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Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog | मेष राशि जुलाई राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog

Ups and downs come in the life of every person and their solution is possible with the right guidance, so let us solve your every problem. Hello. First of all, if we know about the fasting and festivals coming in July, then on July 13, the festival of Guru Purnima is coming and this festival is dedicated to the Guru. A person’s life without a Guru is like a boat that is rudderless and cannot reach the shore. That is why if there is no guru in your life then definitely make a guru in your life. On July 28, the festival of Hariyali Amavasya i.e. Shravan Amavasya will be celebrated with great pomp. Donating fruits of drinks and fruits on this day is especially beneficial and on July 31, the festival of Hariyali Teej will be celebrated by all the married people. This festival is kept by the honeymooners for the long life of their honey. So here are the special fasts and festivals coming in this month which are making this month of July even more special. Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog

If we move ahead and know how this month is going to be important according to the position of the planets, then Sun, which is currently sitting in its friendly sign Gemini, and on July 16, they will enter their very friendly zodiac Cancer. The planet Mercury is currently sitting in its very friendly zodiac sign Taurus. They will enter their zodiac sign Gemini at the beginning of the month i.e. on 2nd July. That is, even after going there, they will be self-occupied and after that on July 17, they will again sit in their even zodiac sign Cancer, after changing the zodiac. Even when Sun and Mercury are placed in Gemini, they will still form Budhaditya Yoga and after that in Cancer also they will be seen forming Budhaditya Yoga after half a month. The planet Mars will remain self-occupied throughout this month in its zodiac sign Aries, which is also your zodiac lord. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in its zodiac sign Pisces as a self-occupied person for the whole month. Venus is currently in its zodiac sign Taurus and on July 13, it will enter its very friendly sign, Gemini. The planet Saturn is currently sitting in its original triangle sign Aquarius this month and on July 12, after changing the zodiac, it will again become self-gratified in Capricorn. Rahu will remain in his even sign Aries for the whole month and Ketu will remain in his sign Libra for the whole month. The month of July is also very important according to the planets because the influence of the huge planets Saturn and Saturn remains very much on our life and on the 12th of July Saturn is going retrograde. They are going to Capricorn again and as soon as they go to Capricorn, they will again feel dhaiya in Gemini and Virgo and Sagittarius since Saturn’s half-century has been removed. Again, Saturn’s Sati is going to be felt by the people of Sagittarius, then there is a change in the zodiac sign of Saturn, it is going to be very important and important for all the zodiac signs. However, this month, four planets are sitting as self-possessed, which Guru Shani, Mars and Venus will be sitting in this month as self-occupied. In which Venus is going to sit as a self-occupied person for half a month, that is, to sit as a four-and-a-half housemate and the change of the big planet Saturn’s zodiac change back to Capricorn, will this put on your life this month? get to know about him Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog

Let’s start with the monthly horoscope of Aries for July, this is the amount we are giving you, it is based on the lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac and ascendant, then first of all know. About your zodiac lord i.e. Mars, which is sitting in your zodiac sign i.e. Aries, as a self-gracious person for this whole month. Although Rahu is forming Angarak Yoga by sitting with Mars, then he will try to suppress Mars somewhere. If yoga is not so good then you have to be a little careful in your work. Only with more hard work, you will get positive positive results for yourself. As you are moving towards achieving your goal, then tireless hard work is necessary for you and this month you will also have to make tireless efforts. However, at this time you will have to keep aggression and anger on your side because Mars is sitting in your sign and making you Manglik, which can increase your anger and aggression and because of this misunderstanding can be created. A wrong decision can be made in haste and because of that, you can also see situations of loss. So avoid taking the wrong decision in your personality. If someone tries to mislead or mislead you, then you do not have to come in his words. Do not take any decision in a hurry while using your discretion and intelligence. There can be ups and downs in a relationship with a father-in-law. In this way, proceed with the relationship with them thoughtfully. You may argue, especially with a cousin or with an uncle, with an aunt, or with Tauji, there may be a dispute. Disputes may arise regarding any other matter regarding the ancestral property. Therefore, to avoid these situations at this time, you need to have a lot of restraint on your speech and control of anger. Personality is going to be very good. Since Mars is your zodiac lord, he will increase your might and give you great success in the technical field. But at this time, with your speech and with your anger, you can spoil the works made by you. In this case, you need to be very much aware. Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now the eighth lord is your Mars which is also your zodiac lord. According to the eighth house, you will have to be careful with your secret enemies. Although they will not be able to harm you. If your zodiac lord is sitting in a very powerful position, then you will defeat every person who is trying to harm you in some way or the other, but still, you need to be careful. Do not get emotional and keep your confidential things to yourself and confidential documents in a safe place. Avoid secret enemies who may be your relatives. Friends, maybe colleagues, maybe neighbours. There could be any person in your circle, so stay a little bit away from such people. Avoid wrong investments during this time. You will end up getting a little confused. That is, your mind will wander a little and you should control the situations of this disorientation so that you can avoid wrong decisions. Avoid wrong investments or else the situation of loss may increase. You may have to take a loan from someone. You can also get secret money at this time. That too remains a strong possibility. Try to do your tasks in a normal way. Do not put your hands in risky activities at all.

