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Mithun Rashifal February 2021 | मिथुन राशि फरवरी राशिफल – Gemini horoscope | February Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Mithun Rashifal February 2021 | मिथुन राशि फरवरी राशिफल

Mithun Rashifal February 2021 – Hello, I have brought before you the monthly horoscope for the month of February in Gemini. The month of February is special anyway because there are two special festivals in this month. Gupt Navratri will start on 12 February which is going to last till 21 February and the festival of Basant Panchami will be celebrated with great pomp on 16 February. This festival is considered a symbol of the arrival of spring and on the day of Basant Panchami we worship Maa Saraswati. Especially this puja is done for the students. It is especially beneficial for all those who study. And this festival also has special significance for those who are doing education in this profession. On this day, we worship Maa Saraswati and ask for her boon of learning. So because of these two festivals, the month of February is going to be very special for us. How will this month be special for Gemini people. Let us first talk about the position of the planet transit. What will be the position of the planets this month? So, first of all, talk about the planet Mercury, which is presently sitting in Aquarius and on February 4, they will be backward from Aquarius and will sit in Capricorn, ie, in your eighth house. Sitting in the eighth house of retrograde Mercury will not give good results. The Sun, which is currently seated in Capricorn, and on February 12, they will be seated from Capricorn in Aquarius, that is, from your eighth house to your ninth house. When the Sun goes from VIII to the 9th on February 12, then you will start giving the right results. The planet Venus which is currently sitting in your eighth house and on February 21, they are going to enter the Aquarius from the eighth house i.e. the ninth house i.e. Capricorn. Mars, which is currently sitting in your Eleventh house, sitting as an eclipse in Aries, and till February 22, they will be sitting in your Eleventh house only. On February 22, he is going to create Angarak Yoga from Aries in Taurus, i.e. with Rahu in your 12th house. Ketu will remain in the Scorpio zodiac sign this whole month and Saturn and the guru will be in Capricorn. Saturn is self-occupied and will remain seated throughout this month through Guru Neecha, so these are the positions of some planets that we will get to see this month. The combination of the five planets will continue from February 5 to February 12 and if they are seen in your eighth house, they will not have such a good effect, I will tell you during the horoscope. On the 10th of February, the Moon will join with Pisces and there will be a combination of six planets in it. Go ahead and know what will be the effect of this combination on the Gemini sign and how will this month be for you. – Mithun Rashifal February 2021

