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Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English | पितृ दोष उपाय | पितृ दोष से पाए छुटकारा | Pitra Dosh Pooja | Nidhi Shrimali

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Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English

Today we will tell you what is Pitra Dosh and how to get rid of it. First, let us know about Pitra Dosh. If the condition of Pitra Dosh remains in your horoscope, then many terrible consequences are seen by that person. Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English

First, let us know about Pitra Dosh. If the condition of Pitra Dosh remains in your horoscope, then many terrible consequences are seen by that person. Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English



  • The life in which he earns money but does not have money left in his life. Diseases reside in the house, there is an atmosphere of discord in the house, none of the family members can grow. The entire growth of that family stops.
  • If a person has Pitra Dosh in his Kundli, then his entire family related to him is affected by that Pitra Dosha, and the growth of the whole family stops. Progress stops and the person gets to see a lot of struggling life. Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English



  • So now how to get rid of this Pitra Dosh.
  • The most effective way is worship. Removal of Pitra Dosh through worship. Because worship is such a method by which we directly connect with the gods and goddesses, we invoke them and the first result from worship is to get rid of that defect in the most effective result.
  • Worship is very effective and in our institute, every type of worship from Pitradosh is done by our great pundits. Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English
  • In the auspicious time, by looking at the date-time, Muhurta time of that person, by fixing the day and according to the fault of that person, if you have Pitru Dosh, then worship of Pitra Dosh is Kalsarp Dosh, then worship of Kalsarp Dosh and if any type of your If there is a defect in the horoscope, then according to it, worship is done after seeing the date and time.


This worship can be done in two ways –

  • If the host wants to come to us and get the benefit of this worship through our pundits and nowadays, the importance of distance has become very high. Every person wants to save his time because many times he cannot come due to too much distance. Can’t get worship done Anyway, the corona period is going on right now, every person wants to get some worship done in his house, if someone wants to get his faults redressed, then how to do that? So for that online worship has been arranged by us. Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English

  • Now worshipping Pitradosh or doing any worship online proves to be equally meaningful as you do it by sitting yourself because worship is not done by you, not by the pundits, but by the pundits. First, in worship, we get the resolution, and then the resolution is taken in the name of the host who happens, so even if you are sitting, you will be given the resolution. Even if you come online and get the worship done, that resolution will be given and after getting the resolution, the full fruit of that worship is received by that host because whatever worship is done is dedicated to that host, through the resolution, the full fruit of that worship is received. Goes to value. So online worship is done especially by us, you can come and do live worship, and it is also done online. Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English

Method of worship

  • First, you have to keep your name, father’s name, and gotra in mind, and while taking the resolution, repeat whatever resolution is spoken by Panditji and complete the process of that resolution.
  • So the worship is started first by taking a resolution in the name of the host, and you know that Ganesh Ji is invoked first in every worship. Because every worship is considered incomplete without the first revered Ganesha, so first, Ganesha warns.

Shodas Matrika Puja

  • After that, Shodas Matrika is made and Shodas Matrika is worshipped.
  • There are sixteen goddesses in the Shodas Matrika, in which the total deity of your host is also included. Shodash Matrika and Kuldevi are worshipped.

Navagraha Puja

  • After that, Navagrahas are made.
  • Nine planets are established by rice and nine planets are invoked
  • After the invocation of Navagraha, all the deities are invoked, and this process is repeated in every worship.
  • Because we invoke all the gods and goddesses, then our worship is completed and those gods and goddesses are pleased with us and participate in our worship, only then we get the fruit of that worship, then the new planets and all the gods and goddesses are called. Goes.
  •  After that, whatever worship material we keep in the yantra pendant, that worship material is invoked. To energize them, they are worshipped in that worship, and they are installed there.
  • The purpose of keeping this yantra in worship is that after worship, we send that yantra to those hosts and after being energized by this worship, its effect increases further and when he is in his worship room. If I see him and establish him, then his effect is seen very deep and positive in that person’s life.
  • After that 10 Digpal, Adi Devta, Candidate Devta, Nag Devta, all of them are worshipped.
  • After that, our ancestors, who are our ancestors of three generations, are invoked through mantras, and to include them in worship, we request them to do our peace, which is Pitra Dosh, bless us. Do and make this worship of ours successful. He is called upon to seek his blessings so that we can progress in our lives.
  • Along with the Sun God and the Moon God are also invoked.
  • After that, Rahu Kaal is worshiped, and Pitru Dev is worshipped. Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English

Process of havan

  • After that, the process of Havan begins. Inside the havan, the mantras of Rahu and Ketu, planet peace mantras, the mantras of peace of Pitrueshwar are offered by them in that havan.
  • After that Pitrueshwar is offered tarpan and after that to end the puja, apologies are made. That in this worship, if any kind of error has been done by the Brahmin or by the host, any mantra has been wrongly spoken in the worship or any word is left incomplete or there is anything lacking in the worship, then all the Gods and Goddesses forgive us and offer the fruit of that worship to that host.
  • After that, this worship is concluded by giving blessings by the Brahmins and when the blessings of the Brahmins are received, then you understand that the worship of that host is over.
  • That host will definitely get the adequate result of that worship.

So in this way, the worship of Pitra Dosh is done in our institution. If you want to join this puja, if the position of Pitradosh remains in your horoscope, then you should contact us. Shri Radhe Krishna. Pirta dosh Nivaran Pooja English


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