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Pisces April 2022 Horoscope English blog | मीन राशि अप्रैल राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Pisces April 2022 Horoscope English blog

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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and it is possible to solve them with the right guidance, so let us solve your every problem. Hello welcome, today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope of the people of Pisces for April. First of all, we wish you all a very Happy Hindu Indian New Year. This new year is about to start. On April 2, you all know that on the day when Chaitra Navratri begins, the new year also begins and we will reach Vikram Samvat 2079. And the festival of Chaiti Chand is also celebrated on the same day. We should also celebrate the Indian New Year in the same way as we celebrate the Anglo New Year. But according to Indian tradition, we should celebrate this new year because Chaitra Navratri is also starting on this day, and so do Ghatasthapana. Worship Maa Durga. Start this new year by taking forward our Indian culture by worshipping, havan, kirtan or religious rituals in your home so that the blessings of God remain on you and the coming year will increase happiness and prosperity for you. Now Chaitra Navratri is starting on 2nd April and is going to last till 10th April. The festival of Ram Navami will be celebrated with great pomp on April 10. We will make the birth anniversary of Shri Ram very lawfully. Mahavir Jayanti and Ambedkar Jayanti are coming on 14th April. Good Friday will be celebrated on 15th April and Hanuman Jayanti festival and Chaitra Purnima festival will be celebrated with great pomp on 16th April. So if we say that this month is the month of fasting and festivals then it will not be an exaggeration. The month of April is very special in other ways because in this month the zodiac signs of very big planets are going to change, then we know. The condition of this position of the planet’s transit in this month. Pisces April 2022 Horoscope English blog

First of all, let’s talk about the planet Sun, which is currently sitting in Pisces, which is also your zodiac lord and on April 14, he will become exalted and sit in Aries. We will get to see the very good results of Surya. The second zodiac change is happening on the planet Mercury, which is going to change the zodiac twice. Presently sitting in Pisces sign and on 8th April he will enter his friend sign, Aries, from Pisces and will again enter Taurus on 25th April. Mars, which is currently being exalted in Capricorn, is giving very good results. On 7th April i.e. at the beginning of the month, he will enter from Capricorn to Aquarius, which is his friendly zodiac. There is going to be a huge change in the zodiac sign of Jupiter. Till now the Guru was sitting in Aquarius which was his friend’s sign and now from Aquarius on 13th April, he will be sitting in his zodiac i.e. Pisces as a self and when the Guru becomes self-gracious then all the zodiac signs will give wonderful results. We have already told you about the change of the zodiac sign of Jupiter. You can get the benefit of the change of Jupiter’s zodiac sign according to your zodiac sign. Venus, which is currently sitting in its very friendly zodiac sign Aquarius, and on April 27, if it becomes exalted and will sit in Pisces, then the results of Venus will be very good. At present, the planet Saturn is sitting in Capricorn and in this month, for two and a half years, Saturn is sitting in Capricorn and the huge change in the zodiac sign of Saturn is going to happen on 29th April in its original triangle sign i.e. Aquarius. will enter. Although this zodiac change of Saturn is only for a very short time i.e. for two and a half months, its results will be seen very effectively by all the zodiac signs in their life. So you have also uploaded the blog of Saturn’s zodiac change, you can also get the benefit of it. Now talking about Rahu, Rahu’s zodiac change is also going to happen on the 12th of April. Till now Rahu was sitting in Taurus. And on April 12, Rahu will enter Aries, which is his even sign, from Taurus. Since Rahu and Ketu move backwards and move backwards, hence they are entering Aries from Taurus. Similarly, Ketu is also going to change zodiac with Rahu and they will also enter Libra from Scorpio. So these are the positions of planetary transits in April and as we told you, Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn are three big planets that stay in one place for a very long time. Their zodiac change is going to happen in this month, so this month has become very important anyway, according to the fasting festival as well as according to the planets, in this month we will get to see the results very effectively in our life.

