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Mithun Rashifal March 2021 | मिथुन राशि मार्च राशिफल – Gemini horoscope | March Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Gemini Rashifal February 2021  मिथुन राशि मार्च राशिफल

Hi. Today I have brought for you the monthly horoscope of the month of March for Gemini people, but the month of March holds special significance in itself, because there are two special festivals in this month which are known in the great spirit of Indian culture. On March 11, Mahashivratri, which is the festival of Bholenath, is considered to be the biggest Mahaparava of Bholenath. Whatever is the worship of Bholenath performed on this day, we get many times more results. On March 28, the festival of Holika Dahan will be celebrated with great pomp. On March 29, it is Dhulendi which is a festival of colors. There will be plenty of colors all around, and since last year we celebrated this festival with great pomp, and after that no festival was celebrated throughout the year. That is why, after completing the cancer for a year, we are celebrating the victory of good over evil on Holika, which extracts thousands of varieties, so congratulations to all of you on this festival of colors. How will the positions of the planets be for us this month. The horoscope depends on the position of the planet in transit. So first of all, the Sun planet is currently sitting in Aquarius, that is, your fate place and on March 14, they will enter your karma house in Pisces from Aquarius. On the other hand, Mercury which is currently in Capricorn, that is, Mercury in your mother is in your Ascendant, you are also your zodiac lord, therefore Mercury is sitting in the eighth house, but it is a matter of great concern that Mercury is in your destiny in Aquarius from Capricorn on March 11. After sitting in it, after that you will get to see the result after Mercury i.e. Since you also have great differences, they will give you very good results. At this time, Mercury is sitting retrograde and after March 11, when he sits in your fortune sign Aquarius, then he will become wayward. Venus which currently sits in Marathi. The Sun is seated along with the Sun, the Sun is on the 14th and Venus planet on March 17, Pisces Pisces will be sitting on a high in your karma house and you will see a very good time. Panchmesh Saturn Venus and Panchmesh will be sitting on a high, bringing you very spectacular. Anyway, sitting in the fifth house of Panchamesh and then sitting in high and high karma in the higher sense has brought you very good results. Mars, which will be sitting in this mother Taurus, but along with Rahu, create Mars in the Taurus sign of Mars. Only Mithun is becoming an Angarak Yoga in all zodiac signs, while the combination of both Guru and Shani will be seen in Capricorn, ie in your system. Through Guru Neecha and Saturn will be seated in Capricorn, ie in your nature. Ketu planet, which is sitting in the Scorpio zodiac, will be sitting in your sixth house and after that the results will be seen by you, but for all zodiac signs, this month’s position of Kalsarp is why you can prove your work only through hard work, only by understanding can you prove your work. Gemini Rashifal March 2021

