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Mesh Rashi 2021 English – Yearly Horoscope


Mesh Rashi 2021 English – Yearly Horoscope

Mesh Rashi 2021 English – First of all, let’s know about the position of planets at the beginning of the year, and start with your zodiac lord. This horoscope is based on the lunar sign and will work equally according to both your zodiac and your ascendant. Heading towards Mars, which will be seated in your zodiac in the beginning of the year by becoming self-occupied in your zodiac and creating a summation named Rochak. Rahu, who is a shadow planet and is residing in Taurus this year. Ketu planet, which would always sit on the seventh planet from Rahu,which will reside in Scorpio this whole year. Venus planets are forming inertia at the beginning of the year along with Ketu. At the same time, both the Sun and Mercury planets are going to sit in Sagittarius at the beginning of the year, making Wisdom (Budhaditya) Yoga. Saturn will remain seated in Capricorn for the whole year by creating a great yoga called Shash and Guru is also going to be seated in Capricorn along with Saturn. These were the positions that we will get to see at the beginning of the year.

Mesh Rashi 2021 English Family Situation – Moving ahead to know the situation concerning family, is going to be very good at the beginning of the year. By the way, if you let yourself out of your marital life throughout the year, you will see people supporting you in your family situation. You will get to see a lot of family support and dedication. At the beginning of the year, a bunch of benefits you will get from your parental family. You will be having the back of your grandparents with full cooperation and support. At this time, Mars will remain seated in your own zodiac by creating a great summation named Rochak, which will let you own ancestral property from your grandparents. You will get very good benefits from your uncle at this time. If you have planned to work together, then you will get good profit in that project too. On the 22nd of February, If Mars enters your second house or Taurus from your zodiac, then from 22 February to 13th April, an Angarak yoga along with Rahu in Taurus can be seen. At that time, your relationship with your family will not be so good, control in speech is necessary, otherwise you will spoil and may lose your relationships. You might be experiencing a bad image of yours in society. You will do well but your image will seem to deteriorate. Someone else will take credit for your good and you will receive evil. You will get bad luck, so you will have to maintain your relationships with great vigilance at this time. You will have to move forward with restraint, while improving your image socially with relatives, especially with family. Your relations with siblings are going to be very good till this year, they will support you throughout the year in your work as well as on every path of life. If you have any ancestral property dispute or if you need something from them or expect help from them, then these hopes will come out today and they will live up to your expectations this year. Property disputes will also be resolved by forgetting mutual differences and your big tension release is going to happen this year regarding parental property.  Mesh Rashi 2021 English

The time from June 2 to July 19, when Mars will be sitting in its lowest zodiac sign and Cancer, this time will not be good for you as a family. Mental anxiety will dominate. There will be an atmosphere of discord in the house, which will also affect your workplace. There will also be an effect at the place of work. The seventh sight of Mars is going to affect your karma at that time, and along with Saturn’s seventh vision will fall in your karma place i.e. your mother’s place, then there will be some problems financially.The mind may be sad, the distance from them will be seen to be your making. But the best thing is that the time that will be from July 20 to September 6, when Mars will be seated in the house of child sentiment, then you will get very good benefit from your children, they will live up to your expectations. In that too, the time from mid-August to the beginning of September was told because at that time Surya will also be sitting in the fifth house as a self-proclaimed man and Mars will be engaged with the Sun i.e. if you have some concern about the future of your child. If there is some worry, then that worry will be over you, your children will settle down and get a good administrative higher post, a good job will be done which will make you feel very relaxed.This time will let you and your child be very proud. And in the month of September you will get a lot of support from maternal family, you will get the blessings of maternal grandparents. At the same time, whatever happened with your maternal uncle, from the point of upheaval diseases, from the point of view of health, from the point of view of the enemy, you will get good support from your uncle. He will help you get rid of this crisis and will be seen helping you in full. In the family situation I told you earlier that married life is not going to be so good this year because the tenth vision of Saturn is constantly falling on the seventh house on the couple’s house, so your differences with your spouse will remain this year and if your relationship is anything running on a critical stage, something is going on poorly, if you are walking in a situation of mutual differences, then your distance may increase. There is a possibility of divorce between you & your spouse. But if you showed restraint in your relationships. If you handled this relationship with patience, then this problem of yours will also end soon. I will definitely tell you in detail about your spouse and love. From 22 October till 4 December, this time, Mars will be sitting in your seventh house and will make you Manglik and you have to be very careful as to your married life,you will get angry and due to this, the situation of quarrels may increase further. Keeping this time period in mind and handling your relationship with great restraint, and this relationship will benefit you as a family, the month of December will give you very good benefit from your in-laws. If mutual differences have happened with the in-laws, some distances have increased, then those distances will end and your love relations will be established again with in-laws and you will be blessed by parents too. Family is very important so keep these things in mind and move forward with precautions as per told.  Mesh Rashi 2021 English

