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Meen Rashi Pisces April 2023 Horoscope English blog | मीन राशि अप्रैल राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Meen Rashi Pisces April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Namaskar Swagatam Welcome, today we have presented in front of you the monthly horoscope for the month of April for Pisces people and first of all, let us know about some special fasts and festivals coming in this month. First of all, let’s talk about Hanuman Jayanti on 6th April and the full moon fast of Chaitra month will also be observed on this day. On April 22, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated with great pomp, which we also know as Abujh Save, because on this day there is no need of auspicious time for any auspicious work. For every auspicious work, it is considered as Abujh Sava. Means any auspicious or auspicious work can be done on this day without Muhurta. There are many marriages on this day but there are also many child marriages. That’s why refrain from child marriage on this day. Strongly oppose such practices because these practices and evil practices spread chaos in our society. Small children who don’t even know, don’t even know each other and the meaning of life. It is completely unfair to tie them in the bond of marriage who do not know the meaning of marriage. Therefore, on Akshaya Tritiya, if you see any child marriage taking place around you, then definitely oppose it. Meen Rashi Pisces April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Let us go ahead and know about the planetary positions of this month. This month is going to be very special for the people of Aries. How we are going to tell you further about it, first we know about the position of the planets, then first of all let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his own zodiac sign Pisces and on April 14, he will be in his high zodiac sign. Will enter Aries and will sit high. Mercury will remain seated in its friendly sign Aries throughout this month. The position of Mercury is going to remain the same till 7th June. Talking about Mars, it will be seen transiting in its even sign Gemini this month. The most important zodiac change is going to happen in this month of Guru because the zodiac changes of Shani, Guru, Rahu Ketu are very important because they stay in one zodiac for a long time, so in the month of April, the zodiac of Guru is changing. Till now, Guru was sitting in his own zodiac sign Pisces and on April 21, he will enter his friendly zodiac sign Aries. Now it is about the Guru, because the Guru remains seated in the same sign for almost a year. That’s why we told you about this zodiac change. If we talk about Venus, it is currently sitting in its friendly sign Aries and on April 6, it will be sitting in its own sign Taurus. This whole month Saturn is sitting in its own zodiac sign Aquarius, i.e. being internal, and if we talk about Rahu and Ketu, then they are going to sit in their own signs Aries and Libra this whole month. So this is the condition of the planets for this month. Now see that three planets are getting exalted in your Sun in this month. Venus is becoming self-inclined and Saturn is already in self-inclined, so all three planets are becoming self-inclined.

Let’s start this month’s monthly horoscope for the people of Pisces, first of all tell you that the horoscope which we are telling you is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant. If it is, then first of all it comes to your zodiac lord, who is going to sit in Pisces sign till April of Jupiter and Jupiter, after that they will go one house ahead of themselves i.e. in your place of wealth and Jupiter there in the second house. But will also go and sit in his friend’s sign. Lagnesh should sit one house ahead of himself or sit in his own house. In both the circumstances, the lord of the ascendant will get to see excellent results for the people of Pisces. At this time, you will be wealthy with a powerful personality. Your wisdom will be discussed everywhere. By completing any work, you will complete that work and your work will be visible in this subject. You will not do any work in haste. Looking at the method of working at this time, you also need to bring some changes in it because if you bring changes then they can increase your work more. Sweetness will remain harmonious in the relationships. If you are married, then you will see good news related to marriage happening this month. Since the Guru is also your Karmesh, the Lord of Karma is sitting first in the Ascendant and after that. Jupiter sitting one house ahead of you i.e. in the second house, moving to the fourth house from you and then sitting in the fifth house from you will remove the problems coming in your work. You will achieve success in management related work. Those who are associated with the teaching line will be seen getting very good benefits at this time. Whatever task you take in hand, you will be able to complete it with determination. Your wishes will be fulfilled at this time. Along with this, success will be achieved in research related work. Also, if you do some work related to search research, then you will definitely see success in that too. If you have your own business. If you want to run a big company, then your management will be so good that all the work will be seen going systematically, then you will get very good results of Role Guru according to both Karmesh and Lagnesh. Meen Rashi Pisces April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your 2nd house, if we talk about the 2nd house, then the 2nd lord, Mars and Mars are sitting in the center, in the place of happiness, the son of land and the 4th house is also of land building vehicle, so the results of Mars are going to be very good here. . According to the second house also because this is the place of wealth and the conjunction of four planets here and the conjunction of Hindi’s Lagnesh. Apart from this, all three of your Mercury, Sun and Rahu are also sitting on you and the most important alliance for this is of Mercury and Jupiter. Since your Lagnesh and Karmesh are Guru and Venus and Saptamesh are Mercury and these two planets which are sitting in combination. The lord of all the four centers sitting in alliance with each other indicates your excellent results. It will be a prosperous time. It will be a progressive time and you can achieve unimaginable successes at this time. You will have to work because I have always told that it is very important for a person to be work oriented and if you are not work oriented then you will not be able to achieve success in your life because no one gets success by sitting, for that we have to work. . If you have to work hard, then go on working hard. You will get unimaginable successes this month because this time is very good and this alliance is towards two planets. The conjunction of both Jupiter and Mercury will be wonderful. Along with this, there will also be an interaction between Sukhesh and Dhanesh, which will increase your happiness. The conditions of profit will definitely increase, along with work, you will be seen feeling all kinds of happiness in your life. Meen Rashi Pisces April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to the second place of Mars i.e. Bhagyesh is also auspicious in the place of luck and sitting in the place of luck after going to Mars, Bhagyesh sitting in the place of happiness will be seen to increase your fortune continuously. This time will complete your unfinished tasks. You will get success even in risky works. At this time, if you do any work of this level of share trading or crypto, then you will get to see good profit in it. The young men and women who are looking for jobs, their search will end. Will get a good job. There are also full chances of switching jobs. Chances of desired transfer will also be seen to be created at this time. If you want to start a startup of your own, then this time is going to be very suitable and absolutely appropriate for that too. So you will get to see the results of Mars very wonderful according to both second lord and lord lord.