Now let us know that if the zodiac signs of so many planets are going to change, then what effect will you see on this month, then let’s start. April Monthly Horoscope for Pisces. First of all, let us tell you that the monthly horoscope is telling you that it is based on the lunar calculations and is equally effective for both your ascendant and zodiac, so let’s talk first. Your zodiac lord Guru, who will become self-possessed by entering your zodiac on 13th April. A great man named Guru Hans will also make yoga in your zodiac. This Ascendant, the owner of the personality’s house, sitting self-confident in his own house, will give you great results, your personality will be full of moons. Discussions of your knowledge will be everywhere. Intelligence will be very high and people will be very impressed with you at this time. Many will consider you an idol. Will do management work in many ways and managing life can be managing family relationships or managing professional life. You will walk a lot in everything and balance will be seen. This time will increase your honour and fame. Will make you progressively progress in your work. From there, your relationship will also become stronger. Grandparents, uncle, tau bua, whatever are the relations of Dadyal, you will get very good benefits from them. The status of cooperation will be seen. Now since Guru is your Ascendant as well as Karmesh, then the lord of Karma Bhava should go into the Ascendant to form a great man named Hans, who is associated with the field of management, has associated with the business of scientific teaching, who has a coaching centre or knowledge. Whoever has the work of providing, that is, the Dharma Guru. There are astrologers, you have to do more speaking work in your business. For all of them, this period will not be an exaggeration if I say the golden period. Time will be of great results for Pisces sign people. Your chances of promotion at this time, your chances of increment, and the sum of the transfers you want at this time are yours. If you are involved in a government job, then because your Jupiter and Sun will have conjunction. Sun provides government jobs, so at this time all obstacles in government work will also be removed and your dream of a government job can also be fulfilled. You just have to try, you will be able to take advantage of the good times only when you try. Relationship with their father will be very good and strong. Along with this, the work related to marriage will be in your progress. That is, if you are unmarried, then you will get your perfect life partner to get married and this is the Guru who is sitting in the ascendant and being self-occupied. Will remove the obstacles coming in marriage. That is, the marriage will be completed and you will spend the day having fun with your life partner. will enjoy life. Pisces April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to the second place, the second lord is Mars, who is sitting 11th from himself. It is good for the second lord to sit 11 from himself, but Mars is sitting in the spending house, it is very important to balance the situation of expenses a little. If you walk by doing that then surely success will kiss your feet, that’s why you should balance and run your life. By looking at the budget, try to spend your money in a way so that you do not have to borrow from anyone and get rid of debt situations or if the debt cannot climb on you, then you will have to take special care of this. . This time is going to be a very good achievement for the people associated with the field of engineering. This time will bring you good progress and progress in your work. If any work is in your mind, then do that work, you do not need to think too much about it. You will get freedom from ancestral property-related disputes at this time and such disputes will be seen in your year. Everyone will be seen captivated by his speech. There is a little stress forwardness, it needs to be reduced a little, but you will reduce it. This time will increase the respect in your family. He will decide the path of your progress and progress. Now Mars is also your fortune, so sitting in the twelfth house of the lord of Bhagyesh place will cost a little luck. That is, your work will depend on your karma. Luck has not played such a big role in your life. You don’t have to rely on luck at this time. To become karmapradhan, just understand this thing that the students who are preparing for higher education. This is going to be a very good time for them. The dream of going out and doing a job will be fulfilled. If you are working in the field of any type of engineering or any IT field if you are a software engineer related to the technical field. You will get a chance to go out and represent your company. You may have to go out in connection with a project or you may get offers from outside by changing jobs. You can fix your job by going out. This time will help you in that too. At the same time, your interest in religious works will increase. You will be more involved in works like public welfare, and human service and such works will also increase your honour. You will also get the support of family in such works. The unfinished work will go on getting completed at a faster pace. The obstacles coming in them will now go away. Pisces April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now it comes to the third house Venus is the lord of the third house, which is very good for Venus to sit in the 12th house along with Mars. By the way, if Venus is a benign planet and the Sun planet sits in expenditure, then it does not give good results. But Venus is an exception, it gives very good results in the 12th house. There is the possibility of travelling abroad, increase in might, your fame, spread in the country and abroad, while your sphere of influence will increase, shopping for luxury items, living luxury, travelling to natural places will make you this time. You will get to see very good results from Venus. You will have to travel a lot because Venus is also your eighth lord, so you will have to travel, but be a little careful. No need to disturb tuning with anyone. Keep tuning. Whether it is your relationships, whether it is your professional life, if you keep turning, then you will get to see its benefits manifold. Your tuning with siblings is going to be very good. There will be good harmony and harmony in the family. With the help of elder siblings, you will also be able to overcome your problems. This time will appear to increase your progress and progress further. At this time some desires were going on in your mind for a very long time, so the time has come to fulfil those desires. Along with your desires, this time will also give you good progress and conditions of profit in work. Since Venus is also your eighth lord and Ketu is also sitting in the eighth house, then you will have to stay away from home. Will travel a lot. There can be many travels in connection with work, so these journeys will be pleasant and happy for you. Because Ketu gives good results in Rahu VIII, then Ketu will sit here and make you travel a lot, but those journeys will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Will be full of positive results. This is the time to run away from your enemies for a while. Your opponents will try to interfere with your work. Will try to tarnish your image. That is, a negative image will try to make you. You will silence such enemies with your actions and go to the office and help the people. If you stand and do your tasks consciously, then definitely no kind of dilemma will come in your life and the enemy side will not be able to spoil anything. You have to be very careful and should not be careless towards your work. You have to complete your tasks standing by yourself. Pisces April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to the place of happiness, there is Mercury, which is also your seventh lord, Sukhesh and the seventh lord is going to Mercury and are sitting with Rahu in your money house. Slightly aggravating those disputes which are family disputes can spoil the tuning in with the mother. Be a little careful. You will get good results from the rest of Mercury. From April 8 to 25, Mercury is sitting with Rahu. After that Mercury will come into your mighty house and you will get even better results from Mercury in mighty house. You have to be a little careful this time. Your happiness will increase. Competitors in luxury Competitive in everyday profit Financial condition is going to be fine. You can buy a new vehicle at this time. All the problems can be removed in the work of any property related transaction and your work will be completed easily. May this time is going to be very good for those who are associated with the technical field. Now the time will be very good for the business class. Progressive progress will be seen in business as the lord of the 7th house is Mercury which is sitting in the house of wealth and your fame will increase. You will be able to take your business to a brand level. At this time you will make your work with your bid. That is, any work wherever you got a chance to deal somewhere. There you will come out only after making that deal successful. Many dimensions of success will be seen deciding. If you work individually then you will get more benefits. If you want to work in partnership, then take a little bit of the feelings of the partnership partner. Do not try to move ahead by overtaking them. At this time, you will be seen as being successful in making your work with intelligence and tact. This time is going to be very good, especially for the artists. Especially for those who are writers and writers, this time is going to be very good, so if we talk about the life partner, then according to the life partner, you will get to see very good results of Mercury. Tuning with a life partner will be very good. Your work will go on being made and if you do any work with their cooperation, then surely you will get success in whatever work you do with their cooperation. If success will increase manifold, then you are also getting very good results from Mercury this month. Pisces April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to the fifth house, the fifth house is the Moon, which makes a person a little fickle. This time is not so good for the students. The distraction will be a little more and the mind will take a little less in studies. There will be many confused. Sit for a while then get up. Then go to play. Your mind will be very restless, but you have to remain focused. To increase your concentration, you have to study with concentration. Remembering your presiding deity, you sit reading while having darshan of Gajanand ji and make a firm determination in your mind that unless you finish your studies, you will not get up, then surely you will be disturbed no matter how much. You will rise only after completing your studies and if you do this then success will kiss your feet, you will achieve your goal. There is any concern related to children. Any sort of thing going on in your mind. Be it because of his versatility or his studies. Be it about career or behaviour, your worries will end now and if you treat your children psychically and talk to them with love and affection. Will try to explain them. If you behave in a friendly manner, then surely they will understand your words and will assimilate them too. By the way, your children are also obedient and emotionally attached to you. Therefore, if you feel that there is a situation of disorientation, then sit near them and try to convince them. This time will be very good for artists, whatever kind of art they are involved in. There will be discussions about your fame on social media and will try to increase your fame more. Hard work will pay off. Pisces April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now the sixth house is the Sun on the sixth house, which is sitting with the Guru in the Ascendant. Sitting in the ascendant of the owner of the disease house will increase your brightness a little. If you have or do not have any problems related to skin and eyes and related heart, then be a little aware of them because such problems may arise for you. If you are a little careful, then there is no problem of any kind. Balance your life a little bit. Yoga Pranayama Morning Walk Whatever you do, maintain it in a little continuity and get focused on your work through the routine. If you have a little health consciousness, then your other work will not be interrupted. Talking about the opponents, even if they want, they will not be able to harm you. Your speed will increase. You will get success in your work. When the Sun becomes exalted, you will also get very good benefits in your field of work, if any disturbances related to money and money were going on, then be systematic. If you get rid of debt situations, then you will get very good results from the Sun also because the sixth lord is the lord of disease.

