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Pitra Dosha Analysis Report

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Pitra Dosh: Pitra means father, In Hindu Vedic astrology sun, is karaka for father. If the sun is placed in the Ninth house, the ninth house is afflicted and troubled by natural malefic or Lagna malefic. Rahu in conjunction with the ninth lord will be measured with Pitra dosh several times So we have need of Pitra Dosh Remedies


 The word itself decodes its meaning, that is, Pitra – forefathers. Anybody whose forefathers have committed some crime, mistakes, or sins, then the individual is having Pitra Dosh in his horoscope. In simple words, it is giving the Karmic debts of the families.


Pandit NM Shrimali JI says Brahma Purana reflects the occasion of Sharad very important. The Purana holds the idea that the god of Death, “Yamraj” releases all the souls on the day of Sharad to go and eat the food made by their children. 


People who do not do Sharaad, angry or annoyed with their forefathers return to their world without eating food, Children suffer from Pitra Dosh. Sharad comes on the eve of Krishna Paksha of Ashvin month. 


One of the Best Astrologer Pandit NM Shrimali Ji explains Pitra Dosha Analysis Report by Prita dosh. Pitra Dosha Analysis Report is very useful for your Pitra Dosh Nivaran.



There are mostly 3 types of Pitra Dosha or Pitru Dosham


  • The curse of the departed souls on their own family, if the family members fail to obey the basic requirement of doing yearly rituals for their ancestors.


  • The Curse of the unknown or known entity who was affected by your alive or departed ancestors.


  •  Failure to look after the elderly people and leaving them.


Pandit NM Shrimali JI describes the Effects of Pitra dosha:


  • It might delay the marriage.


  • It might destroy a successful married life.


  • There might be unsuccessful or failed marriages in the same family.


  • There might be a number of bachelors in the same family.


  • It might forbid the conceiving of children.


  • It might lead to miscarriages during the conceiving.


  • There might be a physically and mentally disabled person.


  • There might be unnatural deaths.


  • There might be robbery, fire or accidents in the house.


Pandit NM Shrimali Ji describes the proper Pitra dosh nivaran upay or Pitra dosh remedies. They will guide you properly according to your type of pitra dosh.


Pitra dosh Remedies are –


  • Aditya Hrudayam, Ravi Graha Shanti etc. Shani Graha Shanti etc.


  • Your manes will get satisfied if you will do Pind Daan, Tarpana, and worship on the date of death of manes in the Krishna Paksha of Ashwini month with sesame, grass, raw rice, couch flowers, and Ganga water. After that offer food, fruits, clothes, and contribution to the Brahmins to pacify your manes.


  • People who don’t know the date of death of their manes can perform all these activities for appeasement of their manes on the day of Amavasya.


  • If the people will adore the Peepal tree then Pitra will be removed.

  • Each Amavasya, placed Kheer in the ash of cow dung cake and recalled your names in the south direction and apologized for your mistakes and Karmas. It is one of the beneficial remedies.


  • Give respect to your father and other senior members of the family and take their blessings to strengthen the place of the Sun.


  •  Wear a Black Hakik stone, Chanting Mantras, and Pitra Dosh Nivaran Yantra. For Pitra Dosha Remedies

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