Now coming to the third house, if we talk about the third house, then Venus is the lord of the third house and Venus is sitting in your third house as a self-obsessed person. Here Parakramesh’s sitting in his own house in a self-absorbed, splendid position will increase your strength and might. Your tuning with siblings will be very good. You may have an escape with them at this time. In this, you can plan to go out somewhere with your siblings. At this time, you will also like the company of friends very much and they will be seen standing with you in case of any financial crisis or any kind of crisis. That is, you will see a lot of support and cooperation of friends in your life this month. If there is any property related dispute, then its decision will go in your favor. You will get good success in politics as well and your dominance will be seen increasing in it. At this time you will get success in the work related to sports. You will definitely get fame in the field of art. Venus which connects us with art, connects us with art. If you have any kind of art and you want to increase your fame with that art or want to increase your earning source, then definitely this time will be successful for you. Now, since Venus is also in your eighth house and the eighth house is in its eighth house, the results of Venus will not be so good here because the lord of the eighth house is going to sit in the place of a woman and the second Venus is sitting in its eighth house. Ashtamesh is in his sixth house, so this is the time to be a little careful. You will have to avoid unrestrained expenses at this time, you will face a little towards the wrong gender. You will be attracted towards the opposite sex, but at this time you can be cheated. Wrong person can connect with you. This can also ruin your life or extra-marital affair or suddenly someone like this can come into your life. You will do blind faith and you may have to repent later, so you should avoid all these situations. Use wisdom and discretion. Do not get caught in any unrestrained seduction at this time. Don’t go on flowing in someone’s flow. Don’t be so fascinated by someone that you get pulled towards them and then you forget what is going on in life. Who are standing with you and what you should or should not know. Such intelligence gets confused many times. Thank you that’s why you should pay a little attention. Take special care of your luggage while traveling. At this time you should not drive yourself and go anywhere. So if you keep these precautions, then no problem will come in your life and at this time you should do one more thing. Emotionality too much in professional life, don’t be emotional towards relationships, we are not forbidding, but if you become emotional in your professional life then someone can take wrong advantage of your emotionality. That’s why don’t share your confidential things with anyone by being too emotional and keep confidential documents in a safe place. If you keep these things in mind, then it will be good for you too and you can achieve double the success in life. Meen Rashi Pisces April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s talk about the fifth house on your fifth house, then Lord of the fifth house, Moon and Moon are the lords of the fifth house. But you know that it destabilises the mind, uses the mind, makes it fickle i.e. it is full of little distraction for student work. Little by little, sometimes you will deviate from your goal. But if you have the urge to achieve the goal, then no matter how disoriented you may be. You will get your concentration back. That’s why maintain your inner stubbornness of life. No, I have to do this and I have to get ahead. Yes, sometimes fun and entertainment is also necessary, but do not confuse your goals behind it. Pay special attention to this. This time will be very good for the students of art class. You will get the desired success at this time. At the same time, good news related to children will be received. Will surely make you feel proud if your kids are very good in art. At this time, people associated with the field of literature and art can get respect, so this time and role can give you very good results. You just have to remain goal oriented.

