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Numerology 4 2022 Prediction English blog| अंकज्योतिष 2022 | Annual Prediction – Nidhi Shrimali


Numerology 4 2022 Prediction English blog

Hello, today we are presenting in front of you with the annual horoscope of the year 2022 of the people of Radix 4. Now you will think that who are the people with radix 4, then those who were born on 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st fall under the category of people with radix 4. The ruling planet of Radix 4 is Rahu and you already know Rahu. Rahu confuses and makes a person overconfident, arrogant, a little bit adventurous, that person has more. Wants to bring a resolution in the society. The tendency to run the whole world according to their own accord is found in such persons. The personality of people with radix number 4 is also similar because the influence of Rahu is very much seen in their life. They have more destructive tendencies. Always ready to fight, always remain overconfident. Listening to all the people, people also give them advice for the right, they believe that no one does, they do their mind, they feel that this work is perfect, what I am thinking is perfect, what I am doing is perfect. After that, if things go against them, then they come to the surface and become limited. Something similar happens to people with mixed personality Rahu i.e. Radix 4. They also get unexpected success in their life and make mistakes in their overconfidence at once and also get unexpected failure. Many sudden and surprising events happen with them and they get to see ups and downs in life. Problems do come in life. Numerology 4 2022 Prediction English blog

Talking about the year 2022, Rahu is the lord of the number 4 and the number of the year 2022 is 6, whose lord is Venus, Venus and Rahu do not have friendship, there is enmity. With this, you must have understood how this year is going to be for the people of Radix number 4. By the way, in the year 2022 also four are coming. If you do 2 plus two at the back, it is 4, but keep in mind that whenever you write the date, the year means that you write the year in the note, you do not have to write 22 in the copy, then you have to write the whole year. 2022 is to be written, only 22 is not to write the back word. It will be better for you. Numerology 4 2022 Prediction English blog

Now for the people of Radix 4, there may be some problems in the year 2022, your Confidence can harm you. You will have to maintain a friendship with the officers and gain their trust. It is not right for you to keep your words to cut them in everything. From the point of view of work, it will not be positive for you. If you do business with your co-workers along with your co-workers, people with radix 4 will have to make tuning with your employees. This year if you do not make tuning then you will feel failure and failure will keep increasing in your life if you make tuning or take care of the employees below you. Take your co-workers with you, if you work like teamwork, then you may get unexpected success this year, but just keep in mind that do not be overconfident. Also try to listen to the people because this year if you ignore the words of your officers, your family members, your friends, along yourself, then the problem can be very deep in your life, then there is a problem at the workplace. You need to keep tuning in. You listen to what people say. It is also very important to bring humility in your nature, due to being overconfident, a little arrogant, a little ego, you become too much, control it a little this year because it can cause you to see a lot of losses in your field of work. Especially those who are in government jobs and they will have to make tuning in with their officers. If you try to earn money in the wrong way by putting too much mind into the work, then action can also be taken against you, so be a little careful and aware of these things.

Now let’s talk about your family situation or married life or talk about a love relationship, then a little misunderstanding can happen in married life. Your ego inside marital life can spoil your relationship. Can ruin your relationship. Can spoil the bonding, already the relationship is going bad, so the year 2022 is not good for you. Be very careful. Take out the tendency to carry a life partner in your life, if you keep too much ego, arrogant is in your nature, then soon you may break up, the relationship may break, if you are left alone, then it is our advice that you should have a little bit of your nature. Will have to change. You will have to change your nature, only then you will be able to keep your relationship healthy and you will be able to move forward with your life partner easily in marital life. Numerology 4 2022 Prediction English blog

Talking about a love relationship, you have to be a little careful even in a love relationship. Your bond with your partner may deteriorate this year. There can be a breakup and it may take you a lot of time to make bonding back with anyone, so this year is not right according to your love relationship and according to married life. Try to listen to everyone in the family too. Parents, elders of the house should try to respect them, because if you do not listen to their words, then you can go through many troubles and many problems. So this year you have to take special care of these things. Numerology 4 2022 Prediction English blog

Talking about health, Rahu is the lord of Radix 4, this year you will have to avoid the problem of varies. Be a little careful with whatever diseases spread due to infection, stop overthinking a little bit, keep your mind calm because you can take mental illness over  thinking. You may have any kind of frustration, depression, this kind of problem can happen to you, so now it would be better for you to focus a little bit on yourself. Do meditation and try to remain calm in your life while meditating. You should not do any of your auspicious work on Saturday and Tuesday. This day is not auspicious for you, so avoid it. Do not do any of your urgent work on Saturday and Tuesday. You should do any of your good work, any urgent work, urgent meeting, any of your urgent work in these three days, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. These days are going to be very good for you, but you have to keep in mind that by being a little humble in your life while reducing your ego a little bit, keep your overconfidence a little under control. Listening to people’s views is also very important. Many times we ignore people’s words, we think that we are right, but maybe the next person is thinking right for us, speaking right, giving us the right advice, so take his advice a little. Try taking it. Try to take in a little. Try to listen, there is a quality in you that you become dominant over anyone, you feel your point of view is right and you do not want to listen to the words of others, but sometimes we should listen to the words of others. Sometimes even a small child goes away after teaching us a lot. Through our activities in things and things, we keep looking at it and think that if we have spoken such a big thing with ease, then we have to accept such things in our life. Only then can you get success in your life. This is very big and useful advice from our side, now we will give one more last tip that you have to keep the southwestern part of your house a little cleaner. There should not be any junk there, there should be no dirt, do not keep any heavy items in that place. It will also be very good for you according to Vastu. Numerology 4 2022 Prediction English blog


  • The lucky date for radix 4 will be 4, 13, 22, 31 and 28, so all these lucky dates are very good for radix 4 and can prove to be a lucky date.
  • Wise Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, this is going to be a very lucky day for you.
  • April, August, November and February, these 4 months are going to be auspicious for you.
  • You should reduce the use of dark colours a bit. You can use yellow colour because dark can increase your anger, your ego, you’re overconfidence. That’s why you should use light colours like light yellow, lemon yellow, cardamom, light green colour or light peach, light pink these colours will prove to be very lucky for you, then you can use these colours more.


Remedy for those with Mulank 4 :-

  • Always keep the southwest side of the house clean.
  • Onyx can hold good quality.
  • You must feed roti fried with oil to a black dog. This will reduce the problems in your life. A decision power will show you increasing.
  • You will have to worship Bhole Shankar. If you worship Lord Shiva, then he will prove to be very good for you, he will keep your mind calm. And will increase your confidence.

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