Family Status

Mithun Rashifal February 2021 – Let us first talk about the family situation. If I talk, then the lord of the sense of personality, i.e., Lagnesh belongs to you, who is the lord of your place of happiness and has been sitting in the eighth and on February 4, he is sitting in the eighth. Earlier, you were sitting in your destiny place, so far you were giving very good results, but as soon as you go from your destiny in your eighth house, you can get a lot of negative results of Mercury. At this time you will get to see a lot of changes in your personality. You will not be able to express your things. You will work hard and someone else will take it. You will not get enough fruit. The tendency to work will be less in you. You will keep down the trend of people’s cooperation. There can be slander about anything in the society. There are many such problems that you may face to make false accusations. So this month, you have to be very cautious while controlling your personality very much, controlling anger and introducing restraint and increasing the level of maturity. There will be some drastic atmosphere from the in-laws too. You will get the same punctuation in relation to your Dadial at this time. You may have feelings of concern about the health of grandparents. At the same time, tuning with all these along with the grandparents along with the uncle along with the tau may deteriorate. So far, the relationship which was going on very sweetly, there may be a situation like putting pebbles in calm water. That means waves can arise and you will have to take care that these differences are not deep. Your relationship with the same family has brought mixed results. There will be a situation of misunderstanding, sometimes soft things of the family will not come out. If the things of your family have spread around the society and a negative image is being created, then it will take you a long time to improve this image, so do not let your family differences reach the society. Try to improve your image and if you improve the negative image that is becoming a negative image in society, then it will be better for you. At the same time, the Sun, which is the lord of your place of might, is sitting in the eighth, he will not give you such good results till February 12, but after February 12, when he will come to your destiny and sit in it. And later you will come to luck, then you will start giving some fine results. Whatever differences you had with your siblings at that time will go away and fine tuning will be seen with your siblings. Supportive nature will be theirs and the disputes between you all will be over. At the same time, your tuning with the mother will continue up and down with mixed results. Therefore, you have to be very careful and calm this month. Your relationships also have to be handled very collaboratively. Venus, the lord of your child’s house, who is seated in Capricorn, and he will go from Capricorn to Aquarius after February 21. You will have to remove time till 21 February very carefully. You will generate feelings of concern on behalf of your child, you will be worried about his future. You will notice some of his small things and his behavior towards you will not be so positive. A rebellious attitude is going to be theirs towards you. Whatever you talk, he will consider them upside down and try to follow them upside down. At this time you will have to be in a relationship with your child very well. Your married life will not be so good that if the lord of the married house is sitting in the eighth house after being low, then there will be a sense of turmoil in the married life. If you see the family situation then you will not be so good. One has to take care of maternal grandfather’s health. There is a possibility of them getting infected, so you have to take good care of them to avoid any kind of infection. The master of the father’s spirit is the master, who, going through the low house, sitting in the eighth house, the tuning will not be so good even than the father and the family situation will not be good this month. On the basis of your personality, on the strength of your gentleness, on the basis of your intelligence and with great vigilance, your relationships have to be taken forward. It will have to be handled otherwise it will not take long at this time due to the break up of your relationship. – Mithun Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Mithun Rashifal February 2021 – Now we go ahead and know about the economic situation. If I talk about the economic situation, then Mars, who is the owner of the profit house, is sitting in his own house as self-respecting. On February 22, when he will create Angarak yoga with Rahu at the expense of going to Mars, but till then the situation will be fine for you. Now you will not face any kind of problem financially. Some problems that your financial problem was running will also go away. You will get contingent benefits. If you have lent someone at this time, they will repay the loan on time. If you want to invest in lottery and trading, then this time will be better for you too. This time is going to be a little better for all those people of Gemini zodiac, whoever is having Rahu’s Mahadasha because there will be a chance to tie up with foreign companies or work with foreign companies. You will see the opportunity to do this time. That is, this time is going to be better for the Mahadasha of Rahu. But the glowing yoga of Mars Rahu will be formed after 22 February, then it will give you a little aggressive. Will increase your temper and increase your quarrels. A false accusation can also be leveled against you, so you have to be especially vigilant at this time period. So the overall financial situation has also brought your mixed results. Because the owner of the place of happiness is Mercury and Mercury is also sitting in the eighth, then disturbing the daily routine, decreasing the happiness. Going, you are spending money and money in it, then some such situations may have to be faced this month. It will be better for you to keep a steady control on your expenses. – Mithun Rashifal February 2021

Education, Career And Business

Mithun Rashifal February 2021 – Now we move forward and know about education career and business. See if I talk about education, this time will be mixed with results for the students because Venus, the lord of the fifth house, Venus in the eighth house will disturb the daily routine. You will not get the results of your hard work. This will cause disappointment and a feeling of failure will arise in your mind. But there is no need to be disappointed at this time, only by doing continuous work can you get good results. So don’t let your karma fall short. If you do not have the fruits of your hard work today, then you will definitely see tomorrow. You should work hard continuously with one regularity and on the basis of your hard work, make your result in favor. This is going to be better for you and it is also right. That is why the student class will have to focus more on studies with a little attention. There will also be a little time interaction, which will lead to restriction in studies. Your mind will be misguided somewhere else, if you study then you will not get attention in your studies, your mind is moving somewhere else. Walking around with friendly friends is a problem if you spend more time with gadgets. Therefore, focus your mind on studying as much as possible. And Venus will take some measures only then students will be able to give good results. Go ahead and know about career. Talking about the career, the combination of five five planets is happening in your eighth house and the time of five five planets in the eighth house from February 5 to February 12 is not good for you. The time of February 10 is not good at all, so this time period will be yours. At this time, you have to be a little careful. You will face difficulty in many of your issues, you may face problems at workplace. You may face problems financially. Due to this, you may face debt. The boss may get scolded. Your unrestrained fights may increase. Everyday quarrels can cause bad blood. This coming time has been made for you from all around, so from February 5 to 12, Gemini people will have to walk very carefully. Anyway, Saturn’s shadow is moving in Gemini due to the Gemini sign, hence the effect of Shani’s bed and then the combination of these five planets is in the eighth house of Moon. Careful and alert, you will have to walk in every area in your area in your field of work. The eye will keep the nose and ears open. Talking about work, I told you that if your time is running, your time will not be good as a business as well, then all those who do jobs will have to be cautious. So for those who do management related work, do any work related to education or are in the position of high manager in an IT company in the post of manager in any kind of organization and time is not so good for all those who manage management. is. So be careless and do not be careless in your field. Do not give the fruits of your hard work to anyone. Keep confidential things to yourself Keep confidential documents in your safe place. Enemy sides are likely to prevail, so at this time you have to be especially vigilant. This month is not so good for you. – Mithun Rashifal February 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Mithun Rashifal February 2021 – Now let us go ahead and know about life partner love affairs. So see if I talk about life partners and love affairs, then this month will not be good for Gemini people in terms of life partner and love affairs. There will be mixed results, but yes, if you control your anger, then the conditions will return to normal very soon. There will not be much turmoil in married life or else Misunderstanding can go on increasing. Relationship can also happen, so you have to handle your married life carefully because the master of the seventh house, who is lowly. I am sitting in conjunction with Saturn, therefore, sitting in seventh house with Saturn in conjunction with Saturn is not good for you and all these are not good signs for you. So, despite the turmoil in married life, if you get tied up in the bond of marriage, then this month will not be tied to your marriage. You will have to continue your search for a life partner and if that search will not be completed, do not be disappointed.  Careful in life, let us hold the door of faith. Understanding each other’s feelings, behaving wisely according to each other, this can be your big responsibility this month. When married life is good personally, problems etc. are solved in the same way. Your life partner gets your power doubled, so there is no place for any kind of bitterness in married life, so let it be made at all. Even in a love relationship, if you want to propose to someone at this time, please stop because it is not right for you to propose now. If you propose, they will reject your proposal and your mind will be sad. So this month, you should keep your proposal pending slightly. When the time is right, you will propose that person, then he will not be able to reject your proposal. Your relationship with your partner in the relationship will not be so good. If you are in a love relationship, you will be able to handle it a little bit. Some things will become small and big and Iago will come in between the two and because of that the relationship will be broken. So be a little careful. Will also have to live in a love relationship. The good thing is that with the help of your spouse, any item will be recovered from you, so that a little bit of happiness will be generated in your mind. – Mithun Rashifal February 2021


