Auspicious Shivalingam in natural blue Sodolite. Sodolite is a strong third eye chakra and throat chakra stone that brings an excellent energy into your life. It will aid you with developing intuition… and it will also stimulate the birth of clairvoyant abilities.


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LAPIS LAZULI SHIV LINGAM(लापीस लजूली शिव लिंगम)

Shiva Lingam are a sacred stone of the Indian Hindu religion, that will intensify the vitality and level of pranic energy within your body. LAPIS LAZULI SHIV LINGAM

To improve your overall health these stones are powerful as they stimulate the energy system of the entire body, and will aid an overall improvement in your health and well-being.

Its vibration has a different action depending on where you place it. This stone holds within it the feeling of unity and duality.

On one hand you see the masculine part of the stone within its phallic shape, and the feminine as well in the egg shape, and in the beauty of the markings on the stones.

The stone as a whole recognizes that they are one, yet they are each a separate entity within the one.


Whether worshipped or simply kept in your home, a lapis lazuli Siva Linga will create a transformative atmosphere of truth, purity and selflessness. In such an atmosphere, diseases are healed, relationships become harmonious, and you gain an unbreakable connection with truth, dharma and absolute purity. Lapis is a beautiful and sacred gemstone that cleanses, heals, and gently opens the visuddhi chakra to foster clear and truthful communication, absolute purity of intention, and a most beautiful selflessness in all that you do. Lapis also shields you from the harmful energy of Saturn while helping you to benefit from Saturn’s positive blessings, like strong discipline. The Siva Linga represents Lord Siva in his formless aspect, allowing us to worship the vast ocean of divine consciousness and light in a small form within our homes. Every Siva Linga must always be kept together with a yoni base, which represents Divine Mother. Thus, the Siva Linga always embodies the eternal and loving unity of the masculine and feminine principles that pervade the universe. This is a tremendous blessing for couples, and having a Siva Lingam in the home is alike always having your Divine Father and Mother with you. The shape of the Siva Linga is reminiscent of the human aura, and therefore it resonates strongly with our own energy body. Worshipping a Siva Linga, we draw down cosmic energy into ourselves for healing, purification, and expansion of divine consciousness. Through the sacred science of puja, the same offerings that we pour over Lord Siva’s “head” are poured over our own heads in subtle form. This cosmic nectar is absorbed through the crown chakra and then spreads throughout the subtle body, bringing peace, healing and spiritual upliftment. Lord Siva gives powerful blessings in any form, but in the lapis form, his blessings take on the special vibration of lapis lazuli. In this form, Lord Siva will help to reveal your authentic spiritual self and will give your words the quiet power of truth that will win you the respect of others. The more prayers, love and worship you offer to this lovely lapis Siva Linga, the more you will experience Lord Siva’s divine consciousness as your own, as your individual Atma Linga, or soul-linga, expands and merges in the Parama Linga, the supreme and eternal ocean of divine consciousness. Please Note: Since all murtis are handcrafted in India, each item is unique and may vary slightly from the picture shown.





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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 10 x 4 x 10 cm

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