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Mesh Rashifal March 2021 | मेष राशि मार्च राशिफल – Aries horoscope | March Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Mesh Rashifal February 2021  मेष राशि मार्च राशिफल

Hello welcome, Today I have brought before you the monthly horoscope of the month of March for the people of Aries. First of all, our best wishes to Mahashivratri and Holika Dahan to all of you. These two special festivals are going to come in this month, so March becomes a month of great importance in itself. Mahashivaratri will be celebrated with great pomp on 11 March and Holika Dahan on 28 March and Dhulandi on 29 March. These are the two major festivals of our India. Moving forward and know how the planet transit position will be this month. The monthly horoscope depends on the monthly position of the planets. Anyway, the horoscope depends only on the position of the planets, then, first of all, let’s talk about the Sun planet, which is currently sitting in Aquarius, and on March 14, they will enter Pisces from Aquarius. The same Mercury planet is presently sitting in Capricorn and is going to enter your eleventh place from Capricorn on March 11, ie in Aquarius. There is power, so you will get to see very good results because Mercury was still retrograde, now it is going to be again. On the other hand, Venus, which was present in Aquarius, ie, your life, is seated in it, and on March 17, they will be seated in the Aquarius from Pisces, that is, in your tenth house. We will be sitting through high, we will get very good results of Venus in the 12th house. Mars which is currently in association with Rahu in Taurus is creating Angaraka Yoga. Guru and Shani in your horoscope i.e. create the ill-fated Raja Yoga for the people of Aries and sitting in your tenth house i.e. sitting in Capricorn, but the position of such a dissolved Raja Yoga is arising out of Guru, the lowly and Saturn self. Ketu, who is seated in the Scorpio zodiac sign, is the position of some of the planets that will be seen by the ISMA, as well as to tell you that the condition of Kalsarp Dosh is also present for all zodiac signs this month. If all the planets are sitting between Rahu and Ketu inside the planet transit, then the position of Kalsarp will be seen this month. Its effect will also be seen on all zodiac signs. Let’s go ahead and know more about the monthly horoscope. – Mesh Rashifal March 2021

