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Mulank 1 One 2022 – Numerology Prediction English Blog | अंकज्योतिष 2022 | Annual Prediction – Nidhi Shrimali


Mulank 1 One 2022 – Numerology Prediction English Blog

Hello, today we are presenting in front of you with the annual horoscope of the year 2022 of the people with radix number 1. According to Numerology, the people who are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th are considered to have radix 1 and the Sun is the lord of radix 1, these people have very high leadership qualities, they have a very daring personalities. They are not afraid of anyone and live life on their terms. There are efficient administrators and their interest in politics is very good. They are considered to be occupying high positions in government jobs. These people listen less to people and talk more about their minds. There is also a little bit of aggression and anger in them. are of a slightly dominating nature. Because of this, it is their nature to ignore someone else’s talk and pay attention to their point of view. This is the basic nature of the people of Radix 1, which we have told you.  Mulank 1 One 2022 – Numerology Prediction English Blog

Now we are going to tell you how well the year 2022 be for the people with radix 1, then the number of the year 2022 becomes 6, whose lord is Venus and the friendship of Sun and Venus is a little less. Overall this year 2022 will be full of ups and downs for you. But first of all, we would like to advise the people of Radix 1 that you should reduce your anger and dominating nature a little bit because it can spoil the work done this year. The beginning of the year i.e. the month of January will be very good for you, but by coming to February, you will come to know that now the new year has started i.e. you can get to see many types of ups and downs in February. 

Politically, if we talk in terms of the workplace, then this year will be very good for you, but at the workplace also you have to reduce your ego a little because this year will be very good for women, so you should give a little bit to the female co-worker with you. Should be given some respect. Keep in mind that people with radix number 1 have this tendency that whatever I am, I am everything in front of me, so reduce this tendency a little, then only you can achieve success in your life. If you bring a little patience and humility in your nature, then you will set new heights of success this year. Your relations with the officers will be very good. This year is very good for the students who are preparing for a government job. Also, if you work in the hotel business or do any work of food supply, you have a restaurant of your own, or you are doing any study related to hotel management, or your imitation of jewellery, textile market Whether it is your business or you do the work of Decorative Wall, Paper, Flower, Perfume and if you do the work of fashion designing, if you are associated with all these areas, then people associated with such fields will get a bang this year. Will get profit. This year you will achieve success in your field of work. But if you are doing business, then do a little tuning with your partner because the work done in partnership will not give you such good benefits this year, so understand the feelings of your partner. If you are already in Partnership if you want to start a new business then do it only on your own. Work independently, do individual work because the work done in partnership will not be beneficial for you.  Mulank 1 One 2022 – Numerology Prediction English Blog

If we talk about family life, then family life will be very good for you this year. There will be good harmony in the family. If you are the head of your household, then you will tend to take all the family members along. About every person, you will think about his progress and progress. Talking about married life, your married life will be very good. In marriage life, you will respect the feelings of your life partner. Will take them along and this year if you do any work in his name, then you will get to see very good benefits and very good benefits in it. Love relationships will culminate in marriage this year, that is, very good yoga for love marriage is being made for you this year, so those who are in a love relationship, get ready. For marriage, you will get the life partner you want in your life. If you are looking for a love partner this year and want to propose to someone, express your feelings, then propose to him or her. You will get a very good love partner.

If we talk about any suspicious programs in the family, this year if your children or your siblings have become marriageable in your house, then discussions of their marriage can go on in the house. Manglik programs can start and a wedding-like atmosphere will be seen in your house. There will be an atmosphere of family harmony.

Now if we keep talking about the student, then sometimes destruction will come in studies, especially the problem may come, let the medical students concentrate a little on their studies. At this time, your discussion will be towards the opposite sex, that is, like you girls, your attention will be towards boys. In the affair of a love relationship, you can ignore your studies a bit, so focus on your studies first. But if you have worked hard then you will get the results according to you. But if you carelessly turn your mind somewhere else, then you will not be able to achieve your desired results in studies this year. We would advise the students that they have to pay a little more attention to their study, you have to make a goal of yourself and chase the goal, only then you will be able to achieve success. Mulank 1 One 2022 – Numerology Prediction English Blog

Now let’s come to health, if we talk about health, then this year you may have problems related to eyes, take care about that. Patients with slight BP should take some care as their health may be fluctuating. Sugar patients should also be a little careful this year. You will not have any major health-related problems. A little bit inside your routine life, you should bring yoga meditation, pranayama, gym exercise morning walk, if you are not yet connected with these things, then you should join because it is very important for your health. 

What will be your important dates this year, which dates can prove to be very lucky for you, in which you can do any auspicious work, the dates are 1, 2, 7, 9, 10, 11, 17, 19, 26 and 28th | Mulank 1 One 2022 – Numerology Prediction English Blog

Now let’s talk about which war will be auspicious for you this year. So if you do any work or any auspicious work, if we say, on Thursday, Sunday and Monday, then that work will be very auspicious and fruitful for you. If we talk about the month, then January, March, June, July and September will be lucky months for you, this month will be very auspicious and fruitful for you.

Now let’s come to your lucky colour, which lucky colour is going to be for you this year, then yellow, green and tomato colour will prove to be very lucky for you. Mulank 1 One 2022 – Numerology Prediction English Blog

If you are going to eat out on lucky dates, then definitely come to any restaurant by giving tip to the waiter. Mulank 1 One 2022 – Numerology Prediction English Blog

Remedy for those with Mulank 1 :-

  1. You have to give Arg to the Sun God.
  2. You should recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra regularly.
  3. Respect women and if any indecent behaviour or any misbehave is happening with any female colleague then definitely you should speak at that time.
  4. Gift chocolates to small girls on Friday
  5. You can also wear a good quality ruby.

For the people of Radix 1, we will give this advice that with a little restraint and with patience, you should proceed in your life by keeping your speech in mind because the effect of your speech can be very deep on every person.


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