Durga Bissa Yantra Pendant


दुर्गा बीसा यंत्र को प्रतिदिन पूर्ण श्रद्धा से नमस्कार करके माँ से अपने सौभाग्य की प्रार्थना करने से भक्तों पर माँ की सदैव विशेष अनुकम्पा बनी रहती है ।


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Durga Bissa Yantra Pendant

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The Durga bisa yantra symbolizes the Goddess Durga. The yantra is a very powerful one and the one who has it is showered with divine blessings from Goddess Durga. People who establish this yantra in their homes are blessed with good luck in professional aspects. It is the provider of all the good and positive. When a person worships this yantra he gets all his desires fulfilled and also all his troubles are gone.

It is said that a person who has this yantra cannot be harmed by anyone but the Gods. People experience good luck in their educational and career path after worshipping this yantra. It is also helpful in removing poverty and all the money related issues. This yantra is among the most effective and famous yantras and worshipping it bestows wealth, family protection, good health and good luck to the Sadhak.

The Durga bisa yantra can be bought in various kinds and sizes. The most common is on a copper plate. It is also available on a copper plate which is gold plated. Another kind is embossed on an Asthadhatu plate. Asthadhatu is combination of eight metals and is rarely found. The yantra is also created on a Bhojpatra. Embossing this powerful yantra on a bhojpatra is a traditional method and is considered to among the best. This yantra can also be worn as a pendant around the neck. It is said that the God resides in the yantra and hence it is effective in any form but only when established with complete faith and sincerity.

It is considered effective to worship the Durga bisa yantra according to Adhayaya 4 and sloka 17 of Durga Saptashti as it helps to eliminate poverty. The sadhak will get the maximum benefits if he worships the Durga bisa yantra with different kinds of flowers and put in a smoke of a lamp ignited with black agar. It is also important the person performing the puja has complete faith in the higher power.

  • Prior to placing the Durga bisa yantra the person has to purify his body and free his mind from all the negativity.
  • Secondly he has to place the Durga bisa yantra on the floor in a spot which faces east and where he can perform the puja without any disturbance.
  • It is important to light incense or a lamp while performing the puja.
  • The sadhak must also place fresh flowers and fruits before the energized yantra.
  • Then he has to place the yantra at the spot along with the image of the God related to the yantra.
  • Then he has to sprinkle some water on himself then on the yantra with a leaf from any tree.
  • Then is the time to surrender and concentrate completely on the deity and pray to the God to fulfill all the desires and take away all the troubles.

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