Ganesha Decorative (Showpiece)


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Ganesha Decorative (Showpiece)

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Use Ganesha Decorative because Lord Ganesha and their auspiciousness in home and office can result in positivity, prosperity and success in home and office.

Lord Ganesha is son of Shiva and Parvati. Lord Ganesha is known to be as obstacle remover. Ganesha is worshiped prior to any rites or pooja is done. Before starting any new activity Lord Ganesha is worshiped.

Here are the purpose of placing the idol of Lord Ganesha in our home and office.

People who have business or income which is depended more on their intelligence rather physical power are supposed to keep idol of Ganesha in their home or in office.

Ganesha is also considered as Lord of knowledge, thus if you have kids’ not studying properly placing Ganesha idol is very beneficial. In case yours is business of finance and education keeping idol in office as well as home will be great brining knowledge and prosperity.

In case you home is situated at dead end of road or street, which is not considered as an ideal location then placing Ganesha idol will grant the good fortune to the devotees.

Lord Ganesha idol or the picture is believed that it must be kept facing towards the North which is abode of the Shiva which will make him more happy.

Also remember that Ganesha idol or picture must be placed next to external wall. The Ganesh idol or picture must not be next to wall which separated the two rooms of home.

Ganesha idol must not be broken wood or the leaves. In case your idol is broken you need to do worship and then drown that idol in a water body.

Ganesha needs to be worshipped. Keep small bowl of rice below is feet. And do his worship and Arti daily.

Always ensure place where Ganesha is placed must be clean.

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