Family Status

Mesh Rashifal March 2021 – So first we will talk about the family situation. Your family situation has brought mixed results this month because Lagnesh is sitting one house ahead of himself. But Mangara Rahu’s Angarak yoga which is made in your horoscope, like this yoga is being made in every horoscope, due to this yoga, you may have to face a bit of mental anxiety. This time is not going to be so good and strong for you. It would be better to run the recording of time. You will get great support. Grandparents will receive guidance. Social honor and respect will increase, but some differences may arise with the university students from the family. At present, if there is any dispute related to the ancestral property, then it will be seen to be a year due to the mediation of someone. Your tuning with siblings will be very good and you will also be seen in your work helping you in solving your financial problems in your job, in making your career. This time will strengthen your relationship with your siblings as well as your friends. Social domination will increase political supremacy. Social honor and respect will increase. This time will increase with fine-tuning with your mother, but you will have to look into some problems related to their concerns. You will have to support them and you may also have to help them solve their problems. Mentally, if a person gets a little support, if he gets support, then he can cope with every problem. You can solve every problem, so at this time, you will have to move forward with your mother with a fully supportive attitude and you will have to support them and you will also see the support of your mother in every field. Surya, the lord of the same child who is being in the twelfth house, may have some concerns from your child at this time, about his future, his career, his career, his activities, his sports activities, but Be relaxed Whatever problems are there from the children will definitely be resolved. By the way, the sun which sits in the house for half a month will get you the benefit from the children. If your child is equal to you then your work will speed up. The Sun is looking at its own house, the fifth house is looking at the fifth house, so this month will give you very good progress on behalf of the children, they will get good news from their side. Whether you want to take an important decision for your child or make a decision about his future, you make a phone for him. If you have to do such important work for your children, then you should do it before March 14. Your tuning with your spouse is intellectually disturbing. Jeevansathi ka bhava lord that will bring you the conditions of reconciliation with your spouse, but you will also get to see fine-tuning with your life partner later. If you are unmarried, you can get a life partner with privacy for marriage, so you will definitely go to that place too. This time will be to move ahead with fine-tuning with your life partner. Your tuning with your father is going to be very good, the situation is like a lowly broken Raja Yoga. With the guidance of the father, you can get good service and job chances will also be seen. This month will be good for you from every point of view. Being a Saturn recluse, a great man named Shash is creating Shani in your horoscope. Therefore, if you are trying in judicial, if you try in the court, then this time will give you very good support. You will get a lot of support from your father and company. That is, in a dispute related to your paternal property, the father will be seen supporting you by being in your favor. You are likely to get very good support at this time. The full blessings and love of Nani Nani will shower on you. You will get full support of uncle too this month, but some disputes may arise from in-laws. If you have to move away from your in-laws, then you have to be a little careful and stay in your home, then it was a matter of family situation. – Mesh Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Mesh Rashifal March 2021 – Further know about the economic situation. Talking about the economic situation, we will see the profit rate dry up and money price. But Saturn, the lord of benefic spirit, who is self-conscious in karma, is seated. The Sun and Venus also sat in a benefic mood. Mercury is also going to be sitting on your benefit price on March 11. This time will increase the conditions of profit for you from every point of view, but you will have to work very hard because if the condition of Kaal Sarp is also maintained, the more you work, the better results you will get. To maintain your social honor and dignity, you have to control a little speech with restraint and anger. The conditions of beneficence which will turn you towards good profit, for this you will need tireless efforts because for all the zodiac signs which remain the position of Kalsarp, therefore you should worship Shiva at this time. But you will get good success but with hard work, you will get to see the conditions of profit. At the same time, the owner of Karma Bhava, who is sitting in your twelfth house, you can be expected to get a very good profit from foreign companies at this time, but you will move forward with foreign companies after thinking carefully. Tie up with them to arrive at this decision with thought. It may be that the fraud comes out, so it will be better for you if you first investigate it and then proceed in this area. There is no lack of happiness of any kind. Luxury items are waiting for you. This month will increase your luxury. In many ways, you will be traveling, you will be formed by very good bonding with your family members, your bonding with your life partner will be very good. At this time you will also get a very good possibility of money. This month will appear to be very maturing the conditions of profit. – Mesh Rashifal March 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Mesh Rashifal March 2021 – Now we talk about education, career, and business. But when it comes to education, career and business, first of all, I will talk about the student class. Time is going to be very good for the students. Surya who sits in your house in XI House and on March 14, when he moves from XI to Twelfth House, he will control your expenses and you will get a regular salary. This time, whatever you do, they will save you from the unrestrained debate, will save you from unrestrained conflicts. Will increase your concentration and the time before March 14 will provide a very profitable situation for you. Surya will see his own house. Panchamesh has to look at his own house and sit in a benefic house and the owner of the triangle will sit in a benefic house; Anyway, this time has brought very special and good prospects for you. Saptamesh and Panchamesh are being combined with Sun and Venus. Saptamesh and Panchamesh’s combination will be very fortunate for you and the upcoming future. You will get very good results of both Venus and the Sun. This is the time for the desired results for the students, after studying you will progress. At this time, if you have set any goal, then you will also achieve that goal, but every child should achieve his big goal by making small goals for every student. The biggest goal is never achieved, so to achieve the big goal, make small goals and then go ahead and see if you will get the fruits of hard work. If you are also preparing for a job at home, then chances of getting a job are being made. An excellent combination is being made for the people of Aries. Modi is going to be good for the students, especially those who are medical students, this month is going to get very good results. Let’s go ahead and know about the career. If I talk about the career, if I look career-wise, then Guru is a lord of destiny and going ahead of himself, he is the lord of the destiny place and in the spirit of Saturn and the master’s disgraced Raja Yoga is going to help you in a very good career Will do. Time is going to be very good for the youth. You will progress in your work and progress. Investment in the stock market will prove to be beneficial for you, while you can also invest in the lottery at this time. Even his good chances are about to open, but at this time you will have to work very hard, if you do not work hard, you will not get the results you want. You may have to take a loan from somewhere to do a scene of your work, but you dare to repay this loan and you will be able to repay this loan comfortably. If you want to move forward in the future, you will have to take some risk. If you take a loan, then you will easily create the same conditions. You can easily repay that loan. In this time, make your job chances also. If you went to a common job. If I am in a position, your promotion makes very good chances. This time can get you a good promotion, will increase your power. Parakramesh Mercury Guru and Guru Ji’s Bhagyesh and Shani which together with these three planets will increase your karma spirit so you will appear to be doing very well in your career. Chances of promotion are the chance of the desired transfer. If you do a business, you will also be seen doing a plan to expand the business. These mothers look for you from the point of view of a very special and excellent career. Talking about business, if we talk about business, we look at the business with the seventh house, sitting first in the seventh house of the seventh house and after that in the tenth house for your profit. Will increase a lot. You may also receive contingent benefits. You can start increasing your work by extending the time for traders to trade. A new branch can be started new. Your work with foreign companies will increase because of your tie-up with a foreign company. You are thinking of increasing your work abroad. You can definitely increase your work abroad at this time, but after examining it first, you will move forward. Remains in work. – Mesh Rashifal March 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Mesh Rashifal March 2021 – Moving on, we know about the spouse and love affairs. Speaking of a life partner and love affairs, Saptamesh Venus is sitting in a magnificent position. They are sitting in profit. After that Saptamesh will be sitting in your 12th house together with Panchamesh. If you do not change the bond of marriage then there is a possibility of getting a qualified life partner from abroad. If you are looking for yourself, then you can find your life partner outside the world as well, coincidentally with your life partner. You will reach a good double height and you will be seen progressing in your work. If I talk about a love relationship, it is going to be very good for you also in a love relationship. This time will take your love to your partner to great heights. You will be very supportive of them and they will also be very supportive of you. At this time if you want to propose someone, then he will not bump into your proposal and will go ahead with you. On the other hand, with the help of a partner, with the help of love partner, you will see a situation of good profit coming to your workplace, their planning will be very useful for your ideas and in future you will also see being in a good relationship. – Mesh Rashifal March 2021


