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Numerology 7 2022 Prediction English blog| अंकज्योतिष 2022 | Annual Prediction – Nidhi Shrimali


Numerology 7 2022 Prediction English blog

Hello, today we are presenting in front of you with the annual horoscope of the year 2022 of Radix 7, so first of all, let us tell you who are the people of Radix 7, then whose date of birth comes on 7th, 16th or 25th, all those Radixes There are 7 ones. The ruling planet of Radix 7 is Ketu, we also know Ketu as the planet of salvation. Ketu is a very confident planet. He does his work keeping calm. Ketu can bring resolution i.e. change in society, he also becomes overconfident sometimes. For the natives of Radix 7, they are very much influenced by the characters of Ketu, people are engrossed in religious tendencies. They are very adept at knowing esoteric secrets, esoteric science. His sixth sense is very strong and very good. Some are always engaged in research work like discovery. His category comes from the scholars and the person with Ketu i.e. Radix number 7 affects society a lot with his actions. Philosophical thinking These are considered philosophical thinkers. Their reasoning ability is very good, keeping the changing ideology, they move forward in their life, they are a little poet in nature, many people also know them as arrogant or arrogant because they mostly like to live in solitude. That’s why people with radix number 7 sometimes fall in their life alone, but they spend their life very well. Some new thoughts in their lives move forward with new concepts. Sometimes they get too affected by negativity. Known as a clear speaker, he is very good There are debtors too. They have a very good ability to keep their point of view firmly. Sometimes there are writers or lovers and they also achieve very good success in this field. This is what happened to the nature of the people of Radix 7. Numerology 7 2022 Prediction English blog

How will the year 20022 be for Radix 7? The number of the year 2022 is 6, it is related to the number Venus. Radix number 7 is Ketu, somewhere Venus, Ketu has become a yoga with the world. If they do not get along so well with each other, then people with a little radix number 7 will have to be a little careful in their professional life in their workplace this year. One will have to move ahead in life by renouncing material pleasures, material comforts and external pomp. You can present a little straightforward, which is in your talk, you can rotate it and present it in front of the next so that his mind will not be hurt either. The effect of your words will also be seen more on him. Persons with Radix 7 will have to make tuning with their officers and go this year, otherwise, there is a possibility of frequent change of location due to conflict situations this year. People with radix number 7 who have government jobs are also likely to get their desired transfer this year. You may get transferred because Ketu gets the place released. If you are taking any decisions, then have a little conversation with your co-workers or your co-workers sitting together and decide by respecting everyone’s decision because there will be confusion in overconfidence and loss due to wrong decisions. Maybe. Your future also depends on it, so a little bit of these things you have to take special care of this year in your professional life. Numerology 7 2022 Prediction English blog

Family Status – They are very loyal to the family. He is very concerned about his family. Something similar will be seen this year as well. Your priority will be your family. By giving a lot more time to family, you will move forward in your life. We will give importance to them and when the family becomes necessary for a person, then that person gives importance to his relationship to his family first of all in all his work. You can also be cheated, so be a little careful in a love relationship. There is no need to get too emotional with your partner. Try them first and then try to move forward in life with them. Married life will be full of sweetness. But sometimes your overconfidence can come in the middle of your relationship so keep ego and overconfidence a bit aside. There is no need for them in married life. You will get to see full support and support of life partners this year, they will walk shoulder to shoulder with you and financially also you will be able to see full support from them. Financially, this year will be full of fluctuation for you. If you are going to invest any money somewhere, then first go-ahead after researching about it 10 times because the wrong investment may increase your loss and bring your financial condition into fluctuation. This year, the situation of expenditure may also increase, so be careful after watching your budget. This advice will remain from my side to you. Numerology 7 2022 Prediction English blog

Area of ​​Education – A little Ketu can confuse the student class. This year will be full of ups and downs for the students. You will feel that you have memorized a lot but that study will confuse you in your exam and you will feel oh no my memorization was not so correct and don’t know what will be the answer, then you can see such a situation with you sometimes. can be found. To avoid these situations, while studying, concentrate and keep in mind, increase the concentration and then proceed in your studies. Whatever you are remembering, remember it completely and come to the next topic. Because if you do not do this then you may have to face negative even after studying the result. Numerology 7 2022 Prediction English blog

Health-related – People of Radix 7 should be a little alert and careful about diseases related to infection. Such diseases can trouble you. You may have to face problems like virus infection and a little immune system can be a week from it, so to increase your immune system, engage yourself with yoga, meditation, pranayama. There will also be a slight improvement in eating and drinking. If you use more juice fruits and dry fruits in your food then you will be able to move forward in your life with a healthy life. Make the diet a little systematic, then the problems will appear to end on their own from your life.

  • This year your lucky numbers are going to be 7, 9, 5, 16,25, 27, all these numbers will be very lucky for you.
  • Lucky War For you, Sunday, Monday and Thursday, these three days are going to be very lucky for you.
  • Lucky months for you will be July, April, August and September.
  • Lucky colour Light yellow or red colour is going to be very lucky and good for you.



Remedy for those with Mulank 7 :-


  • Ketu is the lord of your zodiac sign, so whenever you go to the temple, you must offer a flag in the temple, there is no need to be overconfident, whenever you are overconfident, you must listen to the voice of your mind.
  • Get out of the house with the blessings of the elders of the house. Before taking any big decision, discuss it with the elders of your house. After that, you reach that decision. You are a bit spiritual and religious.
  • This year your visits to temples will be more, so you should worship Hanuman ji a little bit.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly.
  • On Tuesday, take vermilion from the feet of Hanuman ji and apply tilak on your forehead.


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