Now let’s talk about the second house in the second place, which is the house of wealth, its owner is Venus, which is sitting in its own house as a self-occupied person and is going to stay there till July 13. For about half a month, Venus being your second lord, sitting in your own house, will increase your happiness resources. Will get ancestral property. Your profit positions will increase progressively during this time. At this time, if you do any work related to Venus, whether it is travel business, whether it is film industry or any work related to art. Whether it is work related to restaurant food. Be it any work related to fragrance related to flowers i.e. perfume related. This time is going to be wonderful for people related to such works, because on July 13, when Venus will change the zodiac, even then it will revolve around a planet from itself, then the second lord will sit one house ahead of himself and since Venus is your seventh lord, then he Your actions in your business will bring good profit situations in your business. When Venus will go one house ahead of itself and sit in Gemini, that is, it will sit in your mighty house. Then they will also combine with Parakramesh and your Panchmesh, then this period of four to five days, that is, this period from July 13 to 16, 17, is going to be very good for you. In these three days, you will see situations of big profit. Any big work will be completed successfully for you. In some big work, your might will be seen increasing by ending the situations of stagnation. You may receive a large order at this time. That is, there is a possibility of some big event happening with you. Venus is sitting in the seventh house and Ketu is in the seventh house, so you have to walk a little cautiously. Especially in married life, if the marriage relationship is not going well, then it can be broken. Be a little careful. You can also get cheated in a love relationship. So get to know the full details about your partner. After that, be serious and proceed with that relationship more seriously because if you have made haste, then after that you will not feel anything other than sadness, and depression. You will be seen getting invitations fast in marriage relations. If you have become marriageable, then do not rush at all while selecting your life partner. Keep this in mind a little bit. Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to the third place, the lord of your third house is Mercury, which is the lord of your disease house and the mighty sitting in his own house, you will also get relief in diseases which can be related to Mercury. You have to forget things again and again. There is a problem related to the nervous system, whether it is hair fall or memory loss. All these problems will now appear to be diminishing a bit. Mercury’s results will be very good. Even later, when Mercury will change its zodiac and move to Cancer on July 17, you will still see better results from Mercury. Anyway, Sun is becoming Budhaditya Yoga of Mercury and since Sun is your fifth lord, then you will get to see the combination of Panchmesh and Parakramesh throughout the month. That is, even in Gemini, Sun and Mercury will be together and after that they are going to sit together in Cancer, forming Budhaditya Yoga, so this combination of Sun and Mercury is going to be very good for the student class. If you want to take any important decision, then definitely take it. This time is going to be very good for you for those decisions, but after taking advice from an experienced person, you should go ahead in this season. Do not take any decision in a hurry and be overconfident. Your hold in politics will increase and your political dominance will be seen increasing. Your union with siblings will make your tuning look much better and better. The relations which were spoiled, those relations will now be resolved and sweetness will be seen in those relations. You will be very happy with the relationship. At this time you will get full support and guidance from elder siblings. You will get benefits for health-related problems. No matter how hard the enemy side may try against you. They will not be able to put obstacles in your work. You will be successful in defeating your enemies by working with your intelligence and tact, your alertness. At this time your six senses will be very strong and due to the power of thinking, you will logically defeat your opponents. They will be seen closing their mouths. Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to the fourth house, which we also call the place of happiness. The lord of that house is the Moon, which changes the zodiac very quickly in two half days two and a half days, but Sun and Mercury sitting in your happiness and creating Budhaditya Yoga. This period is going to be very good for you. happiness will increase. Will increase luxury. Happiness Resources You will be seen doing electronic items, home maintenance or shopping for a luxury vehicle at this time. You can do property at this time and your matters related to the purchase and sale of the property will be resolved very soon. At this time your financial condition will be very strong and you will be seen in your financial form. Your financial side will be very strong and because of that, you will think of doing something new in your work, making some new investments and implementing new plans. That is, according to the moon, this time will also be seen giving you the best results. Sometimes there will be ups and downs, but due to Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury, you will get to see the situation of good profit this month.