Mesh Rashifal March 2021 – Now let’s go ahead and go about our health. Because the first happiness is a healthy body, it is very important to know about health. So Mercury, the lord of the disease, who will first sit in your karma, after that, he will go and sit in your benefic. You will get to see the health from the point of view of the diseases and enemies of Mercury and sitting in the house for the benefit of it. The enemy side will try to dominate you but it will fail in its own plans. It will be perfectly fit for your health. At this time, any problem like your BP sugar thyroid, if you have mental anxiety, you will probably find a solution to all of them, you will be completely tension free and then if a person works in a better environment then you continue on your life path. It goes on progressing, but with this you will have to associate yourself with a little morning walk yoga pranayama breathing related things. Careful for a little bit and keep taking care. Along with this, make your family members aware of your health so that your chances of continuous improvement in health keep increasing.
So this was the monthly horoscope of the people of Aries in March  Rashifal. Mesh Rashifal March 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

Now towards the growing great cause. First of all, in this month, the festival of Mahashivaratri with two special festivals is the family of Holi of 12 companions Holika, then on the day of Holika Dahan, we can take some measures to overcome one of our bad habits over our enemies. Whenever you go for Holika darshan a little on the day of Holika, then five Flow betel nut, 2 small coconuts, and five Gomati chakras together in the fire of Holika Dahan. This will destroy your enemies and you will get victory in every field. Your financial situation will also go well. Worshiping Bholenath on the day of Maha Shivaratri can destroy all your sufferings and all the diseases related to your problems. On Shivratri, while mixing water in raw milk on Shivling, keep five coconuts near it and then flow that coconut into the holy river or lake. This can remove the obstacles in your marriage, stay healthy, stay busy, keep smiling always. Shree Radhe. – Mesh Rashifal March 2021


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