Family Status

Gemini Rashifal March 2021 – If we talk about the family situation, then there is Lagneesh and Sukhesh Mercury who are the masters of your mother’s place and are seen from Dadidayal, so this is the time for you to see very good results from the Dadidayal Paksha masters and mother farmers. But tuning with grandparents may be impaired. Their health may worsen, some differences with your loved ones are likely to be ideological. Do not have an argument with the mother at all, because you and your mother’s relationship will be spoiled due to the debate. Mothers never think of their children as bad, you should keep in mind that by tying the boundary knot, that every mixed result for the mother will be able to keep balance in your mind as much as the thinking goes on in the family situation and the mother Having differences with the family will make the situation worse, so at this time you will have to take a lot of care with your mother. Anything that hurts their heart, your fluency will continue from there. Social honor and respect will remain. Social honor and respect will increase. Please avoid it a little bit on ancestral property disputes. Right now you have a situation of confusion in your mind and your family members will also see a limit of confusion in your mind, if you do not take such big decisions then it will be better for you. They will also fully support you. Will guide you and try to overcome your difficulties. Reply Very good support you will get to see this month. Brother ie Surya, who is sitting in the destiny place, then the seventh person was putting his seventh vision on his own house, after that, by going in a senseless way, you will get the benefit of work from the brothers. Can overcome You will be able to help in solving any major crisis on you, while you will also be able to help them pass any tender and you will have very good relations with siblings. If we talk On the child side, the brother of the siblings from the child side and the merits of both the sons of might and power of Panchamesh, first of all your luck and then in karma, this time will be very supportive from your child too if your children are your Will fully support you in your equal work, so that your work will pick up pace and will get you in a position of good profit, will work hard, it will give you a lot of critical benefits for your time because of their hard work. Has happened.
With the support of your child, time will again be full of pleasant and pleasant feelings. If the situation of good profit will increase your confidence level then good news will be received from the child. If the child is small, she will make you feel proud through art through sports, through activities, through activities. You will get very good support from your children and very good news from them. Proud will appear on his children. On the other hand, if we talk about life partner and love affairs, then you will have to face some ups and downs in love affairs this month, because Guru is sitting in the eighth house through a lowly Guru, sitting in a lowly position will disturb your life a little routine life. Due to lack of coordination with your spouse, you will be interrupted by a little work in your daily routine life, but the spouse will tell you in detail about life. In Nanihal, you have to take special care of maternal grandfather’s health. Some major diseases like Dengue Chikungunya Malaria Typhoid Cholera which spread through infection can be transmitted to all infected diseases. Keep this in mind especially that you will get very good support at every step. At the same time, your tuning with your father will bring mixed results, there may be some differences with your father. So take advantage of the fine tuning that you have with your mother, your mother will stand as a link between you and your father and act as a bridge to strengthen your relationship and reduce the distance in your relationship. Could. This will be your mother’s first objective between you, then fulfill your wishes to get your father back and be respectful of them. If there are some differences with you, then sit down and try to resolve them through conversation, otherwise the differences with your father will go on for a long time and you may have to face a lot of problems from him, so soon if a friend who is near Our parents are close friends of the family, the distance should not come in those relationships at all. If there is little misunderstanding, then it is better to clear that misunderstanding in time. So if you have to walk in relationships with your father with a little thought, then this family situation – Gemini Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Gemini Rashifal March 2021 – If we talk about the financial situation, then we see three places, ie, profit, pleasure, and wealth, if we talk about these three places, then it is a poor sum for you anyway, the center place in your horoscope remains empty If yoga is formed, then this month means for half a month, till the sun is in Pisces on March 14, that is, your karma for half a month, you may have to do a little straggle in your financial position. So they are sitting and going, but they are creating Angarak yoga with Rahu, which is not considered good. Work will be hindered for you. There will be some money, the problem of taking some loans, financial situation, incest or false accusations, you may have to face many such situations this month, so you should proceed with great caution and seek help from someone in your financial matters. It will be better for you to solve your financial matters by taking advice from someone big. At the same time, the lord of your place of happiness, Mercury, who will go in the eighth house, will also bring a little politics in your life. However, on March 11, if Mercury moves from your system to your destiny, then there will be any reduction in your happiness, but before that those who are wet in the flour, ie in the economic condition of the Bengali, can become destitute and create hospitals daily. Small electronic items broke down in the house; Sometimes, money was spent on repairing the house, sometimes on the vehicle. Sometimes I had to travel suddenly. If you have to spend some time in diseases, then you may see some such problem, but these conditions will last very long. The half-mother back door will position us for your benefit. This will help you in normalizing this situation, which means if you look at it financially, then this month will be full of ups and downs for you. Yes, you are vacationers, so keep financially in mind that you should spend as much as needed, unrestrained expenses can make your financial situation more turbulent. Do not fall into any debate with anyone, because the atmosphere of the debate will also harm you. Your differences with your staff will emerge with your staff. Chances of going to work are made. Your own work will be disturbed. You will have to face some interruptions. So don’t argue at all. It is very important for you to walk honestly to avoid false accusations. Therefore, this month, you should proceed with your honesty. Anyway, we get good and positive results out of honesty. Lakshmi gets a permanent result, but dishonestly earned money does not last permanently for us. Very quickly, that money is spent in problems only among people. is. Therefore, you should not try to take bribes at all this month, otherwise, you may get caught in a lot of trouble. To avoid false accusations, keep your work clean and work with such cleanness and vigilance that no one can accuse you falsely and if you get caught in this charge yourself, then you should take such precautions for the month You will have to move forward. – Gemini Rashifal March 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Gemini Rashifal March 2021 – Talking about education, career and business, we will first talk about the student because these results will be seen by the students. Through education, he will be seen illuminating the names of his school teachers and his parents. At the same time, he will honor his energy through many sports. Panchamesh or the fifth place is a place of education and if you sit fifth by yourself, then sit fifth from Panchamesh and sit with the lord of mighty spirit and sit with the Venus of Sun-Venus and luck will increase your power and will increase your happiness this time. Whatever problems in life will end, your path, your goal will start to appear clear to you. This is going to be very good for you from every point of view, because this time will take you further, will increase your progress, your power will increase your power. Time is going to be very good for all the players who are billed by sports. If you are preparing for post-graduation then you will get the desired college as there are chances of good profit. After getting many scholarships, you will enroll in your college, you will also get a scholarship and you will also be studying and along with a scholarship, you will also get work. This time will also be for you to study abroad. Now, if we talk about career, then the master of career sense is the master and the master is the master of the business class of your business, that is, the master of the seventh house, the master is also the master. There are some hurdles, but if the work is not able to be successful, the condition of Kalsarp is also there. If the work of a person gets stuck within the position of Kalsarp, then some such positions will be seen with you in the month. The work that is being done will be stuck, after going hundred times, you will have to start back from zero, you will not get the results you want as you work hard, which will also generate feelings of disappointment in your mind. With a little thought, you will have to remove this time that this time is so good and favorable for you, neither from the point of view of career nor from the point of view of business, that is why you should move forward in your work by thinking. If possible, try to complete your pending tasks as well. This time will not be the beginning of new work. However, it will recover after half a month of every month. Poor yoga will be over, both Sun and Venus will sit in your karma sense so that you will end your poor yoga due to sitting in the center.
Then your work will begin to be made. You will see growth in work, but till then you will have to sacrifice a little bit in your work. We have to invest in the business. If possible, do not trade in the partnership at all. It can prove to be very harmful to you. The partnership can be broken. If you want to start a new work then do individual work. You can open a consultancy service or do any work related to management, it will give you very good benefits. Gemini Rashifal March 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Gemini Rashifal March 2021 – In the case of a life partner and love affairs, if the guru is sitting in the seventh house in the seventh house, he is not good for you by taking such good results, then be a little careful and as much as you can remove this action with caution. It will be better for you because this time will not give you the result you want. This will create confusion between you two to create mission styling. This time to spoil the married life, therefore, this time will have to be removed very carefully. Restrain your speech. Problems of anger control will be solved in the same way, so a little restraint, while showing patience, understand the feelings of the spouse. If there has been some debate about something, then speaking loudly together can spoil the relationship of both of you if it is appropriate to keep each other calm. This is the first sutra of married life, so you must also keep this in mind this month. At the same time, this time is not so good for you even in a love relationship. You may have a misunderstanding with a girlfriend or girlfriend and there can be a break-up. A breakup can also happen, so be careful and move forward. If you are examining someone, then after completing it first and then after doing a thorough investigation, then move on to a serious relationship with him, it will be right for you. If your words can be even, then you have to be a loving relationship with a little care and care for a simple and married life. – Gemini Rashifal March 2021