Mesh Rashi 2021 English Financial or Economic Position –
Further talking about the economic position, we also consider the place of pleasure, profit rate, look at karma and see the place of destiny. From all these we assess the economic situation. Mainly if we look at the sense of profit, then the lord of profit and the lord of karma, which is Saturn, is the one who is making a great yoga called Shash,i.e. good financial condition throughout the year There may be some fluctuations in the middle sometimes, but if you assess this whole year, then your financial position is going to be good throughout the year. In the beginning of the year, when the period from mid-January to February, when the sun will sit with Saturn and sits in Capricorn, then Saturn will set. At that time, there will be a slight benefit situation. Your progress will look a little stable but for a short duration. After that time will be very good. By the way, the Guru who is the Lord of the destiny of the Sun inside your horoscope, and when going to the Guru’s Guru Bhagyesh, and when sitting in the house of profit, from 6 April to 15 September and after that. From November 20 to the end of the year, the Guru will sit in the Aquarius sign, that is, in your benefit sense, then you will be seen to increase in the profit conditions more. Sitting in the spirit of Guru Bhagyesh will strengthen your destiny, will strengthen your work and will make you progress, especially those who work in management related to jobs, who are in their own jewelry business, who do any work related to yellow objects For all those who run coaching centers in the teaching profession, they have a school, who is a principal or a lecturer in a school, this time will be very good for everyone to become very profitable, but especially in these areas. I can say this time is a golden opportunity. At this time you will see a situation of profit. Your chances of promotion will be made. You can get the desired transfer you want at this time, i.e. this time is the best for you. But these fluctuations in the midst of a little bit from June 2 to July 19 also affect your horoscope, when the lagna will sit in your lower zodiac sign and Saturn will have a seventh eye In that time period, you will have to focus a little more on your work. Some time will be found in the happiness and lack of happiness,you will notice frivolous expenditure like spending some repair in the house, if any repair work is done, then some car is damaged. If it is done, then you may have to bear  such expenses. Your financial position is going to be very good throughout the year. There is a shorter time period which will last from 5 February to 12 February. At that time, there is a combination of five planets inside Capricorn, which includes Guru, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Sun will be combined with your five planets in your karma. This time will be good for the people who are employed according to their karma. At that time, your economic position will be seen to be a bit turbulent and on the 10th, which is the day of February 10, the combination of 6 planets on that day will also form the Amavasya Yoga of Sun Moon. The Mercury Yoga of Sun Mercury will also be formed. Sun and Saturn will also sit together. A lot of combinations, and a lot of trouble in your field at this time. You have to be especially careful during this time period. Mesh Rashi 2021 English

Mesh Rashi 2021 English Education, Career and Business –
The time period is very good for the students of the planet Sun, which is the lord of the fifth house i.e. when the sun is in the fifth place, but when the sun will sit in the lower zodiac Libra from October 17 to November 16 for the students at that time period will look a little critical. There may be some difficulties inside the study. If you want to go out for higher education then you may have to face some problems at that time, you will not get the result as hard as you have worked. There can be a slight disappointment. The whole year is very good for the students, especially from April 14 to May 13, when the Sun will sit high in Aries. This time period will be very good for you. At this time, students will get the desired results, they will get positive results. Apart from this,from August 17 to September 16, at which time the Sun Mercury will be sitting in the fifth house, sitting in the Self and when Mars will also sit with the Sun i.e. this is the time of Mars and Sun. Students from Commerce, science, Bio, time is going to be very good for the students as well as those who are now preparing for administrative jobs, government jobs, this is a golden opportunity for those who want to go abroad for higher education. At this time you will see your desired result getting your desired wish. For the students, this year will be very good for Aries people in terms of education. If we talk about career then luck is the owner of the place. As already told about the dates of Guru, the period from 6 April to 14 September and then from 20 November to the end of the year will be very important for you in terms of career. You will take a new flight in your career, youngsters today, they will get the desired job. If you have prepared for a government job, then you will definitely get your goals. Aspirants of the Police, Army, Navy will also be able to get any job  related to them. Anyway, when Makar is building a lowly dissolved Raja Yoga with the Guru sitting and Bhagyesh is going to sit one house ahead of himself. Now, at the beginning of the year, the Buddha and Mercury yoga is also being formed, after that when Guru and Shani do Yuti, then they make a person very diligent on their class and If you provide the strength to work and continue your work, then this time period will be the whole year anyway. Careers for the 22 very good youth, the disappointment that you have received this year, unemployment you have to face, such a time will not come with you next year. You will progress very well and progress well, very good in the job. You will appear to be growing. Especially if you dream of preparing for a government job for a very long time, then that dream will surely be fulfilled and anyway you have been told that whatever work you are doing related to the guru, you will get good success. You will get success in whatever work you do related to the Police Army Navy. Also, if you do your own business, the work related to jewelry will prosper for you, while some work related to groceries will be successful for you. On the other hand, if you do some work related to the construction line, you are a constructor or you are a mechanical engineer or if you do some work related to the contract, it will also be successful for you. Property is a very good builder. You will keep this in mind. If you have a dream of a new home in the new year, then that dream will also be fulfilled. For these youth, if I look for a very good career, the time from February 5 to February 12, you have to keep in mind a little bit. It can also be a problem for the employed people and your growth may stop in the business as well. Combination of five planets 6 planets are getting combined on February 10, due to this, you may have to face some problems at that time. But that time period will be very short and in terms of education career business, this year has brought very good growth for you. Mesh Rashi 2021 English

