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Mesh Rashifal February 2021 | मेष राशि फरवरी राशिफल – Aries horoscope | February Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Mesh Rashifal February 2021 | मेष राशि फरवरी राशिफल

Mesh Rashifal February 2021 – Welcome . We have brought the monthly horoscope for the month of February. February is considered to be the most special month. Two festivals are coming up very prominently this month. Gupt Navratri is starting on 12 February which is going to stay till 21 February and Gupt Navratri has its own special significance. We get many fruitful results of the practices performed in these Navratras. On February 16, there is the festival of Basant Panchami. Basant Panchami is a festival of very auspicious benefit in itself, symbolizing the arrival of spring. And as soon as spring arrives, a feeling of love, a feeling of excitement and joy arises in every person’s mind. And especially for all those who are students and individuals connected with knowledge or money, or lecturers connected in the fields related to learning, or someone connected with teaching lines, Basant Panchami has special significance for all of them. Mesh Rashifal February 2021

On this day, we worship Goddess Saraswati Maa, the Goddess of Knowledge, and she is asked for the gift of knowledge. So Basant Panchami also has its own special significance. Therefore, the month of February is known as the most special month. This is the major festival of the beginning of the year. So let’s know how the position of planets is going to be this month. The planets know the position of transit and begin with Aries. So first of all, we will know what will be the position of the planet Mercury. Till this month, Mercury planets are traveling in special range. In the beginning of February, he is seated in Aquarius, and on the 4th of February, he is going to be seated with Aquarius in Capricorn sign. That is, we are going to be clear and Mercury retrograde is an auspicious sign in itself. It is considered a benign planet. By March 10 in Capricorn, on March 11, you will be re-routed and sit in the Aquarius sign. Similarly, the Sun planet is also sitting in Capricorn and on February 12, you will enter Aquarius from Capricorn. The planet Venus which sits in Capricorn and is entering Aquarius from Capricorn on 21 February. Mars which is currently sitting in Aries and on February 22, they are going to enter Taurus from Aries. The planet Saturn, which is in Already auspicious, sits in Capricorn. The planet Jupiter resides in Capricorn, is sitting in its low zodiac sign this whole month. On the other hand, Rahu planets which will be seated in Taurus this whole month and Ketu planets will remain seated in Scorpio this whole month. So it will be seen the positions of some planets. A special situation will be seen this month, between 5 February to 12 February, the combination of 5 planets and on 10 February, the moon also goes along and sits in Capricorn. So the combination of 6 planets will be seen on 10 February. Those five planets, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Guru, these five planets are going to be sitting in Capricorn from February 5 to February 12 in the tenth house for the people of Aries, and on the 10th of February, 6 planets in the tenth house of Aries. There will be a combination in which moons will also be included. This special situation will be seen in the month of February. 