Gemini Rashifal March 2021 – Talking about health, the owner of the disease is Mars, which will go and cost later, this time you will have a lot of problems related to blood being BP sugar, problems like getting blood pressure and some problems related to blood circulation with some problems. Sometimes blockage occurs. There may be some blockages in different parts of our body, or the chances of accident of falling blood due to surgery due to cuts, see this month, Mars, who is the master of disease, and is spending time making coals of fire. So these things are a little critical for you, you have to take full care of this month. Do not be careless, add yoga meditation pranayama dream and eat healthy things as much as possible. Avoid fried fried things. BP may be flat, thyroid problems may occur and cholesterol may also increase. Therefore, you will have to be bothered by even a little fried roast. Also take care of hygiene, keep the surroundings clean and tidy. Keep your house absolutely clean because you will have to avoid infection-transmitted diseases as these diseases which cause some problems related to the infection in the sense. That is why it is better for you to take care of hygiene as much as possible to avoid infected diseases. – Gemini Rashifal March 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

In every way towards the measures, this month is not looking good for the people of Gemini, then you will have to take some measures. First of all, see that there are two mahaparvas in this month, so on these two festivals, you should worship with all your heart. Worship If you do Rudrabhishek inside the house, then only you can connect with the puja. If you can enjoy this puja at your home, then first of all, do anointing of Bholenath and do Rudrabhishek and sprinkle it in the whole house so that the person who follows Rudrabhishek will end the negativity in your relationships. Same to you. Taking five lotus seeds, adding two cloves, three black betel nuts and five Gomti Chakras, you can roam seven times on the day of Holika Dahan, by making seven rounds of Holika fire and then rotating seven times from each member of your household and then Burn it inside the fire. This will improve your financial condition and you will receive the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and worship the Sriyantra. On the day of Holika Dahan, wrap a rosary of lotus on top of Sriyantra and recite Shri Sukta. You will get the permanent blessings of Maa Lakshmi from this. These were some measures that you must do. Be healthy stay busy stay cool always smile. Sri Radhakrishna. – Gemini Rashifal March 2021


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