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MARS TRANSIT 13 November 2022 in Hindi | Transit from Gemini to Taurus | MANGAL KA RASHI PARIVARIVARTAN | – Nidhi Ji Shrimali |

MARS TRANSIT 13 November 2022 in Hindi

Aries – Your zodiac lord is Mars and the lord of the eighth house is also Mars and the lord of the zodiac is sitting one house ahead of you. This time will be very energetic. Will be more active for you. Will remain pro active, but sometimes overconfidence will also happen in this affair. Will try to dominate others. Let go of such a tendency. Let people judge themselves whether you are right or wrong. Do not try to impose your views on them. Social respect will increase at this time. Your sphere of influence will increase. Everyone will be affected. Enemies will bite you. Your sweetness in relationships will be made and will increase. There will be coordination and harmony in the relationships of change. You will get to see the love, caress and blessings of grandparents. Since Mars is sitting in your eighth house and in your seventh house, excellent results will be available in the eighth house. At this time your secret enemies will end. You will get victory in your works. If you are looking at your house and no one in your house wishes ill, then there will be travels at this time, but the journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. If some item has been stolen long ago, then that item will be recovered by you. At this time, whatever work you take in hand, you will die only after completing it and the energy you are putting in this work. You will get relatively better results from this. The direction of Mars is considered to be south and you must plant a neem tree at twice the distance from the door in the south.

Taurus – Mars is the lord of the twelfth and seventh house in your zodiac sign and the lord of the twelfth house is sitting one house ahead of you and there will definitely be anger and aggression in your nature, but there will be a decrease in your expenses. There are any false allegations against you at this time. If any action is going on, then you will also get a clean chit in that. You will have to intensify your efforts. The planets also support them. The person who works, tries. That’s why you have to make an effort. Otherwise the priest will say that you had told that if we get a clean chit then nothing. Arey, it will not be enough to make you sit. That’s why speed up the efforts. Your efforts in this will definitely prove to be successful and meaningful. The business class will get a chance to type with foreign companies and the young men and women who work outside will be greatly benefited. There will be chances of promotion. Now this time will be very good for the business class also because Saptamesh is auspicious and sitting in the zodiac, looking at your own house. You are also becoming auspicious at this time, but in spite of that the business class has a lot of profit. At this time, you will progress progressively in business. You will get to see a lot of your life partner’s guidance, their love and their dedication. Your journey will be successful. Your wishes will be fulfilled.

Gemini – For your zodiac sign, Mars is the lord of the eleventh house and disease. And if you are sitting in the twelfth house, then there is only a place for the expenditure to correct your twelfth house. Along with this, the praises of your benefits are also increasing. In this, your level and circle will increase and for any manufacturer who does any work related to big machinery, time will be very fruitful for them. If the lord of disease is sitting in his seventh house, then diseases will also decrease. There will be a special reduction in blood disorders. Enemies will be destroyed. What you should do? Saturday and Tuesday, the defects of Saturn and Mars are removed by keeping neem datun. There are many other astrological benefits from Neem Datun, but if the defect of Mars is less removed, then you should do it with Neem Datun. Make sure to light a ghee lamp under the neem tree.

Cancer – For your zodiac, Mars is the lord of the tenth and fifth house. Now Mangal is sitting in benefic house by being Karmesh and Panchmesh. Karmesh is sitting in one house from himself and Panchmesh is sitting in seventh from himself, then very good progress and progress will be seen in work. Mars is also a yogic planet in your horoscope, so it will bring more and more benefits in your life. At this time, people associated with technical field engineering contract construction or people related to mining department or mining department will get very good benefits. Stuck promotion will get promotion. IPS officer in administrative services. If you are an IAS officer then surely you will be honored by your officers. There will be chances of promotion. There will be an increase in respect. Students who are associated with technical education, gain technical knowledge or study engineering. Time is good for them. You will appear to have achieved your goal. What should you do now? Mix metal gold, silver and copper, make a ring out of it and wear it.

