Parad (Mercury) Shri Yantra

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Parad is a very powerful cure of diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases. The bead or rosary of parad beads shall be worn around the neck or waist. During life-span they get glory, honour, high office, name and fame, sons, grandsons and learning.


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Parad (Mercury) Shri Yantra

Parad (Mercury) Shri Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras, which not only gives the maximum benefit but also proves beneficial for almost everybody. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires & fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic power & mental strength. “Sri Yantra” – Sri meaning wealth and Yantra – Meaning “Instrument” – The Instrument for Wealth The Sri Yantra brings about material and spiritual wealth Sri Yantra blesses the worshiper with peace, happiness, popularity, power, authority, wealth, prosperity & success. This ancient Yantra has been used since centuries by Kings, political leaders & men in authority for attaining fame, power & financial success, and is of utmost importance to men in ‘Kalyuga’, since it can help them achieve all they desire in life.

The positive vibrations of Parad Shree Yantras are transmitted to environment where it has been placed.

प्राचीन युग से भारत में श्रीयंत्र की पूजा उपासना और प्रयोग प्रचलित है. आर्थिक दृष्टि से श्रीयंत्र को सभी यंत्रों में शिरोमणि माना जा सकता है. यह यन्त्र धन-धान्य, वैभव, सुख और सम्पन्नता का प्रतीक है. “श्री” का अर्थ होता है लक्ष्मी और इस लक्ष्मी रूपी श्रीयंत्र को घर के पूजा स्थल या तिजोरी में श्रद्धापूर्वक स्थापित कर नित्य घुप दीप आदि से पूजा करने से व्यक्ति के जीवन में कभी भी धन की कमी नहीं आती.

Benefits of Parad (Mercury) Shri Yantra:-

As per ancient Vedic texts, Any Person using Shree (Shri) Yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace and harmony. Parad (Mercury) Shri Yantra helps in breaking all the Obstacles in our life. It helps us attain great and very high limits of growth – both spiritually and materialistically. There are negative energies around us in greater or smaller magnitude. This negative energy stands in our way of achieving greater success, affluence, Harmony and Peace. It is due to these negative energies that many times we find that life is out of our control. We find ourselves in a position of Extreme stress , lack of peace and harmony , high degree of anxiety , friction in relationship with others , Bad investments , faltering business , stagnation in life and profession , decreasing financial prospects , insecure feeling , repeated failures and sheer bad luck – Though we involve our best efforts, hard work, intelligence and good intentions . IN SUCH SITUATIONS SRI YANTRA IS OF GREAT HELP AND IT PROTECT US FROM ALL THE ILL EFFECTS OF NEGATIVE ENERGY as per our ancient Vedic texts.


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