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Kumbh Rashi Rudraksha Gemstone Silver Coated Pendant

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 Rudraksha – 7 Mukhi | Gemstone – Neeli Stone Weight: 4.5 gm Silver Coated
This product Kumbh Rashi Rudraksha Gemstone Silver Coated Pendant is extremely Pran-Pratishthit,Abhimantri & Siddh (Energized) during Shubh Muhurat by our Vidhwan Pandit’s

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Kumbh Rashi Rudraksha Gemstone

The zodiac stone of Aquarius is Sapphire. This stone is especially effective for the attainment of honour and increase in work. It becomes very beneficial when Sapphire gemstone is worn in the form of a Rudraksha pendant.

If these gemstone Rudraksha pendants are worn according to the zodiac, then it is useful in keeping away from all troubles and filling them with wealth. The ruling planet of Aquarius is Saturn and it is the gem of Shani Dev. By wearing this one gets the blessings of Shani Dev and every work is done.

The Benefits of wearing Neelam Ratna Rudraksha Pendant:

  • If Aquarius people wear a sapphire gemstone Rudraksh pendant, then it brings progress in work.
  • By wearing this pendant, the people of Aquarius will never face any difficulties in life.
  • Due to the influence of Shani Dev, the obstacles in their work are removed and they move forward with their loved ones.
  • If the people of this zodiac wear Sapphire gemstone, then there is never any shortage of money. They do not find any shortcut to hard work.
  • They do the most difficult tasks very easily and slowly but gradually keep moving towards success.
  • If the people of Aquarius are going through financial troubles, and lack of money, even then this gem should be worn.
  • Even if the people of Aquarius are suffering due to Shani’s Dhaiya or half-a-half sati or antardasha or mahadasha, then wearing this gem is very auspicious.
  • Even if the people of Aquarius are facing problems due to fear of enemies or phantom obstacles, then wearing a sapphire gemstone Rudraksha pendant gives very good results.

Method of wearing Neelam Ratna Rudraksha Pendant:

This stone is worn on Saturdays only. It should be worn after the sun sets while chanting the mantras of Shani’s Beej Mantra ‘Om Shanaisharai Namah’.
Or wear it at an auspicious time in the auspicious constellation of Saturn.
If a student wears this Sapphire Ratna Rudraksha Pendant, then he puts emphasis on the heel peak to achieve his goal and never gets involved in immoral activities by getting misguided.

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