Now comes the benefit on the house of profit, Saturn, who is becoming self-occupied in the house of profit, you will get to see the conditions of great profit at this time. The level circle will increase and some people will join the circle who will help you to increase your work in increasing your business. If you are employed then your chances of promotion are sure. If you want to open a new branch of your business, then at this time you can open a new branch of your business, the time remains very appropriate for that. At April end, on April 29, when Shani changes the zodiac sign when the beneficiary will sit one house ahead of himself, then you will get a lot of benefits from abroad. If your business depends on foreign currency, then you will see both momentum and progress in the business. At this time, there will be an increase in social honour and respect. You will get to see good bonding in the family. Manglik programs will be outlined at home. Since Shani will sit in your 12th house, then according to the 12th house also you will get good results. Anyway, even before that, Saturn is becoming self-gratuitous, in the sense of profit, you will get very good benefits from abroad and the plans that you have made in collaboration with foreign companies abroad or you have a dream, then it will be completed in April last for you and that dream The time to implement will come. That is, you will get to see very good results from Saturn. If you do import-export or handicraft work, then you will get success and you will take your business to double heights. You will try to spread your business in foreign countries all over the world and you will also get success to a great extent in it. So this is the monthly horoscope for April for Pisces people. Pisces April 2022 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates: 1st to 6th, 8th to 16th, 19th to 24th and 27th to 30th.
Inauspicious dates: 7th to 9th, 17th, 18th, 25th and 26th.
Lucky colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Green.


  • You should wear Pukhraj.
  • Worship the banana tree on Thursday. Light a ghee lamp under it. Do the story of Satyanarayan and worship Lord Vishnu daily. Recite Vishnu Sahasranama.
  • On Thursday, you have to feed the cow by mixing turmeric in the flour and mixing gram dal in it. This work will also prove helpful for you in your progress and progress.



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