Metal Laxmi Ganesh


इस दिन हम धन और समृद्धि की देवी माँ लक्ष्मी एवं विवेक और बुद्धि के देवता भगवान गणेश की पूजा करते हैं। यह हम सब भली भांती जानते हैं कि कोई भी शुभ कार्य गणेश पूजन के बगैर कभी पूरा नहीं होता। गणेश जी बुद्धि प्रदाता हैं। वे विघ्न विनाशक और विघ्नेश्वर हैं। यदि व्यक्ति के पास खूब धन-सम्पदा है और बुद्धि का अभाव है तो वह उसका सदुपयोग नहीं कर पायेगा। अतः व्यक्ति का बुद्धिमान और विवेक होना भी आवश्यक है।



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Metal Laxmi Ganesh

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Importance of Metal Laxmi Ganesh

Diwali is one the most awaited festival of Hindu households as this was the day when lord Rama came back to ayodhya from his exile of fourteen years and the people of kingdom welcomed him by lighting lamps and diyas all across the country.

As lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu and goddess sita is the incarnation of Laxmi who is the goddess of wealth, so worshiping the deity on this day is considered very auspicious and benefitting.

Now parad is the tatva that comes from the body of Mahadev himself and a laxmi ganesh idol made up of parad is considered very auspicious and it ideal to worship at home. Lord Ganesh has been blessed by the shiva that he is the first to be worshiped before any deity.

How to worship Metal Laxmi Ganesh for diwali puja?

  • Place a red cloth on the floor or in temple at your home.
  • Place a parad laxmi ganesh on it.
  • Now mark swastika on the four corners of the cloth with vermillion.
  • Now worship lord ganesh with ganesh aarti
  • And goddess laxmi after it with laxmi vandana
  • During the puja you can place your most important artifacts to be blessed by both the deities.

Benefits of Metal Laxmi Ganesh for diwali puja

A Metal Laxmi Ganesh for diwali puja is very auspicious and can benefit the devotee in numerous ways such as

  • Attraction of wealth and riches is observed from all corners of life.
  • Siddhi and ridhi that is prosperity and abundance will always guard your home for eternity.
  • Success is attracted in all the goals you set for yourself.
  • Fame and glory is attracted in your life wherever you go.
  • A protective layer or circle is created around your house and workplace.
  • All negativity is deflected away from you.
  • Business and career flourishes with profit like never before.

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