Now we have come to the Cham house, the Sun is the fifth lord, we have told you earlier also that the Budhaditya yoga of Sun and Mercury will be formed in the mighty house and the Sun in the centre will form the Budhaditya yoga of Mercury. According to that, it is good, but till July 16, the fifth lord will give you very good results because the fifth lord will go to the 11th and sit on the eleventh and sit in conjunction with the mighty, then this time is very good for the student class. Those students associated with the study of education, especially those who are students associated with the medical field or those who have taken bio, time is going to be very good for them and this time will increase the progress and progress of the students more and will increase your sphere of influence. . At this time you will be seen becoming the face of the teacher and the principal. At this time you will take any work in hand. You will get success in it. You will be seen doing well in art in debate. Your writing will become more effective. At this time if you participate in an essay competition. If you participate in the debate, then this time will bring you great success. He will leave only after getting a medal. Time will be full of respect and fame for the people associated with the literary world. You will be appreciated in whatever work you do during this time. If you were worried about his career till now, then get rest now. He will be seen getting settled in his career at this time. Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now come, if you talk about the place of luck at your place of luck, if you talk about Bhagyesh, then this month is going to be very wonderful for you. Children who want to go out to study for higher education or want to get a scholarship from an outside college or you want to do some job by going to outside college, then surely your work will be completed successfully. For the students associated with the field of management or for the people associated with the field of management, this is the time to move forward in their careers. There will be something new and good to do in my career. At this time your wishes will be fulfilled and you will appear very successful living in your field. As a brand name becomes yours, one will be seen becoming your fame. Guru will also take you towards spirituality.  At this time, your interest in religious activities will increase and outline religious rituals. Taking an active part in religious rituals, such activities will intensify you at this time. That is, you will be seen moving more towards spirituality. You will see success in your work during this time. You will also be associated with works like dharma karma, and human service, which will increase your social honour and respect.

Now since Guru is the lord of your twelfth house. The Guru is sitting in his own house, being self-occupied. Will control expenses. Management will make you strong. You will come to know how to manage the budget. This time will make you more empowered. Will match. At this time your decisions will be correct. You can take your decision very calmly and discreetly. Your Mars which is the lord of the zodiac is sitting in your place. Do not use anger and passion, but act with discretion and intelligence and after that take any decision. Although the Guru will stop you from time to time from taking the wrong decision from the aggressive, then you must listen to the voice of your soul in your mind. Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to the tenth house, which is the lord of the karmic house, which is going to change the zodiac sign of Shani, which is going to change the big zodiac this month and till now he was sitting in your profit house and now your karmic place When he comes in himself, he becomes self-confident and will sit again. Saturn’s retrograde is a bit like this, which is the time of change in the zodiac. On 12th July, Saturn is going to come to your karmic house, at this time you have to be more alert. Be careful while driving. There may be a problem related to bones. Be very careful and alert towards him. Avoid taking any big decisions during this time. Anyway, you should do the same tasks in which your work is going on. Keep rapport with colleagues in the workplace as coordination with them can be a bit up-and-down. Do any work by taking your boss into confidence. However, the officers will be happy with you. Employed people will get the fruits of their hard work, but do not take any hasty decisions due to aggression and anger. Avoid taking decisions in haste. Shani is the lord of your Aquarius sign and he will remain in your Aquarius sign till 12th July till mother. Will sit in profit house. Sitting in the house of profit will get very good results in situations of your profit. Anyway, we told you that you are going to be very strong this month. This time will also be for promotion increment for the employed people. At this time, if you want to switch your job, then this time has become very good for that too, so if we talk overall, then this month is going to be very good and full of beneficial results for the people of Aries. Mesh Rashi Aries July 2022 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates: – 3rd to 9th, 12th to 17th, 20th to 27th, 30th, 31st.
Inauspicious dates: – 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th, 21st and 22nd.
Lucky Colours: White and Blue.


  • Offer red coloured flowers to Goddess Durga and worship her and recite Durva Chalisa of her Chalisa.
  • Always keep a red handkerchief with you.
  • Worship Lord Shiva.
  • Going to Shani temple, you must donate black things and if possible, you must feed khichdi made of urad dal and rice to people in Shani temple on Saturday. You must do this work.
  • Give green fodder to the cow.


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