Now coming to disease, if we talk about disease, then disease is the master of disease. Surya who has gone to the ascendant and is sitting in conjunction with the lord of the ascendant. Now in such a situation, you will get good results of Sun. Although the place where the Sun sits is a little burnt, but the Sun is sitting here. Will increase your brightness in your ascendant. There will definitely be a little aggression and anger, but you have to keep it on the side because it can spoil the work done. The number of enemies will also increase, but as the person comes up, he goes on climbing up. But as a person keeps on climbing upwards towards progress, the number of his enemies increases. The number of those who are envious of those who are envious increases. But you have to move forward by being a little careful from your enemies and rivals. Take steps in life thoughtfully. Don’t take any decision in haste. Don’t be short tempered, try to solve your issues politely and peacefully, then you will definitely get success in life. The Sun will become higher and higher and on April 14, it will move into your house of wealth and at this time you may have to face eye-related disorders. It can be a little typical for heart patients also because the Sun is exalted and is the lord of the disease, so the disease can increase. That’s why be a little careful about your breathing problems and move forward in your life. Be a little pollution free. Clean environment, consume pure air. Make yoga, meditation, pranayama exercises a part of your life and offer Arghya to the Sun God daily, then if you do these things, you will get good results from the Sun. In the rest of the areas, when the Sun becomes high, then you will get respect, fame and everything. Meen Rashi Pisces April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s go further and know about the seventh house, the seventh lord is your Mercury, which is also your Sukhesh. Sitting in the second house of Sukhesh and the seventh lord, Mercury will be seen to give you excellent results. You are going to get very good results of Mercury this time and Mercury will be sitting in your second house this whole month. Although the lord of the seventh house will sit in the eighth house from himself, but the results of Mercury in the second house are good. Disputes related to ancestral property will be settled here. Will get the blessings of the elders of the house. Attainment of respect in the family. The business class will be able to implement new schemes. You can have tie-ups with big companies. In this, you will also be seen working on the expansion plans of the business, so you will get to see the results of the business very well. Then I told you earlier that the alliance between the lords of the central place will be very beneficial. Because Mercury is also a suitcase, then there will be a continuous increase in happiness. There will be a continuous increase in pleasures like land building, vehicle. You will also get the benefit of inter exchange of Mercury and Mars. You will get good benefits in the field of work. At this time, while increasing your luxury from your work, you have been upgraded in your career like your boss has given you a flat, given you a car. You will definitely see some such situations this month. Big success can be in your hands. On the basis of hard work, you will be seen earning your success and in the case of life partner, it is going to be wonderful. You will also see that you will get very good benefits from it. Will help financially as well and moral will also be seen standing with you, then the results of Mercury will be excellent. It was told earlier that the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury has been wonderful and the conjunction of the lords of all the four central places can give you unimaginable success.

Now let’s talk about profit rate on your profit rate. Your Shani, which is in the 12th house, is in its own sign, that’s why Saturn’s sitting in the 12th house is the factor of Saturn, but here Shani will sit in his own house and sit in foreign countries. Will get you good profit. That means the young men and women who are dreaming of jobs in foreign countries, their dream will be fulfilled. Students who have gone abroad for higher education will also get desired success at this time. Wherein, if you do work related to import export and handicraft, then definitely your work will be seen spreading abroad and gaining respect and fame, then the results of Shani are going to be very good with him or definitely with the officials. But apart from that, the owner of the benefic house is also the daughter of your own house, so your tuning will also be constant. The financial condition will remain absolutely stable and will keep getting better and better. You will get full co-operation and cooperation of the officers and there will be a very good co-ordination of all the personnel. Many colleagues will fully help you in completing your tasks. For many, you will be seen becoming an ideal, then according to the result of Shani, you will get very good and according to the sense of profit, you will get even better or circle and level will also come on increasing Shani, then this is the April of Pisces Monthly horoscope. Meen Rashi Pisces April 2023 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates: – 1st, 5th, 6th, 9th to 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th to 29th

Inauspicious dates :- 2nd to 4th, 7th, 8th, 16th, 17th, 25th, 26th and 30th

Lucky Colours:- Green, Orange, Red, Orange.


  •   You must chant Om Namo Narayanay.
  • Offer lotus flower and coconut garland
  • Make sure to offer white sweets to the mother.
  •   float a coin in the river
  • charity to the needy
  • Make sure to light a lamp of ghee under the banana tree and worship Lord Vishnu or Dev Guru Brihaspati.

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