Bana Linga), Ambika (Swarnamukhi). These five stones are taken from five different rivers. It is related to the Smarthism Sampradaya, which is one of the major Sampradaya belonging to Hinduism. Philosophically the Smartha tradition says that all the idols are the representations of Saguna Brahman, which is a means to realize the abstract Ultimate reality called theNirguna Brahman. They are the five great deities whom people worship by performing Panch Devta Pooja. One of the deities is placed at the center according to the tradition of the family and other deities are placed around it and then the pooja is performed.


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