Mesh Rashi 2021 English Life Partner and Love Life –
In the case of life partner and love affairs, what will be the time for Aries people, how will the year be, then in the beginning you have the tenth vision of Saturn on the couple’s house, then later on to go to Mars in the seventh house i.e. from October 22 to December 4. Till the time is going to be very critical anyway, this period is not good for you according to marriage and love relationship. . Especially between 22October – 4 December, you can get cheated in your love relationship too. You can also be cheated by your partner. You may have a breakup. In marriage, even a little bitterness can dissolve. If you are having a very beautiful life, then chances of having a few moments in the married sense are made this year. This is what it looks like by looking at your horoscope, but if you show your own personal horoscope, then you will be able to know that the position of the planets also means a lot to the person and especially the prediction that I give you this horoscope According to the year, the position of planets will be position in the coming time of planet transit. Anyway, at the end of this blog we  are going to tell a lot of measures and those measures are very effective for Aries people for married life, financial situation and career from every point of view of family situations.  Mesh Rashi 2021 English

Mesh Rashi 2021 English Health – Mercury, the lord of disease, who will be curvilinear thrice a year. If Mercury is retrograde, how will they get their results and second, permanently Ketu, who is sitting in your eighth house all year will also make you suffer due to accidental injury, injury from animals and your accident can be some such possibilities, as well as the risk of infection is also going on, we are also at risk of passing through the period, only infected corona and seasonal diseases like insects. The diseases caused by mosquito fly from germs will affect you this year as well, so your health will be seen messing up this year. This year will not be so good for you in terms of health, so this year you should not be negligent, take special care of your health. First happiness is a healthy body, when we have an affected health then our tasks may get affected. So you must consult a doctor as soon as you get to know such symptoms of illness or bad health.


Measures to be taken in the year 2021-

  1. Mars is the lord of Aries, then first of all, you should hoist the flag on every Tuesday in Hanuman’s temple. By this, your presiding deity, who is Hanumanji, will also bless and you will get the remedy of Ketu which is sitting in your eighth house and increasing your diseases. By hoisting the flag, you will get rid of Ketu dosha and get health benefits. You will not have to bother with germs.
  2. You must offer a paan to Hanumanji on Tuesday and pray for him to destroy enemies, so that the crisis over you will end and the blessings of your Ascendant remains on you.
  3. You must also worship Maa Durga. Strength should be respected so that your enemies can be destroyed. On Friday, you should visit the temple of Maa Durga and offer vermilion to them. It is going to be especially beneficial and fruitful for you. It will also help in keeping your married life united.
  4. To maintain the sense of sweetness in your married life, you should install the idol of Shiva Gauri in your home and anoint them (Shiva Gauri) together, add water in raw milk and anoint them together as well as Do not forget to offer water daily on the Shivling. Before going out of the house, first take a bath and anoint the Lord Bholenath. Offer water to the Shiva lingam and then wash and wipe them with sandalwood and apply bilva patra, after which you leave your house
  5. On the four dates of Amavashya, Chaturthi, Navami and Chaturdashi, feed the ants on that day. Feed the animals & birds. For the birds, arrange the food & water, and do put it around the trees. You must adopt these measures as according your affordability.


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