Family status

What will be the effect of this position, will tell you further during the horoscope. First of zodiac signs this recent month of February What has it brought for the people of Aries. So first of all, let’s talk about this, the family situation will be very good. If Mars is self-possessed, it is the owner of the zodiac sign of Aries, then Mars will retroactively give very good results to the person sitting in its zodiac. Your personality will be very strong, decision power will be very good, and will look strong. And the issues which were confounded till now, you will be seen to solve those issues on the basis of your personality. Your enemies will also try to be friends at this time. At this time you will get very good support according to your family situation. Grandparents will be blessed. You will have the possibility to project something together with your uncle or with your elder father. If you have an ancestral property business in your work, then you will be seen talking in it, but yes you have to take care of it a little bit. On February 22, Mars will be seated in the Taurus sign and will sit on your second house and Rahu Is sitting on your second house and creating Angarak Yoga by going to Mars will deepen your ancestral property dispute. There may be some conflicts and some differences between the brothers over ancestral property. Therefore, at this time these 10 days of the month are left for you, you will have to take special care of them. You may have a lot of tension in your ancestral property dispute. The atmosphere in the house will be very tense and in the society, your family may speak up in the family, and it is good as long as we keep our issues in our family in our house. That is, if any issue within the society goes away from our family issues, then they defame our family, nothing comes out of it. Conversely, we come across a negative form in society. Therefore, if we resolve our issues ourselves, it would be more right. Resolve your family issues indoors. Make sure to try to resolve issues with your elders. You are going to have a very good growth this month, because Mercury, the lord of might, who is sitting in your benefic sense first, then after that you will be seated in your karma house and you will be in very good condition. If Mercury is retrograde, it will give you fruit in more good work. This month there will be plenty of opportunities for the business class, who do their own work, to grow their business on the strength of their power, their sphere of influence. Your relationship with mother is going to be very good, tuning with her will remain and you will see very good support from mother also this month. In particular, the day of February 10 will be very special for you because the Moon is seated with five planets in your karma. On this day something special will happen in your life and you get out of the house with the blessings of your mother. You will be especially successful in whatever work you do. But remember to leave with the blessings of the mother. You will get good news from children. Surya is the lord of the child, who is going to sit in your karma and after that on February 12, your karma will be seated in the benefice sense, which will try to increase your profit situation in a very good way. . Anyway, the Sun God will give very good results in it. Your fast will increase, profit will increase and children will gain. It is certain that if your children are equal to you then they will contribute significantly in increasing your cooperation. Venus is the lord of your soulmate who is sitting in your karma. You are likely to get a very good coincidence with your spouse also this month. You will get very good support, while there may be some atmosphere of pull from the in-laws, because Ketu sitting in the in-house house i.e. sitting in your eighth house will spoil the tuning of your in-laws. Some controversy will arise that you do not want. Those disputes and issues will also be emerging at this time with the well-to-do. You will receive the support of the father. The great male yoga named Shani Shesha will be made in your horoscope and will sit in the center of your heart in action. You will get support from a wonderful father. Your father’s soft corner will remain on your side in the dispute of paternal property, that is, your family situation is going to be very good this month. The month of February has brought happiness, peace and prosperity to your family. Mesh Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

And now you know about the financial situation, if I talk about the economic status of the people of Aries, then Lord Shani, who is the owner of the house of benefic house, is sitting in a karma bhava while making a yoga called Mahapurusha Yoga, the best of all. You will get very good results. The economic situation will be more prosperous. At this time you will get more things you want in deals like Bhoomi Bhavan vehicles. At this time, if you want to buy a luxury vehicle, then you will buy that luxury vehicle. If you want the house you want, the land you want, then you will see that you get it. This time is very good for you. Relationships with your mother will also be good and many times from February 5 to February 12, it will be very fantastic for you, whether it is in terms of work, if you want to increase the profit because the combination of five planets in Capricorn Will be. Shani, who is sitting as a recluse and is the master of karma. Profits are the masters of sentiment. He is seated in Capricorn, along with Panchamesh Parakramesh, your Bhagyesh Saptamesh, all of these are happening in your Karma house i.e. Capricorn. So this great time will be for you. If this time is considered to be a time to further improve the position of the economy, which can improve the financial position, then the month of February can prove to be a golden period for you. Economically, the whole month will increase your profit conditions financially. Mesh Rashifal February 2021

Education, Career And Business

We go ahead and know about education, career and business. So the first thing in the education business was the education of the students. If we consider the fifth house as the sense of education, then the Sun, the lord of the fifth house, who is sitting in karma and then going to the benefic house, is sitting after February 12, i.e. this time is very good for the students, very good This month will be considered. That is, those who are giving the exam for the tenth and any of their exams or any other school exams are giving you and you have an annual exam, the result will be very positive for you. You will get very good results from your hard work. Your confidence level will also increase at this time. You will feel confident in yourself. On the other hand, someone who is studying related to higher education and especially those who are preparing for a government job, is going to have a great time. You will have chances of getting a government job, you will see the opening of the path of your government job, the rays of hope will be seen in front of you and you will be moving towards that path. This time is best for students in terms of training. Medical will be a great time for students of science class. Mesh Rashifal February 2021

