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Numerology 5 2022 Prediction English blog| अंकज्योतिष 2022 | Annual Prediction – Nidhi Shrimali


Numerology 5 2022 Prediction English blog

Hello, today we have brought in front of you, the annual horoscope of the year 2022 of Radix 5. Those whose birth dates are 5, 14 and 23, they fall in the category of people of Radix 5. The lord of Radix 5 is Mercury and this person is considered to be intelligent. They can be called the guardians of the intellect. In astrology, Mercury is considered the causative planet of intelligence. The effect of Mercury is very much seen in their life. This person always wants to be happy, such a person does not like to quarrel. A person with this radix number is endowed with extraordinary talent. Such a person has the great logical ability, the ability to reason is very good. You people are very good debaters or you are going to move forward in very good writing. This year is going to be very good for the business class. People with radix number 5 are very adept at making decisions. Such a person avoids a little hard work and wants to do everything with technology and intelligence. You are always trying to find new ways to earn money. You are considered a rich man of dual policy. Many times you do or don’t get caught in this vortex trap and always you have two planes Plan A and Plan B and sometimes both the planes fail, then Plane C is also ready with you i.e. you can do your work. If you make it, then this person with radix number 5. Numerology 5 2022 Prediction English blog

How will this year be for the people with radix number 5? So as you know the number of the year 2022 is 6, its lord Venus and Venus have friendship with Mercury, so this year is going to be very good for the business class, but we will give advice to the business class that if you do business. If you want to start a new business, new work, then you should not work in partnership. You will get very good success in whatever work you do individually. You will see better growth in that. If you are in an all ready partnership, then be a little careful. You will have to take your partner along with you, otherwise, your partnership may be in danger this year. People who are in the medical field or work related to accounting, are associated with the banking sector, do any work of finance or are doing many jobs in the IT field or you can do any kind of work of your own. Yes, you have expertise in technical work. This year technical work like computer engineer, doing any work inside the computer related to website making or cybercrime, if you are doing any work, then you are doing any work to solve it or do something new in the internet world. want. For the people associated with such fields, this year will increase your fame, increase your progress, increase your wealth, that is, this year is going to be very tremendous in terms of the field for the people of Radix 5. Numerology 5 2022 Prediction English blog

Family Status – You will remain loyal to your partner in the relationship, although sometimes your attraction towards the opposite sex becomes more. Let’s see one, seeing the other, have made two or three girlfriends for timepass, have made two boyfriends, such a tendency is there, but this year you will find a partner in your life towards whom you will connect with your true heart and you will feel that This is my future life partner or my partner with whom I can spend or spend my whole life, then you will see such situations this year because this year is the year of Venus, so whoever has marriage, engagement or love relationship in this year. If the work is stuck, then they will go ongoing at a fast pace, that is, this year is going to be the best for Manglik programs. Radix 5 will be bound in a true relationship, you are very dedicated towards the family. It has always been your tendency to take your family members along with you and grow your family members with you and this year you would like to take your family members along with you. You will work on many new ways and new plans for their progress this year i.e. talk about love relationships. Talk about family members. And if we talk about marital life, then this year is going to be very good for people with number 5 i.e. Radix 5. Numerology 5 2022 Prediction English blog

Students or field of education – This year will be very good for people with radix number 5. You will get very good success in the technical field. If you are preparing for the entrance exam of CA, CS then this year you will crack it. If you get stuck somewhere in the final exam, then in those exams also you will achieve clarity, that is, you will achieve success and this year will be very good for the students. Whether there is any work related to debate or if you have the art of writing or if you do any kind of painting or any work of playing any musical instruments, then in all the fields you will have more progress in your way. If your vision will be clear then this year is also very good for the students. By the way, this year will also add to the work of media persons. At this time this year, the media personnel will be in a lot of booms. I will try to promote my channel in many different ways and if your radix is ​​5 then this year your channel will grow because of you and your fame will also be visible. Numerology 5 2022 Prediction English blog

Health – The work of Mercury is that of intellect, to think and those with radix number 5 think too much and over-thinking. A little bit you have to avoid overthinking, mental stress ie mental stress is not of any use to you. It can affect your memory. You may have to face the problem of forgetting, so be a little calm, keep your mind calm and sleep especially on time. It is very important to get up on time, it is very important to get enough sleep, so take good sleep and wake up completely after taking deep sleep and getting fresh, then your mind will also be fresh and you will not have to face any health-related issues or else the issue may come. Sir, there may be a problem related to the brain, any disease related to the brain can surround you, so stop overthinking, calm your subconscious mind and enjoy long and deep sleep at night. Make sure to complete your sleep from time to time. Numerology 5 2022 Prediction English blog


  • Lucky date 5 14 and 23 dates are very good for you, so is your lucky number. But apart from that 26, 24, and 6, these dates are also going to be very lucky and good for you.
  • Lucky War Wednesday, Friday, Thursday and Saturday, these days will be very good for you.
  • Lucky months will be for you January, May, October and December, these four months are going to prove to be very lucky for you.
  • The lucky colour green, white colour and blue colour should be used. These colours will prove to be very lucky for you.



Remedy for those with Mulank 5 :-

  • It is very important to do service and get the virtue of service.
  • Connect yourself with charity, now what to do charity, you have donated money somewhere, you have money lying with you, you do not have to do that, you can help someone physically or you have distributed any of your food. For the needy people, they have come with the things of need, they have given weight, if there is a shortage of any goods, if there is a shortage of goods, then you have given those goods or if there is some service work, then you have cleaned the false utensils of someone. done. In such services, you did the work of cleaning inside the temple. You have to provide such services. That too in public welfare and beyond your selfishness, that is, you should not serve in such a place which is your place. Don’t do it they’re not in your temple or your courtyard, don’t have to do it with your relatives, help strangers. Show participation in social welfare works.
  • You must wear a good quality emerald. This will strengthen your Mercury for you and will improve your results further.
  • You should worship Lord Ganesha.
  • Offer modaks to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays.
  • Use green vegetables in your food on Wednesday and avoid non-veg.

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