Leo – Mars is the lord of the ninth and fourth house for your zodiac sign. That is, being Bhagyesh and Sukhesh, Mars is sitting in the karmic house and Mars is a Yogakarak in your zodiac. Bhagyesh’s sitting one house ahead of you will get you full of luck. You can invest in risky activities at this time and you will also get good profit. Unfinished tasks will be completed at a faster pace. Those young girls who are looking for jobs, their search will end. Will get good job. If you want to start your own startup, then funds will be arranged for that. Your interest in religious activities will increase during this time. May happiness increase. If there is any property related stagnation situation going on then it will end. The dream of a new home will come true. You will be seen buying a new property. The relationship with the mother will become stronger and stronger and the understanding will increase between the two and with her help, your social respect will also increase. What you should do? Worship Hanuman ji regularly and recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Virgo – Mars is the lord of the eighth and third house for your zodiac sign and is sitting in the place of luck. A house of Ashtmesh is sitting ahead of himself, which will reduce the troubles. The problems of everyday routine that were going on till now, this month will remove them. Enemies will be finished. The problem of stagnation in work will end. Investment in risky works will prove worthwhile. Whatever work you take in hand at this time, you will be able to complete it only. Along with this, the might will also increase your might. Will complete your unfinished tasks. will solve the problems. Will get good coordination and appreciation from the officials. What you should do? Wheat, jaggery, copper, lentils, coral, red, cloth, red, fruits, red, flowers, red, sandalwood red colored sweets must be offered in the temple on Tuesday.

Libra – For your zodiac sign, Mars is the lord of wealth and seventh house and is sitting in the eighth house. So the seventh lord went and sat one house ahead of himself. You will get financial benefits from spouse and in-laws. Situations of sudden monetary gains will increase in your life. Enemies will be reduced. You will achieve great success in your work. Since Mars is your Dhanesh, then wealth will increase. Daily profit will increase. The work which is stuck for you will get underway. If you are looking for a job that you get a big opportunity, then this time will give you a good opportunity. You will have a good rapport with the officials. Stuck work in the banking sector will be completed at your speed. What should you do now? Hanuman Mantra Om Hanumante Namah Mantra must be chanted.

Scorpio – Mars is the lord of your zodiac sign and the lord of the sixth house and sitting in the seventh house, Mars is looking at its own house. These valor will increase your social honor and respect. Will increase the area of ​​influence. Your power will be seen increasing. At this time people will consider you and will accept your qualifications. You will become the idol of many people. Many people will become your followers. The relationship will keep getting stronger. At the same time, the lord of the diseased house of Mars is sitting one house ahead of him. You will get relief from breathing problems. You will get relief from blood disorders. Enemies will be finished. Stuck work related to money money will be completed at a fast pace. What you should do? Do recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Sagittarius – Mars is the lord of the outer and fifth house in your zodiac and is sitting in the seventh house. Although fixing the system. You will get a lot of benefits in diseases. Expenses will come down. Someone has made false allegations against you. You will get a clean chit in that. You will get rid of debt. The debt problem will end. There will be time for success in studies for the student class. You will be able to get good success in studies. Students associated with technical education will get special success. Obstacles coming in career will be removed and auspicious works will be outlined at home. What you should do? When you leave the house, eat jaggery and go out.

Capricorn – Mars is the lord of the eleventh and fourth house in your zodiac and is sitting in the fifth house. That is, the owner will go one house ahead of him and increase in great pleasures. The property problem will be over. The problem of buying and selling will end. The dream of a new home will come true. The dream of a new property will come true. The situations of dispute with the mother will end. Relations with them will become stronger and stronger. The status of women will progressively increase. You will get to see sudden monetary gains at this time. Businessmen will be seen opening new branches of their business. Salaried people can get promotion and there are chances of getting a job. What you should do. Donate red, lentils, red sweets and red fruits to any poor needy on Tuesday.

Aquarius – For your zodiac, Mars is the lord of the third and tenth house and Mars is sitting in your happiness place. Karmesh’s sitting in his seventh house and looking at his own house will make you progress progressively in your work and those who are associated with the job will get the sum of their desired transfer. Those youths who are applying in daring jobs like girls, police, army, navy, they will get the result favorable for themselves. Your work will also be appreciated by the officials. At the same time, you will get to see a lot of support and cooperation of brothers and sisters in your might. Your wishes will be fulfilled and you can get some great success in your field of work. You must offer vermilion chola to Hanuman ji every day on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Pisces – Mars is the lord of 2nd and 9th house for your zodiac and is sitting in 3rd house. Dhanesh is one house ahead of you, which will increase your wealth along with your might. Will get respect in the family. You will impress everyone. In this your decision will be very strong. Work stuck in politics will be completed at a fast pace and big successes will kiss your feet. At the same time, luck will also support you because Bhagyesh is sitting in his seventh house looking at his house. That is why at this time you can put your hands in risky works. There will be profit in it but invest long term. Invest wisely. Your interest in religious activities will increase. Will help people by going on auto. There will be an increase in social prestige. You can start your own new startup and if someone wants to set up his industry, then you will also get a loan for that. Air and water travel is possible for you at this time. What you should do? Irrigate the neem tree with water daily.