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Positions of good character planets in the horoscope, know the positions of the planets of some great people -Positions of good character planets

Positions of good character planets

Positions of good character planets in the horoscope, know the positions of the planets of some great people – Positions of good character planets

Positions of good character planets Guru Maa Nidhi Ji Shrimali has stated that by looking at the birth chart, one can determine which planets serve as servants to religious, spiritual, and virtuous individuals. In astrology, Jupiter is considered the planet of devotion to the divine. Positions of good character planets

In the birth chart, the favorable positions of good planets are as follows:

  • If Jupiter is connected to the first, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, and tenth houses, then the individual’s character is considered good.
  • If there is no negative influence of malefic planets on the ascendant (lagna) and if the fifth lord is connected with the ninth lord and the ascendant lord, then the individual’s character becomes good, religious, and spiritual.
  • In the birth chart, if the influence of Jupiter is not present on the Moon, even if it is not due to the presence of Guru (Jupiter) in the central houses, i.e., the formation of Gajakesari Yoga, or if there is an aspect of Jupiter on the Moon, or if the ascendant lord has moved into the sign of Sagittarius or Pisces, or if the Moon is in the nakshatra of Jupiter, and if the ascendant is also in the nakshatra of Jupiter, and if there is an aspect or conjunction of Jupiter with the Sun, then while analyzing the birth chart, consideration should be given to the ascendant, Moon sign, and Sun sign.
  • Here, an analysis is being done on the birth charts of some great personalities. Jupiter is placed in an exalted position in the ascendant. Due to its conjunction with the Moon, the Gajakesari Yoga is formed. When planets sit in all four angular houses, the individual becomes very great and takes the form of an avatar, being divine in a human form. Positions of good character planets

Planetary positions of some great personalities

Shri Krishna

In Lord Krishna’s Kundli, Moon is in the ascendant and Jupiter is in the fourth house. He has done so much charity to mankind. Mercury of the second house is sitting in its own sign in the fifth house. That’s why there was so much magic in the voice of the Lord and the flute played on his mouth. The second house is of the mouth and the mouth and the flute are related to the mouth, speech and voice. That’s why he loved the sound of the flute very much. In the horoscope of Gautam Buddha, Chandra Guru is sitting in the center. That’s why Gajakesari Yoga is formed. There are four planets sitting in the tenth house and Jupiter being Navamesh is aspecting the fourth house. Positions of good character planets

Gautam buddha

  The spirituality of Gautam Buddha is famous all over the world and his preaching has always been for the good of the people.

Guru Nanak Dev

In the horoscope of Guru Nanak Dev, the ninth aspect of Jupiter is falling on the Moon. He started the practice of Lagar for the poor and the afflicted by the sight of the Guru falling on the Moon and the compassionate Moon sitting with the planet Saturn. Did a lot of work for the betterment of humanity. Five planets are sitting in their center. The person becomes great if there are more planets in the center. Due to the relation of Lagnesh, Chaturthesh, Navamesh, the person becomes religious and spiritual in nature, so he spent his life in the service of humanity.

Jesus Christ

Gaj Kesari Yoga was formed by sitting with the Moon Guru in the horoscope of Jesus Christ. Moon sitting with Saturn has created a lot of compassion and kindness in them. Five planets in the center are making fame yoga. He became God by serving humanity. Due to partial use of time, he was shown to the people by being crucified. Positions of good character planets

conversion of bad planets into good planets Positions of good character planets

According to Guru Maa Nidhi Ji Shrimali, God Himself created the planets. The work of bad planets sometimes turns into good. For example, Rahu is the worst planet, but when this Rahu is affected by a benefic planet, then the person does not progress in politics and becomes a minister, goes abroad. When the effect of bad planets takes place, then the person has to go to the court-court or hospital. That’s why astrology is considered to be created by God. God doesn’t trouble anyone, doesn’t hurt anyone. Sorrows are given by the actions of the person and when God himself comes to earth in incarnation, then he also comes assuming the power of the planets. Positions of good character planets

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