Pitradosh Nivaran Pooja

Pitru Gan is our ancestor whose debt is on us, because he has done some kind of favor for our life, above the human world is Pitra Lok, above Pitra Lok is Sun Lok and above this, there is Heaven World.

When the soul leaves its body and rises up first, it goes to the ancestral world, there are our ancestors, if the soul has good virtues, then our ancestors also consider themselves blessed by saying that this so-called soul Blessed by taking birth in our clan, the soul moves towards Surya Lok on the basis of its virtue. From there onwards, if there are more virtues, the soul sends to the Sun world and goes towards the heaven world, but in crores there is only one half soul, which is contained in the divine, which does not have to be born again. And in the ancestral world, many souls again take birth in their clans, subdue their desires.


What is Pitradosh ?

When our own ancestors look at their family with a subtle broad body, and feel that the people of our family neither have reverence for us nor do they have any love or affection nor do we remember them on any occasion They do not try to repay their debts, then these souls are unhappy and curse their descendants, which is called “Pitra-dosha”.

Jyotishacharya Pandit Dayanand Shastri said that Pitra Dosh is an invisible obstacle. This obstacle is caused by the fathers being angry, there can be many reasons for the fathers to be angry, due to your conduct, mistake made by a family, shraadh etc. Failure to do karma can also be caused by an error in funeral work, etc.

Apart from this, mental depression, loss of business, failure to work according to labor, problems in marital life, problems in career or in short, in every sphere of life, the person and his family have to face obstacles in case of paternal fault. You cannot get auspicious results even if you have favorable planetary positions, transits, conditions, no matter how much pooja lessons, deities, deities are offered, you cannot get auspicious results.

The main reason for the defects of the unborn fathers is the wrong behavior done by the relatives, unquenchable desires, attachment to the property and consumption by the wrong people, wrong decisions by the relatives in marriage. Goes, the family curses the people and gives negative results with their power. Pitars with upward movement do not normally produce pitrhos, but they produce pitrhosal if they are insulted in any form or do not discharge the traditional customs of the family.

The physical and spiritual progress of a person is completely hampered by the Pitradosh generated by them, no matter how many efforts are made, no matter how many Puja lessons should be done, none of their works allow this Pitradosh to succeed. Jyotishacharya Pandit Dayanand Shastri said that for the prevention of Pitra Dosha, firstly it is important to know that due to which house and which type of Pitra Dosha is occurring? Pitradosh is considered by the Lagna, Pancham, VII and Dwadash Bhava in Janma Patrika and Pitru Dosha Janma Patrika. In Pitru Dosh, Pitra Dosh is considered in planets mainly from the positions of Sun, Moon, Guru, Saturn, and Rahu-Ketu.

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