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Numerology 3 2022 Prediction English blog| अंकज्योतिष 2022 | Annual Prediction – Nidhi Shrimali


Numerology 3 2022 Prediction English blog

Hello, today we have appeared in front of you with the annual horoscope of the year 2022 of the people of Radix 3. Now who is Radix 3, whose date of birth is 3, 12, 21 or 30, they are all considered as persons with Radix 3. The ruling planet of Radix 3 is Jupiter or Jupiter, their influence is very much on their life. People of this nature or with this number 3 are peace-loving. Have a soft heart. Cheerful, sweet, soft-spoken. Make people your own instantly. He captivates everyone with his voice. Sharing knowledge The quality of leadership is found innate in these people. Move forward in your life with very positive thinking. The art of keeping oneself happy in every situation is found in these people, they are ambitious. They are fond of moving forward and they want to see every colour of life, want to feel them and want to live them, they have the qualities of an efficient administrator. Discipline is dear and if the person associated with it is also disciplined, then it ensures this. People with radix number 3 do not think harm to anyone but are a little straightforward. If there is any wrong thing, it is not tolerated by them. How will the year 2022 be for the people of Radix 3? Numerology 3 2022 Prediction English blog

The number of the year 2022 is 6, it is said that 3 6 9 are considered members of the same family, but the number 6, which is the number of the year 2022, is the number that supports 9 more. As compared to 3, Jupiter is a bit even in nature than Venus, so this year people with radix number 3 will need more effort in their work, although this year is going to be very lucky for you. Will increase your wealth, will increase progress, but despite that, you will have to keep trying continuously. If you keep your efforts low, then you will not get the result you want to get this year. You will get great success in the job. Your hard work will pay off, your officers will be happy with you. People with radix number 3 have leadership qualities anyway, so will always try to make you a leader like teamwork. Any responsibility can be entrusted to you this year in which you can represent your team and this good opportunity will bring you very good progress in the year, as well as the avenues of promotion, will open, you will be able to see the success you want. People with Radix 3 who are associated with education can benefit very well. If you add consultancy to your work, then you will get the benefit of consultancy this year because this is the year of splendour, this year is of luxury, this year is of travelling, of luxury because the radix 6 is related to luxury. Points, this year you will also increase your pleasures like land, building, vehicle. You will put a lot of effort into proving your efficiency at the workplace and will appear to be very successful in proving it. If you keep your ego on the side a little bit, then you can become even more successful in your efforts. Stop thinking small things a little bit and try to expand your knowledge. This year you will also feel that many people have come to give you knowledge. Every person who is coming is giving you advice, but you should also listen to their advice, you must take their advice. This will be very helpful for those with Radix 3. Numerology 3 2022 Prediction English blog

If we talk about the relationship of the relationship, then this year will give a new twist to your relationship. You will be in a romantic mood and your relationship will be seen getting stronger. If you want to get married in love marriage, then you will see many opportunities for love marriage this year. There will be feelings of sweetness in married life, a little bit of your own. You will be possessive about your life partner but your possessiveness will not be wrong. You will not be too over-possessive and your life partner will also like these things. With each other, you will appear to be forming a good bonding. This year will also solve problems related to children. If you are planning to extend the family this year, then the obstacles in getting your children will also be removed and you will get very good and good news. Your family can expand this year, so if we talk about a family, love relationship, then this year is going to be very lucky for you. Numerology 3 2022 Prediction English blog

Now come that Jupiter is in health, so a little bit you will have to take care of your weight this year. Avoid a few fried things, you may get to face a problem like cholesterol this year. Also, this year, you will have to be aware of the problems that we face due to your minor seasonal viral fever or due to the change of weather, because if you are careless then problems can disturb you. Nothing is going to happen. Health will be perfect, but you will have to set your routine life from regular to routine exercise, yoga, meditation, pranayama, whatever you do, you will have to give up a little laziness. If you call, do it today, do it today, so you will have to follow the policy of now. If you delay, then you will not achieve success in your work, you will be surrounded by health-related problems, this matter is equally important in the relationship, then this year will be very good for the people of Radix 3, but keep your ego in your side. You have to speed up. Numerology 3 2022 Prediction English blog

  • 3, 12, 21 and 30 are going to be very lucky for you.
  • Lucky day: Thursday and Sunday are going to be the best for you. On these days, any auspicious work can be done.
  • Lucky Month March, January, September and December These four months will prove to be very lucky for you.
  • Dark colors should be avoided. It can bring negative energy into your life, so try to use light colors like light green, light yellow, saffron or tomato, use this type of color. Mehroon color, dark blue color or black color, you avoid these colors a little.


Remedy for those with Mulank 3 :-

  • To increase the strength of your Jupiter planet in your life, use Yellow Sapphire as much as possible.
  • On Thursday, you have to use yellow colours more.
  • You must worship Lord Vishnu.
  • Worship the banana tree as well and light a ghee lamp under it on Thursday.
  • You must do the story of Satyanarayan.
  • If you recite Vishnu Sahasranama, then that too remains very good and useful for you.
  • Gold is very good for you so you can wear gold.

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