We will go ahead and know about the career. If I talk about career, then this month of February will also be very good for you in terms of career. The lord of the house of work, the lord of the house of the place of work, while making a great sage called Shani Shash, became self-conscious and sat in the karma. Second, Bhagyesh also has to pair with Saturn, that is, due to the combination of Guru and Saturn, the situation of disordered Raja Yoga is being created in your horoscope. That is, the government servant, who occupies high administrative posts, will be a special fame for all of them. This time is going to be the most memorable for you. At this time, your work will increase, you will see a good name in your profession getting a good position, your supremacy is going to increase in your field and you will see the cooperation and guidance of the officers in full. Promotion rates will be seen forming at this time and this time is going to be for you from a very bright career point of view. Preparation for the youth class career or if you want to do any work of your own, then you will be able to do it this time too. You can do work related to groceries very well, as well as related work related to minerals coming out of the soil. If you want to do any work related to petroleum, petrol pump is your dream, to invest you, whether your business will open or not, if you have tension in your mind, then your dream can also be fulfilled. These times are also very good for their own business and also for government jobs and especially for those who do any court related work in Judicial, this time is going to be very good. Time will be great for you according to your career and business according to karma. If I talk about business, that is business, then there are people associated with business fields like working in boutiques, doing clothes, doing fashion designing work, related to interior decorations or someone related to hotel management. Work. You want to start a job at Tiffin Services as soon as you do any work related to packed food. Certainly you will get very good success and your work will be successful. Therefore, play a leading role in these works. You can move forward in these tasks comfortably by closing your eyes without thinking. This time will move the business forward and believe the people associated with these businesses will definitely see special profit conditions. The month of February has also brought very good results for them. Mesh Rashifal February 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Now know how this month will be in the case of spouse and love affairs. But if we talk about life partners and love affairs, then we see the seventh house. Married life is very good because Venus will first sit in Capricorn. On February 21, he will enter Aquarius from Capricorn. You will first sit in the karma house and then later you will sit in the profit house, that is, you will get very good benefits from your life partner. If both of you work together or you have put your spouse’s name in any of your work in your business or have included them in any way, then surely your work will work. Your work will pick up speed and you will get a good direction, good target. Good growth will be achieved. According to married life, it will be very good, but those who are unmarried will also get good news and you will end up looking for a right life partner. But the life partner will be associated with your hotel management or own a boutique antique fashion designing interior decorations related to all these Venus. Whatever work person can do in your life and fill your life with more beauty and colors. At the same time, tuning with a partner will also be very good in a love relationship. At this time, your attraction will be much more than your partner and you will like to spend more and more time with each other. So this month has brought very good and auspicious results for the love relationship spouse. Mesh Rashifal February 2021


Moving forward and knowing about health, how will this month be for you in terms of health. Mercury, the lord of the disease, who first sits in the benefice sense and after that he is retrograde and is sitting back in karma. Sitting in the house of Mercury will be beneficial. Reduction in diseases There is a problem related to the veins. If you have a problem related to blood, or if you are having hallucinations i.e. mental worries and troubles yet, then if you live in depression, then get free.  Whatever region you are under depression, that region will automatically become solvent and your depression will end. If you have any problems like BP fluency, any problem related to thyroid, then you will benefit in all those diseases. But together you have to take care of yourself. Connect yourself to meditation. Combine yourself with yoga pranayama and develop some good habits in yourself. If you have not done it yet, make a routine from now on that in the morning you will give yourself time first and after that you will give time to other tasks. The first happiness is a healthy body. And pay special attention to your health. If your body is fine then you can do all these things properly or else you will not be able to do it. So this month of health problems will solve itself. You will feel absolutely fit and healthy and with double zeal you will move forward on your karma path in your life. So this was the monthly horoscope for the people of Aries in the month of February.


Let’s look at Remedies:

 One negative planet centered in your horoscope is Ketu. So Ketu is sitting in your eighth house and who is sitting in the eighth house this whole year. You must take some remedies of Ketu, like hoisting the flag in the temple. You should definitely give the dog a piece of bread that has been greased with oil. At the same time, you should worship Ganesha. Hanumanji should be worshiped. Worshiping Hanumanji will end any kind of Ketu impacts, if you have any side effects. Go to Hanuman temple on Tuesday, make a bread crush and offer ghee in it and offer it to Hanuman ji and then finish the distribution of those offerings among your family members and in the temple. If you have any problem with your well-being, defamation issues from daily routine, if you have any financial crisis, then you will get relief in all these. These are sure things, so you should do all these tricks of Ketu. Also, to cure Ketu, if you remove the defect of Ketu, then you should keep the Mars device in your worship room. Also, you should chant the seed mantra of Ketu after sunset. There are some measures that you should take so that the position of Rahu Ketu which can disturb you, does not disturb you and you get positive results, it will change even in more positive circumstances. So definitely adopt these measures. Sri Radhe Krishna.  Mesh Rashifal February 2021


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