Mithun Rashifal February 2021 – Now let’s talk about health. If I talk about health, then lord Mars of the disease, who is building with Rahu on fire after 22 February. So this is Mangara Rahu’s Angarka Yoga. Because of this, there may be something in your health. You may have to face some problems related to blood related problems, bone related problems, surgery, accidents while driving. Therefore, if you drive a vehicle, move very slowly. If you avoid the long distance journey by driving it yourself, it will be better for you. Ketu, which is sitting inside the Sixth House, is increasing your diseases and increasing the diseases related to infection, then you can get infected in it. Coronavirus is running, so you should be careful. Also, you should avoid other infections like Dengue Chikungunya Malaria Typhoid, all these diseases which are infected, you will have to avoid them. Take care of your health first. Join yourself with Yoga Meditation Pranayama only then it is ok for you or else the problem will get deeper as the health worsens. So in terms of health, if you have a little time for you, then this month will be for you, so be careful. Take full care of your health, take care of the health of your family members and connect yourself with the Yoga Meditation Pranayama, add yourself to the morning walk and eat healthy food and avoid fried fried things only then you can control all your health problems. – Mithun Rashifal February 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

So this was the monthly horoscope for the month of February for the Gemini sign. Now towards the rising measures. Simple steps should be done this month because Guru Shani Rahu Ketu is having problems with all these Rahu Ketu Guru Shani. Mercury is also not sitting well which is your ascendant. So first of all you should fix your ascendant. To cure your ascendant, you should donate green things, which will also heal your ascendant. If you also cure your happiness, then donate green things. Make moong. Boil some moong in water and then you feed those moong to an animal. This is the best way to feed a cow. Apart from this, black things became green moong of green things and became green. Done green. You have to donate all these green things. Apart from the donation of Mercury, you should worship Lord Ganesha specially, offer Durva on him, which will make Ganesh ji happy and your Mercury will be strong. Apart from this, you must also remedy the Guru. Guru is your low, so you have to donate yellow things. Read Vishnu Sahastranam on Thursday. If you fast and open the fast on Thursday, then eat only the yellow things behind. You should keep this in mind. So these are donations of Mercury and Guru. Also Mangal Rahu Angarak Yoga Nivaran Yantra should be kept in your worship room. At the same time, hoist the flag of Ketu in the temple so that your diseases are relaxed and whatever crisis is coming on your health will be over. So these are some measures you must do. For Gemini people, this remedy is very important, so you must definitely do these measures Jai Shri Radhe Krishna. – Mithun Rashifal February 2021


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