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Numerology 9 2022 Prediction English blog | अंकज्योतिष 2022 | Annual Prediction – Nidhi Shrimali


Numerology 9 2022 Prediction English blog

Hello, today we have appeared in front of you with the annual horoscope of people with radix 9 according to numerology for the year 2022. Those whose date of birth is on 9th, 18th or 27th, all of them have a radix number 9. The representatives of Radix 9 are planets. You already know the nature of Mars . Mars is a very adventurous planet. Always ready to fight and Mars is also known as an angry planet. Very energetic planets believe in this and the effect of Mars is very high on the life of people with Radix 9. If your nature is also like this and more energy is in you people, laughing, smiling, joking, mixing with you people, adopting every tendency to get your work done, if your work will not be done then fight with the next If something seems wrong to go, then say that thing with impunity, a little straight forwardness is more in you. While talking, you miss a little while choosing the words and this wired behavior of yours makes your image negative. Such a situation also comes in your life. You are an all-rounder by nature, very enthusiastic. If any work is given to you, then with great enthusiasm do that work with a lot of dedication, but after that you also need praise. If you don’t get praise or encouragement, you get angry too. There is also a lot of annoyance in the mind that you have worked and you are not getting the balance. You are always ready to do very risky work. Because you are of a brave nature, you are ready to do the work which no person wants to do, then this is the character of the people with radix 9. Numerology 9 2022 Prediction English blog


How will the year 2022 be for them? The number of the year 2022 is 6 and the lord of number 6 is Venus which is a symbol of luxury, enjoyment, luxury, splendor. Rich is a symbol of happiness. The presentation of this planet is considered to be a symbol of presenting everything by making and presenting it. This year Mars is the ruling planet of people with Radix number 9. 9 The family of Radix 9 is said to be the same. On 3 6 and 9, then Radix 9 is friendly with people of Radix 6, so year 2022 will be very good for you. You will make very good progress this year. You need to channelize your power in a right direction. If you apply your power in the right direction at the workplace, then you will get to see equally good results. If you learn to present by making and grooming a little things, then you have this habit in you that the things you are like are the thoughts in your mind. You only speak to them and do not think. But this year 2022 i.e. of Venus. For this you need to know how to do presentations. You have worked hard and you have also achieved success, so if you present yourself a little bit, you will be able to achieve high success. You will get very good support and cooperation from the officers, they will support you everywhere. There are chances of transfer in your job this year, that is, this year is going to be very good for those who are in government jobs, there are chances of desired transfer and even if you do a job in the private sector, then your job change. You will make very good Circumstances and you will get better job this year. Any daring work like police, army, navy, whatever is the derring job, your selection in those jobs can also happen this year because it is the year of the friend of Radix 9, so this year your presentation will mean a lot. Numerology 9 2022 Prediction English blog


Family Status – People with Radix 9, reduce their anger and aggression a little. By the way, as soon as a person with radix 9 gets angry, he calms down as soon as he is a little careful, if he speaks after weighing his speech, then you will make a different place in the family too. The tendency of quarrels and depression resides in you, doesn’t it? I do not always keep taking out the sword, my point is right, I will keep my point, you will have to do that trend a little less, keep a little balance and walk. What you have not done for your family till now, like you take care of them, give them money, take care of their expenses, support them, but many times you miss the presentation like bringing gifts, giving surprise. If you give anything or any gift to your family, make it beautiful, then your image in your family will be even better. Family members will also be very happy with you. By doing this work, you will definitely get the support of your family. The same thing is in married life, this year will bring some different changes in your life. Some people will be attached to you. Many people will be attracted to you, but you will be attracted to a special one. You will not believe yourself, that you are getting attracted towards someone or they are getting pulled in front of someone but it is going to happen with you this year i.e. you will get your love one this year. Numerology 9 2022 Prediction English blog

Married life – stay away from anger, passion and aggression. The egoistic nature which is yours, I am right, my work is right, I said that right, or I said that right, that thing you should give up. Understand the feelings of your life partner as well. Support his characters stick. Understand their strength too. No person alone is perfect, only then if a pair has been created in God from above, then that person becomes complete. Having the support of my life partner, I became ego and overconfident, I do not need anyone, I made my partner and supported him. nobody needs Me. You should not have this tendency. This can spoil the married life.

Financial condition – Your financial condition is going to be very good. You will earn a lot of money. Especially the business class, which works related to minerals, if you are working related to the construction line, then this time is very good for the people associated with these areas. Being a security agency or if you are an engineer, a mechanic or doing any technical work, whether it is a small mechanic or a big technical work, this year will make you achieve great success in all these fields. Numerology 9 2022 Prediction English blog

Related to students – This year is going to be good for the students. Especially those who are engineering students, those who are associated with art and culture, this year will not only be good for them, but for those who are associated with engineering and technical, this year will also be very good. Presentation matters a lot, so do your work by making a presentation, like if you are doing any work in copy, then what you are writing should be written in beautiful writing. Keep paper work clean. Teachers will be impressed with you. Even if you do not want to get one or two numbers more, then the presentation matters a lot, so pay attention to the presentation. Numerology 9 2022 Prediction English blog

Health related – Anger and passion cause migraine problem. You may suffer from blood related disorders and be a little careful while driving this year as there is a possibility of a vehicle accident too. So for the people of Radix 9, we would say that be a little aware of health. Do not increase your anger and aggression so much that it affects your health. Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, whatever you want to add. Set a routine for a part of your morning. He will always keep your health fresh and keep you away from health related problems. Numerology 9 2022 Prediction English blog


  • Lucky Numbers – 3 , 6 , 9 , 18 and 27 |
  • Lucky Days – Sunday, Tuesday, Monday and Thursday.
  • Lucky Months – July, April, September, and June |
  • Lucky Color – Orange and Pink. Tomato Red Color If you avoid red color then it will be fine for you. Will reduce some of your anger and aggression.


Remedy for those with Mulank 9 :-

  • You should wear good quality coral. It will make your zodiac lord i.e. Mars of Radix 9 very good and strong.
  • Worship Hanuman ji must be worshiped this year.
  • Abandon non-veg and use green vegetables more in your food, then health wise and strength wise will make you more strong. This year you should be aware of the dangers coming in your life.
  • Must visit Shani temple on Saturday and worship Lord Shani.
  •  This is the year of Mata Lakshmi, so you should worship Goddess Lakshmi every day.
  • Read Shri Sukta.

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