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Numerology 8 2022 Prediction English blog| अंकज्योतिष 2022 | Annual Prediction – Nidhi Shrimali


Numerology 8 2022 Prediction English blog

Hello, today we have appeared in front of you with the annual horoscope of the year 2022 of Radix 8 with the help of Numerology. People with radix number 8 are considered to be very tolerant, very patient and hardworking. Those whose date of birth is on 8th, 17th or 26th, all belong with radix 8 i.e. their radix is ​​8. The ruling planet of Radix 8 is Shani and as you know Shani is the giver of karma, is a servant, the tendency to work remains in Saturn, similarly, people with Radix 8 are also very hardworking. Always go on working hard in his life without expecting and expecting from anyone. The life of people with radix number 8 is very difficult. You never get credit even if you do the work. Somebody takes the credit for your work and you keep working hard. With a slightly introverted nature, you belong and being introverted, you are not able to convey your point of view to people. They are not able to make their stature in society in the family. But if a person with radix number 8 goes ahead with his service and work without desiring any fruit, focus on his work, then surely he also gets unexpected success in his life. Either people with radix number 8 are very successful in their life or they keep fighting with struggles in their life. There is a tendency to speak your words by speaking less. Truth and truth-tellers are considered people. Basic character stick of people with radix number 8. Numerology 8 2022 Prediction English blog

How is the year 2022 going to be for the people with radix number 8? As you know in the year 2022, triple two means three times two is coming, but despite the three 2’s coming, their sum is being formed 6 whose lord is Venus and the friendship of people with radix 8 lives with Venus. In astrology, the planet Venus is considered to be the factor of love, gaiety, beauty, material comforts. A very different combination of Radix 8 and Radix 6 is happening this year. You will get material comforts only when you go on doing your work without expecting anything from anyone. This year can get you very good successes, but you do not have to think while doing work. If you have a hardworking nature, then go on doing work, if you go on doing work based on your hard work. If you support the truth and do your work honestly, then you will get the cooperation and trust of your officers at the workplace and on this basis, you will earn success in your life. Spiritual feelings are full of code in you, that’s why you lead a very simple life. Venus believes in very pompous luxury, too much show and Saturn always move ahead in your life with ease, so this year you would like to move ahead in your deeds by keeping your nature simple. You will also achieve many successes based on your hard work without expecting anything from anyone. For people with radix 7 who are business class, especially those who do grocery work, fruits and vegetables work. Whether it is the farmer class or if you do the work of oil from the minerals coming out of the land, then this year will bring very good progress and progress to the traders associated with these areas. You should be very loyal in your work and work hard. Go away, this fruit will automatically go on getting you this year. Numerology 8 2022 Prediction English blog

Family Status – Your family situation is going to be very good this year. Your love and dedication towards your family will be felt by your family members too and this year they will understand your importance, they will appreciate you, then whatever work you are doing, they will also be seen supporting that karma. Will give Although married life may be full of turmoil, with your hard work, you will be seen balancing your married life keeping your karma in mind. You can get cheated by your partner in a love relationship this year, so before making a partner a little bit, think ahead and move forward in your life with him. This year will also make you travel abroad with your family. You can travel abroad in the year 2022. This year will increase the happiness of your married life. If you will also understand their feelings, often you avoid your family life a bit in the affair of work because you are a workaholic but give equal importance to your family as you give to your work. It was about family life, married life and love relationship. Numerology 8 2022 Prediction English blog

Students – Those who are studying related to court or judiciary or preparing for CLAT. This year is going to be very supportive for all those students. You just have to avoid this external ostentation which is an external show. You will have to put full concentration on your studies, only then you will be able to achieve success in your studies. If you have success water in your life, then with these gadgets, stay away from TV, you will have to reduce your bond a little bit with the attraction you have towards the opposite sex. If you have to reduce travelling with friends, then this year will also bring you unexpected success. Numerology 8 2022 Prediction English blog

Financial status – According to the financial condition, this year is very good for you, that is, you will get to see as much fruit as you do. If you do good deeds, you will get good results. If karma is not so good, then the fruit will not be so good for you. Numerology 8 2022 Prediction English blog

Health – This year is going to be very good for you from the point of view of health. Will get a good health. Just a little health-related, that is, related to bones, related to muscles, you can have problems. Be a little aware in that matter, control your eating habits a bit and connect yourself with meditation, it will keep your concentration and mind fresh. Will keep the mind calm and will bring you unexpected success in life.


  • Lucky numbers and dates 3, 6, 8, 17 and 26 will be very lucky for you.
  • Lucky Vaar Wednesday, Friday, Monday and Thursday, these four days are going to be very lucky for you.
  • Lucky Months April, July, August, October and November These months will be very lucky for you.
  • You can use the lucky colour dark brown, blue and green in these colours. They are going to be very lucky for you this year but avoid the black colour as much as possible. This black colour can increase your problems, that is why if you avoid it, then the troubles in your life will automatically end.


Remedy for those with Mulank 8 :-

  • You have to go to Shani Mandir.
  • Oil is to be offered to Lord Shani on Saturday.
  • Light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree.
  • At the time of evening, there should be drinking pots or water purifiers near the drinking system in your house, you must have a sesame or mustard oil lamp near it every day in the evening.
  • Donate a black umbrella to a needy person.
  • Take out the payment of black clothes, black blanket and feet.

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