Baglamukhi Yantra Pendant

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This product is extremely Pran-Pratishthit,Abhimantrit & Siddh (Energized) during Shubh Muhurat by our Vidhwan Pandit’s

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Baglamukhi Yantra Pendant

Pandit NM Shrimali explains.. Baglamukhi Yantra is used for power and dominance over the adversaries. Baglamukhi Yantra is a very powerful and an effective Yantra to get victory over the enemies and success in competitions. Maa Baglamukhi is eighth of the 10 Mahavidya Goddess of Hinduism. She is also known as Pitaambar Maa. Goddess Baglamukhi is the deity that controls this Yantra, by which this Yantra is charged with magical powers. Goddess Baglamukhi is the superpower who can destroy all evil powers. Devi Baglamukhi gives the devotee, the power to put an end to the enemies. Goddess Baglamukhi has been worshipped since Vedic times to obtain her blessings. This Yantra is worshipped in a particular star moment, at the time when Planet Mars generates maximum power. At the time of worship of this Yantra, we should wear a yellow dress, sit on a yellow aasan, offer yellow flowers and yellow beads.

Baglamukhi Mantra awakens innumerable advantages for all-round protection, prosperity, stability and it also protects against diseases, chronic problems, and accidents. A Baglamukhi Yantra will work properly if it is properly energized and activated by an expert Pandit Ji who is an expert in this type of procedures. A Baglamukhi Yantra is made energized with the help of Shri Baglamukhi Mantra with the help of some specific procedures. Bagalamukhi Yantra should be established on Tuesday at the pooja sthal of our house. Pandit Ji says, After taking bath Shri Baglamukhi mantra should be chanted 11 or 21 times before establishing the Yantra. Ganga Jal water or boiled milk should be sprinkled on it and we should pray Goddess Baglamukhi to get the desired benefits and then the Shri Baglamukhi Yantra should be established at house or office.

According to Shrimali Ji, The regular worship of Baglamukhi Yantra protects us from the negative and harmful intentions of the enemies and helps us to become professionally successful. It also strengthens the financial condition of the devotee. It fills happiness and harmony in our life. It relieves us from any curse that has been laid on us by anybody.

Pandit NM Shrimali, one of the best Astrologer of India advises some benefits of establishing an energized and Siddha Baglamukhi Pendant, which are:

The devotee is able to win over the enemies and also able to overcome the obstacles and achieve success and unhindered progress.

If you are stuck in financial problems and receivables then the worship of Shree Baglamukhi pendant if efficient to help you overcome your problems and attain your wealth.

Goddess Baglamukhi bestows her blessings always on the wearer.

The devotee enjoys peace and harmony always.

The devotee becomes financially strong and achieves growth and success.

Rosary to be used for Chanting Baglamukhi Mantra: Haldi Mala

Flowers used during chanting Baglamukhi Mantra:  Peet Pushp,

No. of recitations for Baglamukhi Mantra: 1,25,000 times.

Best Muhurta for chanting of Baglamukhi Mantra: Shukla Paksha, Chandravali, Shubh Nakshatra, Ratri.

Maa Baglamukhi Mantra

Om Hleem Bagalaamukhi Sarvadushtaanaam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Keelay Buddhim Vinaashaay Hring Om Swaha!

Maa Baglamukhi Mantra for Sarva Karya Siddhi

Om Hreeng Aing Kleeng Shri Bagalanane Mam Ripoon Naashay Naashay Mamaishwaryaani Dehi Dehi Sheeghram Manovanchhitam Saadhay Saadhay Hreeng Swaahaa!

Benefits of Baglamukhi Mantra

Chanting of Baglamukhi Mantra is said to have magnificent effects. Baglamukhi Mantra enables us to achieve victory over enemies. People who are in Politics and in the administration are advised to establish or wear the Baglamukhi Yantra. Baglamukhi Yantra can also be used by a person who is facing financial losses and losses in business, false court cases, false accusations, debt problems and problems in the profession. Baglamukhi Mantra helps protects us from evil spirits and negative effects of evil eye.

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